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``KUNIKULY`` of the house is cool!

As are healthy when there comes the summer! Many adults go on leave and plan where to go this year: at the sea, to Europe, on a camp site, the benefit, is now where to leave and to have a rest perfectly. But along with this very much it is necessary to stay at home, in the city and to spend holidays as many speak, “uselessly and to rest“. Such people cannot leave owing to many reasons: lack of money, an illness or absolutely little children, it is undesirable to them to change climate. And excess jolting will not do good, I mean families where children about one year.

We did not become an exception: On August 16 this year to my eldest son 4 years, and younger - are executed year. Therefore this year rest at us took place houses, in the city.

in a garden was reported on June 1 that it is closed on repair until the end of a month. Sasha (this is the eldest son) all ran and KUNIKULY rejoiced “Hurrah! Hurrah! At me too! Where we will eat this year to have a rest?“ Yes where to us to go with one-year-old Serezhenka and at the husband this year holiday was not expected. It was necessary to say to Sasha that we will not go anywhere and to convince him that at home it is possible to have a rest too very well. But except tears and offenses we saw nothing.

the First day of rest

in the Morning Sasha woke up in bad mood as he expected nothing good from the “kunikul“. At breakfast Sashenka asked how it is possible to spend well holidays of the house, without leaving anywhere? Then we with it took a sheet of paper, wrote “Our plan of holiday“ and hung up on the refrigerator. Now every evening we sat and discussed how we will spend the next day then my record and small Sashin drawing followed.

to Have a rest, without leaving anywhere too it is possible!


Ya to the son that every day we will be where - nibud to go. Every morning I took two sons, and we went on “vacation“. Younger was delighted simply because to go for a walk and also at mother on handles, the same such happiness! The senior was full of expectations.

First what we did on walk - bought ice cream, unless it not happiness - is every day ice cream? Then we went to the appointed place. We walked, as a rule, from 9 o`clock and to 14 then ate, and children without hind legs fell asleep. In the evenings we rode all family bicycles or played big tennis.

For the first two weeks we visited puppet theater, participated in a competition of children`s drawing (and younger took the second place of honor), several days went to park to ride attractions, went to the private sector to watch hens, geese and goats, visited children`s cafes with trampolines. Three days I did a sightseeing tour, descended in museum of local lore (if honestly I did not even think that it will be so interesting to the child of four years). And there is a lot more - much at us was such visits and entertainments.

Bad weather - it does not matter!

. To go where - nibud did not cause any interest any more, but we did not despond, and just walked. It was the real happiness for children - to run in gumboots in the rain, with an umbrella on pools. I to children allowed to get up in a pool, to be trodden in dirt, to knock with a stick on water or to be passed by bicycle on a pool. Then “the family washing“ followed. In the evenings in such days we visited or accepted friends.

Holiday at the father is a gift!

our father pleased with

at the end of June us - he was sent on leave for two weeks. As it appeared pleasantly. Two more weeks of unforgettable rest! Every day we all family left in the wood or to Volga. Had a rest, bathed, walked, ate, slept, came back home in the evening and went to bed. Sasha with great pleasure put tent with the father, assembled cones, made fire on which cooked soup and boiled water.

I decided to Play

outdoors with children in the fact that it is interesting to me. Therefore we took balls (the first in two days was successfully punctured), books and some of the most favourite toys of children, including their soft doggies. Therefore we spent a lot of pleasant time.

there Passed two months

past two months So quickly. A month the kindergarten worked, and all of us still “were on holiday, on vacation“. Sasha with pride tells friends about rest and asks to have a rest the next year also. “Where?!“ - everyone to whom I told about rest bewildered asked again me. “In the city? Why? What for?“ Very quickly to me let know that traditionally developed opinion on where it is necessary to have a rest, assumes the abroad, first of all, Turkey and Spain, or at least the Crimea or Sochi.“ Such here we original“, - I smiled.

Here, actually, and all. In conclusion I can only tell that difficulties are nothing in comparison with that charge of cheerfulness and health, pleasure and impressions which kids received on vacation outdoors and even in the city.