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About our natural feeding of

- You also are going to feed the second till two years? - the neigbour asked me.

- As will turn out, maybe, longer.

- to go 9 months of the pregnant woman, two years to feed, again to go the pregnant woman and again several years to feed... You, in general, feel yourself as the woman?

- Just in the true sense of the word.

- the Madwoman...

Similar statements, and such, as:“ It is already time to return a breast to the husband“, I was always sincerely surprised. There is an opinion that the feeding woman cannot lead full-fledged life and at the same time to be sexually attractive. And the opinion it occurs just at not feeding. On the contrary, any mother feeding the child is more than a year, will confirm that breastfeeding in itself significantly facilitates life, for example, during an illness of the child when the kid sucks only a breast, on a trip or on a visit. As for physical shape and external appeal, so many dolgokormyashchy mothers can give odds not only not feeding, but also not giving birth. Here all individually.

Surprises with

also that many people, having learned that I fed the son till two years, in the reactions go into two extremes. It or: “The disgrace is what!“ or “Anything to, what well done!“ . Natural reaction to natural process at people for some reason does not arise. Any feat is in breathing, eating, sleeping, giving birth, feed - no. And especially in it there is no perversion.

I Remember

, my acquaintance needed to make fluorography, without it did not allow to delivery state. examinations. It is undesirable to the feeding mothers to be exposed to this procedure therefore she refused. But for the report the reference from the local pediatrician was necessary that supposedly such - the child, the son such - citizens is on breastfeeding. And all. It went behind this reference to children`s policlinic from which it was thrown out nearly kicks: “The child is one and a half years old, the fact that you continue to feed him - your problems. It does not exempt you from general inspection. You can three days and not feed!“

U me the similar situation arose. I wounded a finger and addressed to emergency station. As I long did not do fluorography, to me suggested to make it too. I explained for what reason I would not like to do it. As a result all doctors working there contacted to look at me, as the hero of the It Is Inexplicable, but the Fact program.

, in general, would like to write

A to me about process natural. And how I came to it through thorns of our medical system and own inexperience in this question.

By the time of appearance of my sonny on light I knew that:

I Gave birth to the sonny without special complications, in the fourth o`clock in the morning. The personnel were ready to drop from fatigue, wishing to get off me quicker. On my request at once to put the child to a breast reacted inertly: put to a breast of the son, but in about 30 seconds right there took away, reasoning what to suck he has no forces, will get hungry - will bring. Hours at 12 in the afternoon the son I was given for ever.

First that I made - put it to a breast. Colostrum was emitted a little, the sonny strong squeezed a breast, and by the evening I felt the expressed morbidity of nipples. The young doctor advised me to buy bepanten, and before emergence to the child not to milk a breast. Next day milk did not arrive. I decided that the child will not starve, and took the divorced mix in dairy kitchen of maternity hospital. The sonny did not master also a quarter of a small bottle. He especially did not cry, but constantly sucked a finger. I thought that to disaccustom the child it will be more difficult to suck a finger then, than to disaccustom to a baby`s dummy. Also made a choice for the second, having bought it in a booth of maternity hospital.

For the third day milk nevertheless came. The kid gorged on and fell asleep a blissful dream, sucking a baby`s dummy which I providently put on the termination of a meal.

Us was written out home. I began to stack Artemka in a carriage on night. At night most often the sonny woke up, I fed him, and again put in a carriage. But he did not want to sleep any more, he began to cry, and till some hours in succession I swung it on hands. By six in the morning the kid woke up again. I put it, allowed to suck to it minutes 10 (pacifiers did not begin to live, and the local pediatrician told that it is caused by long sucking) and weaned. The sonny looked for a breast, was stuck into me with the head, and I again - palmed off on him a baby`s dummy.

Passed few weeks, and the baby`s dummy ceased to calm my child. After feeding, especially by the evening, the kid began to cry long. The pediatrician assured me that it is all - navsy infantile gripes, advised not to feed the kid more often than in two hours, and at night to try to do a break. In large numbers the child began to drink tea with fennel, and as if became quieter.

a week more Later we came to control weighing. The sonny for the first month did not gain and 600 grams. The pediatrician took an interest whether it is enough at me milk? I answered in the affirmative. Then the doctor advised to finish feeding the child mix as, most likely, quality of my milk left much to be desired. I awfully became angry on the organism: really I am not capable to bring up own child?!

of the House I decided to decant milk in a bottle to define how many at me it collected in three hours which we spent in policlinic. I prepared capacity, it is more convenient than the village... and could decant nothing. Only then I began to understand that I have not enough milk.

Through acquaintances I learned phone of the consultant for breastfeeding. Galina, so called the consultant, arrived to me home, listened to my story and asked to put the child to a breast. I complained of morbidity of nipples.

First that became clear: the sonny incorrectly takes a breast. In maternity hospital none of doctors found time to explain how it is necessary to put the child to a breast (I suspect that doctors of maternity hospital it are not able). The mouth of the kid slid off on a nipple all the time, it became more difficult for it to suck, and I suffered fire and brimstone. Sucking of a baby`s dummy also promoted establishment of the wrong capture.

Second: it became clear that it is really not enough milk. During the day I considered wet diapers, and them there were less than 10. It was necessary to increase amount of milk quickly. For this purpose Galina advised “to hang up in literal sense the kid on a breast“. The special attention needed to be paid to night feedings as the bigger amount of hormone of Prolactinum is developed between 3 and 8 o`clock in the morning. I shifted the child in the bed.

Third: it was necessary to refuse fenkhelevy tea and dopaivaniye water that at the child there did not come false sense of fulness. A lot of work was coming the sonny: it was necessary to rassosat a breast.

In intervals between feedings when the child slept, needed to add additional decantations. Not long, for about 5 - 7 minutes, several times a day. But decantations are only a measure additional, the main work continued to lie on a fragile coat hanger of the son.

passed few weeks In such mode. Cracks on nipples almost passed, despite continuous applyings. Artemka became full and quiet. I suspect that no gripes were trace and, just the kid very much wanted to eat, and tea, filling a ventricle, dulled feeling of hunger. At night we slept with the sonny together, and the problem of hours-long ukachivaniye was dissolved suddenly, as if it was not at all. And by the end of month it became clear that took babies the whole two kilograms.

Life went the turn. Ahead of us waited still which - what difficulties (few times laktostaz, false refusal of a breast), but it were already such trifles. The main thing that we with the sonny by means of Galina could adjust feeding process. To be exact, I just ceased to interfere with the natural process. Feeding on demand is a feeding on each peep, but not “feeding as the child will get hungry, but not more often than, in two hours“. Feeding on demand - it can be also feeding upon the demand of mother when the breast is overflowed, and the child sleeps. At all it is not obligatory to awake at the same time the child, it is enough to trifle a cheek and to wait for pochmokivayushchy movements by a mouth.

we did not begin to refuse a baby`s dummy any more. It was required to the sonny as mother`s substitute when it was necessary for me where - or to leave. I transferred Artemka from baby`s dummies in the form of cherry on Aventovskiye in the form of a drop. In principle, in baby`s dummies I see nothing bad - our great-grandmothers made something similar of the grain crumb wrapped in a rag - only all - you should not put it in maternity hospital when the baby only learns to take a breast and when the lactation was not established yet.

I Hope that my personal experience is useful to somebody. I lacked in due time real examples from life, a practical advice, but not dry phrases of our pediatricians which also have no positive experience and therefore nothing clever can be advised at all the desire. Especially as it, per se, especially it is also not observed.

In several months my second sonny will be born. And I will nurse it. Two years or are more. And at the same time to feel as the woman in the true sense of the word.