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Tick, of course, not an anaconda, but it is all the same unpleasant...

First what it is necessary to remember, gathering mushrooms or just wandering about the woody district so it that the tick can bite you. And if it is serious, then being in the wood, it is necessary to follow a number of the elementary rules which will help you to reduce probability of attack.

needs to pay attention to the corresponding equipment. It is expedient to fill trousers in boots or boots, the shirt has to be with long sleeves and the collar which is not allowing a zapolzaniye of pincers (a lightning, a button, etc.) .

For campaigns in the wood the most suitable clothes are different overalls.

needs to be applied also preventive repellent (frightening off) and insecticidal (destroying insects and pincers) preparations to processing and increase of efficiency of protective properties of clothes.

Early and correct removal of the stuck ticks, frequent - and mutually surveys at stay in the wood, survey and removal of the stuck ticks from dogs after return from the wood.

Pincers owing to the physiological features after suction to skin begin to feed on

not at once on blood therefore at their fast detection and removal the risk decreases to be infected with causative agents of infections which are in a tick.

it needs to be removed with

in case of detection of the stuck tick to skin, and it is desirable to entrust it to the doctor or the health worker.

During independent removal of a tick observe the following recommendations (you will choose the way of extraction of pincers which is most acceptable for you according to the available opportunities)

the First way

Capture a tick tweezers or the fingers which are wrapped up by a pure gauze as it is possible closer to its oral device and the careful, easy movements, shaking here and there, take from integuments.

the Second way to

the Strong thread as it is possible for

closer to a hobotka of a tick tie in knot and, having stretched the ends of a thread in the parties, the tick is taken, bringing up him up. The sharp movements are inadmissible.

If at extraction of a tick his head which usually remains in skin and has an appearance of a black point, the place of suction came off wipe with the cotton wool or bandage moistened with alcohol and then delete a head with the sterile needle (which is previously calcinated on fire).

Removal of a tick needs to be made with care, without squeezing hands or tweezers his body as at the same time expression of contents of a tick together with causative agents of diseases in a wound is possible. It is important not to break off a tick during removal - the part which remained in skin can cause an inflammation and suppuration.

some far-fetched recommendations that for the best removal recommend to apply mazevy bandages the stuck tick have under themselves no reasons or to use oil solutions.

After removal of a tick leather in the place of its suction is processed tincture of iodine or alcohol. Imposing of a bandage, as a rule, is not required.

Cannot delete a tick with teeth, in this case infection with causative agents of infections through a mouth is not excluded.

to the Person who took a tick needs to wash up carefully hands with soap as through wounds and microcracks on hands causative agents of infections can get into an organism.