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Theatrical courses: as a hobby and for the case

Probably, Shakespeare when he told that life - theater was right. The truth not everyone will venture to call itself the good actor. And, to tell the truth, very much acting helps us to progress on a career ladder and to improve the personal relations. Therefore if there is free time, sign up for courses of acting skills.


to Whom needs it

Strangely enough, only a half of students of acting skills dreams of career in theater, cinema or on television. The others are engaged to overcome difficulties in communication, to learn to keep before public, at last, just for themselves. On courses it is possible to meet also inveterate theater-goers, it is pleasant to them to plunge into the atmosphere of theatrical action, to communicate, debate with teachers - most often the acting or former actors.

Considering all this, drama schools and studios offer the most various programs united under the general name “courses of acting skills“. Actually the majority of them are focused on any one aspect of theater - oratorical skill, technology of a public statement, ability to keep before a television camera or public, business - trainings with use of separate actor`s technologies, art of creation of an image and image etc.

the Big segment of the market occupy with

courses on preparation for receipt in theatrical higher education institutions. At competitions from 15 - 20 to 300 - 350 people on the budgetary place and from 5 - 7 to 50 - 60 on paid very many entrants do not risk to rely only on the abilities and go to be engaged to skilled teachers.

Business “according to Stanislavsky“

according to 60% of capital heads of the top and average management during life there took place trainings, with elements of acting skills. Really, for advance on an office ladder, performances at large conferences in the presence of the press and negotiating, especially private, it is necessary to be able to attract attention, to accurately introduce the idea, to gain the partner, at last, simply to sit or stand in the pose appropriate to a situation. Agree, not everyone, for example, is able to smile naturally at a flat joke of the chief or to show sincere grief on a funeral of the person whom he saw two times in life. And absolutely few can make “a good mine at bad game“. Namely such nuances often also play a crucial role at advance on a career ladder.

do not forget

that on courses of acting skills it is possible to gain only technical skills of communication. If you have problems of psychological character or are only superficially familiar with the general and business etiquette, you should sign up already for other courses, not having a direct bearing on acting skills. By the way, if you want to be engaged on psychological trainings like “I am the leader“ or “Effective communication“, learn whether there is among teachers a professional actor. Only it will be able to demonstrate all that the psychologist will explain in words.

the Courses for managers and businessmen offering training in actor`s technicians are divided

into two categories: performing arts in pure form and trainings. Listeners of the first type of courses under the leadership of the professional director write projects - scenarios of the performances, create for themselves scenic images. Them learn to move on a scene, accurately and distinctly to tell, maintain pauses, to put intonational accents. The most numerous - so-called schools of oratorical skill, trainings of a public statement etc.

the Most full course of training offers

Business - the theater created in common with school - studio of Moscow Art Theatre of Chekhov. Here attempt to unite all actor`s skills which are necessary for the businessman for successful business management was made. Business - the theater offers a number of the programs intended for a top - managers, specialists in sales, and also for all those who would like or who need to learn to communicate effectively. Several basic courses are the cornerstone of programs (separately they can be found also in other schools of acting skills):

the Truth so large-scale training costs considerable money. On the website Business - theater can be found information on the prices: the President program (96 academician of h in group of 6 - 8 people) will cost you 7600 c.u., “Businessman“ is not much cheaper (144 academician of h, 6 - 8 people in group, 5700 c.u.) and “A top - the manager“ (192 academician of h, 6 - 8 people in group, 3800 c.u.).

Life - game

In Moscow most of all courses of acting skills offering the general theatrical preparation or its elements. Practically all programs and the developing exercises are directed to disclosure of creative abilities, liberation and development of the principle of “game in life“. However courses of “a full cycle“ upon termination of which you not only will gain some theatrical skills, but also you will be able to play at the very least on the real stage, there is not a lot of.

Good reputation at Theatre - the Obraz school offering the nine-months training in acting skills broken into three cycles for three months (96 h) everyone.

On the first cycle to listeners are “trained“ by a voice and the speech, correct individual shortcomings, learn to work with the body. Much attention is paid to psychotechnology of achievement of a creative state, key ability which each actor has to possess.


to the second cycle, listeners continue “to master“ a creative state. Them learn to plunge into feelings of other person or the chosen image, impart feeling of space (in particular scene spaces) and time. This level comes to the end with display of a monologue and two fragments from classical plays.

At last, the third stage - statement and display of a performance. In the last three months you learn to enter an image and to work in this image with partners on a scene, to feel as part of theatrical action, will master a condition of internal transition to the imagined reality and that is important, an exit from it.

Nine-months courses offer

also theater - Art - Style school and school of acting skills “Amarcord“ under the leadership of V. A. Konkin. The last in addition to actually theatrical preparation which is also broken into three levels offers listeners an opportunity to be engaged in riding, to take vocal lessons, to learn to develop memory and intuition.

the School is open for

at the actor`s agency of the same name therefore you will be able to do practical training at cinema and on television, and after the end of study you can be entered in the database of agency which will be engaged in your employment. The truth study under the leadership of remarkable teachers and career prospects cost quite much - 45 thousand rubles for the entire period.

the cheapest courses of acting skills is offered by the International academy “Interkolledzh“ - 9 thousand rubles for 142 academician of h within three months. The most expensive - in the VGIK of S. A. Gerasimova at faculty of additional professional education - 205 thousand rubles. Having signed up for these courses (the following set in the spring of 2007) you should study within two years. And occupations begin with morning.

Individually or in group?

Large drama schools offer

to the listeners at choice of occupation in group or individually. Naturally, to be engaged thetas - and - thetas is much more expensive. However whether there is a sense to pay more?

Individual occupations optimum suit those who plan to receive concrete actor`s skills. For example, it is better to be engaged in “statement“ of a voice or liberation of a body individually - he will be able to find for you exactly so much time how many it is necessary for receiving result.

If you plan to receive a complex of skills or to become in the future the actor, then the collective is necessary for you - working with only one teacher, you will not develop creative intuition, do not learn to feel a condition of the partner. Besides even individual courses to some extent provide collective occupations.

Usually on courses of acting skills of occupation last from two to six hours with small breaks. However it does not mean at all that for study at you exactly so much time will leave. Many drama schools, such as “Amarcord“ and “Image“, try to involve the listeners in creative life - hold skits, friendly meetings, organize joint leisure. Strangely enough, it is a training element useful and pleasant too.