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Figured service jacket of

If earlier models on displays and competitions were object of creativity neyl - designers generally, then now art neyl - an art takes to city streets and it is very demanded.

is Told by the instructor of the Moscow nail studio “Aktsent“ Yulia Tarasova.

Three-dimensional design

A few years ago the design of nails was flat. Salons of the master just painted nails with brushes. Now technologies of manicure stepped forward, and by means of gel and acryle the design became three-dimensional. That is on a surface of a nail it is possible to mold, for example, a flower or even “to build“ the house. Generally three-dimensional images create by means of gel and acrylic technologies. They are very elastic - on a nail it is possible to mold any decorative elements, for example petals or bows.


Gel, unlike acryle, more tekuch and to do of it sculptural images rather difficult. But some masters manage also it. At one of competitions his participant blew gel as glass, and did of it flasks in which filled up beads.

This type of design, in general, is not intended to

for everyday life. The three-dimensional design will be suitable rather for a podium and various shows. It is very inconvenient to carry it in everyday life. Though it is possible to use its elements in moderate quantities. For example, it is possible to attach a small flower sideways at the basis of nails on thumbs.

the Aquarium on nails

the Last peep of this season and the leading direction in modern nail design became aquarian design. It is possible to make it only in salon because the gel technology of building is the cornerstone. And gel on air does not harden - the ultraviolet is necessary for it.

the Image is created by means of color gels, acryle and all elements neyl - an art - a paste, a foil, feathers, sukhotsvet, lace. They are spread on all surface of a nail. Other option - effect of the French manicure when only the free edge of a nail is decorated. It is necessary to distribute elements of design very exactly and symmetrically on a nail. It is necessary not to overload free edge or a nail bed.


In decoration of nails, as well as in a make-up, the simple principle works. The accent can be only one, and all other elements are selected already depending on its features. The turned-out composition is covered with a gel layer that the nail became absolutely smooth. Then by means of sculptural gel on a nail gives all the best With - a bend. Thus to a nail height which gives effect of an aquarium is added. It is necessary to keep the big length of free edge. If all rules are followed, nails will not look too high and thick.

Such design looks incredibly effectively. The glossy layer of gel adds to nails strong gloss. The pastes and stones which are in such “aquarium“ play all sides. Other elements become brighter and attractive. The aquarian design on transparent length, on transparent forms or tipsa is the most effective.

the Saloon bouquet

Many ladies became the real fans of sukhotsvet. But it is worth understanding that here as it is important not to go too far anywhere. If on all nails to put sukhotsveta of one shade, then the bed will turn out.

Can place emphasis to some line on which it is possible to build composition. It is rather jeweler work. Options set: from sukhotsvet it is possible to lay out various compositions, having divided a flower into separate fragments. For example, from petals it is possible to lay out wings of a butterfly. Other option - to trim the edges and to make a flower fringe. Still it is possible to lay out small florets on nail “smile“.

One more feature of sukhotsvet is that they cannot be fixed on a varnish - they will just fly. It is impossible to hold them and by means of fixers - sukhotsveta absorb them and besides do not keep on a nail. It is the most favorable to place this material under acryle or gel. In - the first, thus they will be reliably recorded. And in - the second, under a layer of gel or acryle they become brighter. There is an effect of increase, and color even of the most dim flowers becomes saturated. It is possible to add paints and superficial drawings to such composition.

On nails can also place chipped sea cockleshells and even mica. These materials at first can seem dim and ordinary-looking, but under a gel layer they will play in all flowers of a rainbow. Chipped cockleshells will flaunt with nacreous gloss, and translucent breed - to cast yellow, blue, red or blue.

On gel also work with different paints - acrylic, gouache and PVA. The result turns out very interesting and unusual.

Effect of a snakeskin

Over the past few years design tendencies changed a little. It was fashionable to choose color of nails to match of lipstick earlier. Now it is not actual any more and most often look for compliances with clothes.

the Service jacket also known as “the French manicure“, does not lose the popularity but only changes and becomes more and more exotic a little. If the classical service jacket assumes that the tip of a nail will be white, and other nail becomes covered by a transparent or pink varnish, then other its versions are not so conservative. For example, “the fan a service jacket“ does not limit color scale: both a tip of a nail and its other part - color. Thus, you can visually extend a nail bed or, on the contrary, free edge. Very popularly in this direction to varnish free edge with spangles. The flower service jacket will decorate edge of a nail with flowers from acryle. They can be executed in any color scale.

In this season the figured service jacket when the border between free edge and a nail bed is erased is popular

. This effect is reached as follows. The nail is covered with a color varnish, and then apply with dabs other color on free edge of a nail. The good effect is reached during the work on a wet varnish. One color as though joins another.

Can decorate a nail tip with color powder. It often spread all nail, but for this purpose it is necessary “to catch“ a certain consistence of dehumidification of a varnish. By means of powder it is possible to create, for example, effect of a snakeskin on nails.

Now in nail design it is very fashionable to p to use a foil. She is various flowers, shades and even patterns. From it spread applications. It can be hearts, florets. It is also possible to roll from a foil a ball and to make it a core of a flower or to cut strips and to lay out the relief image. The foil is attached on a nail by means of glue for nails or on a varnish.


Salon at home

For house design best of all will be suitable already ready drawings. They are on sale in any cosmetic shop together with varnishes and other production for manicure. The composition usually is on a thin film. You can buy all “nail“, that is on a film there will be both a varnish, and drawing, and even pastes or separate elements - florets, hearts, the Chinese hieroglyphs. Ready pictures happen two types: water and self-adhesive stickers.

it is the most convenient than

in use stickers. We separate the picture, we paste it on a nail and we cover with a transparent varnish. It is a little more difficult if you stick thus all “nail“. The film is quite thin and to exactly distribute it on all nail not so - that simply. Besides such stickers are usually calculated on quite long nails. It makes sense before removing a sticker from the basis, to try on it on a nail and to correct slightly.

With water application it is more difficult to p to address. It needs to be soaked in water, and then to transfer to a nail. Here it is important to get the hand: from the first it turns out not at all. The thin wet sticker is often torn and rumpled. stickers, and water stickers it is the best of all for p to attach

I on an underdried varnish. From above the design is covered with a fixer or one more varnish coat. Then stickers will keep until you erase a varnish, and will definitely not depart after the first washing of hands.

Some companies release

special sets for the French manicure. There two varnishes and a divider enter. Dividers - self-adhesive strips of a special form. They are also on sale separately.

nails when the main part is covered with a transparent varnish, and a tip - black, red or other bright color Very stylishly look. On a transparent varnish in this case sometimes in addition place drawing, for example, in the form of a hieroglyph of the same color, as a tip. For this purpose it is possible to use the same stickers.

If you the person creative also want to show in this case the imagination, then at your service the whole arsenal. For creation of own compositions use color varnishes, pastes, a foil, spangles, broths - multi-colored small balls.

If you want to make by

composition of the brightest and saturated, realize the imaginations on one - two nails on each hand. So the manicure turns out more stylish and effective.