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Take what was pleasant, and use?

with what our children will grow up, depend not only on us, parents, but also on the country in which we live. The Russian Federation in this plan not the best place. Children are especially not loved here and, especially, not respected.

Here to you a simple example from a playground: taking away his own thing, the question “it is possible?“ from foreign child at best will set to parents of the kid, in the worst - will take a toy without demand.

Parents do not teach the children to respect the right of other person, let and small, on property. And especially nobody reflects that the two-year-old has own opinion on whether it is worth giving somebody the toy. Character of the person, his age psychological features is not taken into consideration. Just adults for some reason consider that to ask children - a thing optional.

my daughter absolutely not the greedy girl. She is two and a half years old, and for herself she quite accurately divided toys which can share quietly, and toys about which it is necessary to ask. She will not object if someone borrows from it a scoop or a ball, and here carriages, the bicycle are another story altogether. Anyuta rushes with shout through all playground if someone on her eyes gets on the bicycle (which, by the way is a subject of her pride as thanks to it she feels adult, she can go on it, and quickly enough).

Ya I try to teach her to ask permissions to play with others toys, to explain that others thing it is necessary to handle more carefully, than the. And I achieved in it success. Anyuta does not climb carriages in search of something interesting, is not necessary with a cap in hand if someone gives to the child cookies, does not take away others toys from the platform and tries to ask permissions to play with the thing which was pleasant to it.

at the same time me brings

into sincere amazement and very strongly absence of respect for someone else`s property in other people irritates. Parents who consider that it is possible to put the child on the bicycle standing on a playground meet and to carry it to ride on park.

Once so there left our bicycle. I waited for its return 10 minutes, but and were not going to return us it. Business mummy quietly walked, her child had a good time with our bicycle. It did not worry at all that it is someone`s thing. After my statement about what would be quite good to be asked when you take something and the more so you take away from a field of vision, she fondly looked to me in eyes and declared that the bicycle stood on a playground, and, so it the general so her child sat down on it and went. And if it is our personal bicycle that it is better for us to leave it at home.

Frankly speaking, this situation touched me and set thinking. I do not understand why a thing the general if it costs at a playground why it can be taken without demand and in response to the remark of the owner also to be rude. And, eventually, I do not understand why the child in principle is not considered as the owner of this thing.

Me it seems to

that raising children in this way, by the principle “take that was pleasant, and use“, in Russia there will hardly be a respect for a private property and for the people owning it. Our younger generation and will continue to consider everything as the general and to constantly try to divide it. The living position is put at a playground.