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Anka is the Parisian - Paris - Anka of

I do not wait from me for the story in style and - “look at la here, here you can see …“ is a destiny of guides. I will pretend that I am unfamiliar with words of old times of Ham “To see Paris and to die“. There are places about which impressions ripen for years, perhaps, it is that case.

January, 2003. The plane habitually drilled clouds, again turbulence. How many times I pledged not to fly chilled. Ears, without wishing anything to hear, broke from pain. Obliging stewardesses only sympathized as they did not know a way of disposal of this illness. The spouse encouraged as could, assuring that everything is absolutely normal. It did it so naturally and convincingly that it was necessary to believe. I cannot call myself the superstitious person, but, in my opinion, the thirteenth flight cannot be happy.

To the left of me the very young doctor - the veterinarian sat. Only amusing stories from its practice alleviated my suffering. And why I am not a cat or a doggie?“ Doctor Aybolit“ for certain would think up something. Just imagine, during operations owners of animals faint …

I See the earth. The infinite airport Charles De Gaulle - the terminal 2B. The territory was so big what to pass it by plane looked quite natural.

In hotel us was met “by Mr. a blue shirt“. Indecently small numbers and poor breakfasts, but a fragrant baguette … he everything will write off. On existence of announcements in Russian it was easy to guess that the hotel specialized only in tourists from Russia. However the service personnel did not consider necessary to learn any word in Russian and with English it was not better. On a request to bring us couple of hangers, half an hour left kind, and maybe it is more. Only having invited the administrator to us in number and having pointed a finger at the necessary subject, we achieved the.


First to me not really liked the owner of hotel. His negligence just discouraged me. Three days in a row it walked in the same wrinkled blue shirt. Where, it is asked, praised French charm and charm? No.

I Admit to

, included in my plans to remove a small plot about the city. So, for. For these purposes I even wrote the scenario. I removed everything that moves and does not move - flowers in flower shop, cakes and rolls in a candy store, and at the same time read the prepared text. In shop of cheeses there was a small difficulty. I wanted to call other word all the time a smell which Parisians call aroma. However by the end of our travel my nose not only got used to it, but also fell in love.

First walk. On steps peacefully snuffled bomzhik under still pure warm odeyalok. Sleep, native. And on a smell - all of them are identical. It is difficult to believe in it, but there were times when his colleagues lived in Louvre halls.

the City only - only came to life after Christmas festivals. On Sunday streets of the suburb it was uncrowded, almost all shops were closed. On the squares equipped with artificial skating rinks, the youth had a good time skating. Soon the acquired appetite demanded responsiveness. The first quite modest dinner cost us twenty euros. Paris was the most expensive city from where we were lucky to visit. Why? In couple of days we received an irrefragable answer - you (foreigners) all the same here will arrive, same Paris. What is true, is true.

the Remains of evening our family devoted

to purchase of the ticket by the subway. If to go more than two times a day, then it is possible to save a little on the travel card. In English the cashier explained what needs to be made. On each card it is necessary to write the name, to paste the small photo.

Confident steps we went to the automatic machine of photos. Having attentively studied the instruction, the husband sat down in a cabin, lowered two euros in the necessary crack, pressed the different buttons and with a serious look waited for the promised ten small photos. Five minutes later, making specific sounds, the photo began to get out. Having seen a portrait blessed, I began to make specific sounds too. Instead of ten small photos, we received one big. For a full ulyot there was not enough only signature “it searches for FBI“. In hotel I took scissors and cut out photos from copies of international passports.

Next day since morning we went to a sightseeing tour on the city, having felt fully truthfulness of a saying “it`s a small world“. Who could think that in Paris we will meet the woman from Russia with which we met last New year in Italy. On it there was the same claret beret, as then therefore the mistake could not be. Olga recognized us and was surprised not less ours.

the Two-storeyed bus carried our group on streets of day Paris, and the woman - the guide tried not to miss any lane to tell us something interesting. Judging by style and contents of the narration, there was an impression that our guide not bad knows history, literature. Generally, adequately fulfills the hard bread. For our wealth of experience of travelers we had to face guides - fans of idle talk whose monologue contained many rumors and gossips of a yellow press.

the rain Went, but from it Paris got some special charm. To the middle of day the sun looked out. Before us the Eiffel Tower appeared. From far away it looks no more than pertinent gray toy, but close when you stand under its basis, scales just shake.

I do not know

how you, and I determine the cities by a smell. Blindly I will distinguish Prague from Rimini. What does Paris smell of? Paris. It does not give in to any verbal description.

our daily routine was severe

. Every day we got up in seven, and even earlier (in Russia at this time I sleep as the baby). Had quickly breakfast and came back to hotel approximately at ten in the evening. In the afternoon at us left on surveys of the museums and all that each person respecting history and himself is obliged to look at. The second part of day we wandered about the city, enjoying evening and night Paris. Our legs passed not less than 25 km a day, and eyes attentively scanned everything that occurred them in the path.

Somehow we started wandering to look at legendary Moulin Rouge - reached by miracle, on the road of an oblazila all sex - shops. Inflatable Masha - 340 c.u., and pregnant women is? - how is not present? Ah, what a pity - would buy …

Well how it is possible not to descend in the Nursing home, not to look at Napoleon`s tomb, an exposition of the weapon, a military uniform of different years? By the way, there we bought souvenir cards. Only joker there not Saddam Hussein, but Napoleon. That the card - the personality.

the Museum of d` of D`Orsay remade from the railway station cannot be passed too. However, it was necessary to wait in the long line, but to the Russian person born in the USSR to 80 - x years, it as in shop to descend. Standing was useful. We learned that for those who put before themselves “Napoleonic plans“ - to visit as much as possible interesting, cards, something like subscriptions are on sale. The scheme is such: 4 museums, several theaters = a considerable discount and without turn. We, of course, became angry that we were not educated by a host. But listened to a lot of good music. The entrance to the museum was faced by the person - an orchestra and for grateful coins played vividly and artistically.

to Tell

about Notre Dame de Paris there is no sense. I will notice only that it is quite good to be attached to some Russian-speaking guide, it is desirable, individual. As from it it is possible to hear a lot of interesting that you will find in one guide. However try to remain unnoticed. The individual guide - piece very expensive and if to catch you overhearing, there can be troubles.

In the same place, on the island to Zita, near Notr - I Will give, the oldest flower market is located. It is worth coming on it at least because aroma of flowers will load you with good mood for the whole day. But you do not hurry to buy suvenirchik there. The same in other places of Paris costs cheaper.

Proceeding from our tourist experience, I will notice that not always it makes sense to buy all excursions offered by travel agency. More often we order them only to those places where really long to reach. For example, a sightseeing tour on the city when show different areas, or trips to the country. On the one hand you will be brought, brought and everything will be told. With another, sometimes for that money that is asked for excursion, it is possible to go twice independently, however, by the subway and without guide. And in Louvre, in particular, every first revival of month free entrance.

you are afraid to be lost by

and you do not know any foreign language? Not terribly. It is not more difficult to use the Parisian subway, than Moscow, and to be lost you and with the guide manage, I know from own experience. Usually it occurred when I changed a film, and the husband carried out video filming at this time. Now we have an iron rule - one removes, another watches group which, by the way, is accustomed to move with a huge speed.

to Get on the Eiffel Tower is twice one better - day and night. When darkens, yellow illumination as if the kind magician, will make it gold. In the night from a tower throw coins, the youth kisses - generally, romanticism. On the third level (to the very top of) us did not let, but from 115 meters Paris looks not bad too. There is one of the most prestigious restaurants of Paris. Did not come, strongly hurried on the river tram.

I do not know

in how many the night-time lighting costs taxpayers of Paris, but anyway it is worth it. Now I know two most beautiful cities at night - Rome and Paris. In a word, I advise.

in the Evening on December 31 we spent

Old Russian New Year, fed up cellular communication by the not numerous calls to Russia and with champagne went to the Field of Mars. I took care of a New Year`s dress in Russia. My head was decorated by a golden wig, and I allocated to the spouse a cap of Father Frost which was harmoniously supplemented by own beard. I did not risk to take Bengal lights, was frightened of customs officers.

Already at the exit from the subway cannonade sounds reached us, but what we had to endure, we also could not present. The first phrase which I cried out in a video camera was “we keep the direct reporting from epicenter of military operations“. At this time in a shot the petard as I do shooting on the run is broken off, it turns out very effectively. A favourite entertainment of Parisians - it is imperceptible to throw explosive under legs. If not to look attentively under legs, it is possible to leave footwear as, however, and with hearing. I think that some cinema-men write down a sound to military movies on such parties, and correctly do.

Around all sing

and have fun. The guy with the girl were not too lazy to bring a small bucket and two glasses for champagne. We drink from a neck. My golden wig was the only thing - from that considerable part of gunpowder mine. The devil, I so loved the boots.

Dashing good-natured persons - strangers embrace us as family. You will not spend me, our pockets are providently empty. Classics of a genre, embrace so far, at the same time and clean. Figs to you. These are let others worry. Embrace, embrace.

the Hellbender lasted hour. We go back - tomorrow the majority will sleep off, and we should see a lot of things still. On the way to hotel I found a big blue ball, ran on the sidewalk and shouted all “Bonana“ that in translation from French - “Happy New Year!“ To me bibikat all cars, but the soul of the husband was touched by the ambulance driver who included all special signals. But here the ball departed, the holiday ended.

Next day I took the first steps in show - business. From the bridge in four languages I shouted “Hi, Happy New Year!“ to passengers of the floating river trams. It is quite amusing to see nearly three hundred let of dozing, but happy people of Earth. The raggletaggle public amicably waved a hand and sent mutual congratulations.

the Appendix for especially curious


Paris is called - the child of Seine. Historians claim that Paris arose in the second century B.C., in the Iron Age. But it was called then Lutetia that means housing among water. It because the main source of existence of citizens was or trade on the river, or racket. And as still it is possible to call the modern language collecting duty on driving through bridges and under them.

It is French now - well-mannered gourmets, and in the 17th century the king Louis XIV ate all with hands. What to tell about simple citizens. Table knives with the rounded-off ends became current at short, but ambitious Bonaparte. He wanted to win the whole world, but was afraid of cats and never arranged battles on Friday 13 - go.

the First plates appeared 600 years ago too in France. In 1660 in Paris the first shop of ice cream opened.

In France officially 452 grades of cheese are. Charles de Gaulle was indignant once: “How it is possible to operate the country in which as much cheese grades how many days in a year?“ Well, it needs to be asked Jacques Chirac. This fermented milk product for French is much more, than just the food is a religion and art. If in Italy the king of cheese - parmesan, in England - stilton, then in France, in any case France, in the world is officially proclaimed by the king old kind brie. It, really, one of the oldest. Historians still cannot precisely tell when it appeared. Experts advise to store cheese at a temperature of +2 ° - +4 ° and to wash down with red wine.

the City is divided by

into quarters of various area. For what? Officially - for protection of the city, ensuring activity and cleaning of streets, and informally - that taxes were simpler to be collected. Originally quarter was called a name of the person who operated such territorial complex. Even the position was such - quarter. But later, approximately in the 16th century, entered the decree, and the quarter received the name by name the biggest church which was in its territory. In their 17th century was 16, at the end of the 19th century contained even 80, and s1860 years - 20 quarters.

the Rooster - a symbol of France. In Ancient Rome the bird was an arrogance symbol, joined arrogance adventurism later that was shown much by the French political leaders.

of Fua - the gra appeared thanks to the cook Jeanne - to Pierre - to Kloz. His owner, the marshal of France marquis de Contadou decided to show off before important guests as we know, not unsuccessfully …

the Toilet. At the time of three musketeers Paris represented a fetid garbage can. Citizens went to pots then their contents without shadow of doubt were splashed out from a window on the street. In 1270 the law forbidding to pour out under the threat of a penalty slops and sewage of the windows “not to pour it over the people passing below“ was issued. But it did not help.

In 100 years the Parisian authorities adopted 1 more law. More softly. It obliged owners of houses before slopping of chamber-pots preduprezhdayushche to shout that passersby had an opportunity to jump aside. The French word “sorty“ means “exit“ - we often saw this inscription in the subway, however, judging by a smell, it quite often confuse a toilet to the word. One such clever man was seen with own eyes.