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Games of family scale. Cheerful rest with children of

outdoors Going with friends to the next forest picnic, coming out on rest to the river or to the dacha, stock up with several cheerful games which adults and kids will be able to play together. Then Sunday rest will not turn only into eating of a shish kebab, and will become something a big, real holiday of communication of parents and children which will by all means be remembered. And it will want to be repeated...

In what parents played with you during walks outdoors? This question asked my many friends caused confusion. At best remembered soccer, volleyball, badminton. In the worst - anything. But those rare lucky in whose families joint games outdoors were held in high esteem, remember it with big warmth. Games with parents - an integral part of development of children. Advantage of it huge. Except strengthening of health and good mood, joint games promote improvement of relationship in a family, pull together children and parents. Kids will be enraptured, having seen suddenly the eternally serious and busy father playing leapfrog. As it is told at the remarkable psychologist V. Levi: “Remember, unless you did not dream of SUCH PARENTS? How many was hopes how many patient expectation that sometime, at last, this holiday will open!. And then, without having waited... This bitter deposit, this secret regret that the childhood did not take place...“ For the child game - “the only way to be exempted from a role of the child, remaining the child“. As well as for adults, “the only way to become again children, remaining adults“.

Mother, the father, I and a ball

Usually each family, going to the wood, takes with itself a ball. But it is frequent it and the whole day absolutely not demanded will be bored stiff. And, meanwhile, except well-known the set of other cheerful ball games which will be on forces to children exists all of beach volleyball. Even the most usual soccer will give kids a lot of joy. Especially, if mother acts as the goalkeeper. Try to teach children to play volleyball though for most of kids it is too complex challenge. Game where the ball needs be not to beaten off will be suitable for them, and to catch. For example, such. The increasing and little players become in a circle and begin to throw around a ball. Speed gradually increases. If any of players drops a ball, he leaves game - leaves a circle. Other players remain to stand on the place. So, gradually, the distance between them increases, and it becomes more difficult to catch a ball. The one who remained the last wins. This game - not only cheerful entertainment, but also good training of dexterity and coordination of movements.

Can be played and slightly differently. All players stand around, at two players standing against each other in hands on a ball. On command players begin to pass round balls in one direction, trying that one ball caught up with another. That who will have two balls receives a penal point. It is possible to think up for it in punishment some ridiculous task.

If your company has a desire to move a little, play the remarkable domestic game “shtander-stop“. And at the same time tell kids as played it when were the same naughty boys and little girls once. So, all players stand in the middle of the flat platform or a clearing. Driving throws a ball up, telling the name of one of participants of game. That player, whose name was told, tries to catch a ball, and all others run up in different directions. As soon as the player caught a ball, he shouts: “Shtander - stop!“ All fade on the place. Now new driving has to get a ball to any of players. That to whom got becomes driving. If throwing missed, driving there is he. Playing this game, do not forget in passion that there are with you kids. Give the chance and to become them equal participants of game. Calling the child, throw a ball not highly and do not run off too far that small handles could throw so far to you a ball. But what pleasure children`s eyes will shine! Nothing so pulls together parents and kids as joint games. Participation in game of the adult on an equal basis with the child, gives to the kid the chance to feel that mother and the father - they same as it, they can be trusted. And here one more entertaining game with use of a ball. To a branch of a tree suspend on a rope a ball so that it almost concerned the earth (the ball can be put in a grid, and already to tie a rope to a grid). Under it put several small objects (cones, stones, matchboxes, apples). The player takes away a ball to head level, then releases it and runs to collect what is spread out on the earth. It is necessary to collect as much as possible objects and to return into place that the shaking ball did not touch you. It is possible to play this game in turn, and then to count collected objects and to define which of players was the fast and dexterous. And it is possible to play with kids in the same beach volleyball, only slightly to change rules: the ball needs be not to beaten off, and to catch. Who did not catch - sits down in the center of a circle. It can be “helped out“ - to get on it a ball. whether

Cheerful relay

A not to arrange with

to us relay? The equal forest clearing, a green meadow and even the sandy beach quite will be suitable for it. It is possible to compete families, having designated start and the finish. At first mothers and fathers overcome a distance, showing to children a way of movement. And then the forces and kids try. It is possible to run as a horse, highly raising knees, it is possible waddlingly as a penguin. Try to be run by the back, sideways, on all fours, to jump, having clamped a ball between knees. Slip a distance astride a stick. You resemble as a spider, moving on hands and legs the person up. Raise the child`s legs, and let he will try to walk on hands. Build an obstacle course where it will be necessary to pass on the tumbled-down tree trunk, to creep under a branch, to jump through a pole or penek. Arrange competitions on the most dexterous family member. Who will be able, without having dropped, to carry by the cone on the head? Who will pass, without having stumbled, on the ribbon lying on the earth or the twisting path drawn on sand? It is possible to carry out relay and slightly differently. We are divided into two teams (in each team there can be one or several families). Mother link hands to the father “chair“ or “armchair“, on “throne“ the kid takes seat, and competitions begin. Each family reaches an agreed tree, runs all over it and comes back to the team. Now fight is entered only by fathers. About two balls are given by it. They conduct one ball before themselves legs, - throw another and catch. If some of balls fell or it was rolled away aside, we lift it and we continue race. Making these unimaginable exercises, fathers run a necessary distance and come back to the line of start. Now the turn to mothers came to compete. They can overcome, for example, a distance to a tree and back, throwing a shuttlecock a racket for badminton. And for kids prepare a small group of cones in advance. The competing children run to cones, take on one and come back to the team. Then goes behind the following cone, and so until all cones do not remove to the line of start. Who brought the last earlier - that and won. And the lunch outdoors will become a prize for all. After such active movement it will not prevent to be supported properly. If in the wood the tumbled-down tree got to you, arrange here such cheerful game. Be divided into two teams and get up since two ends of a trunk. The first two players meet halfway on “bridge“ each other. Their task to disperse on the middle of a trunk, without having pushed off each other and to move to the opposite side. If someone from players did not keep, couple performs a task at first. Then the following two players etc. show the dexterity. Let kids will present that it is the narrow bridge over an abyss. Then they will perform a task with special diligence and passion. Try different ways of overcoming of an obstacle. For example, to pass sideways and to support each other by hands. Or: one player squats, and another through him steps.

of the Cone, only not on a forehead


In the pine wood at you will find remarkable assistants - cones. With this natural material which literally lies under legs it is possible to think up a set of cheerful games and entertainments. And even to devote one of family walks to cones, having called it, say, “Shishkin a holiday“. You represent, you wake up in Sunday morning and you tell the kid: “Gather, we go with friends to the wood to picnic!“ “Ur - and - and!“ - the cub joyfully shouts. And you add by a mysterious voice:“ Today we will have Shishkin a holiday“. Of course, the kid is intrigued, and, so day for it will be full of riddles and surprises.

So what games it is possible to play with cones? For warm-up arrange hunting for fathers, pogonyav it is a little of them on the wood with cones on an izgotovka. Only do not abandon fathers cones too strongly - to them still to fry a shish kebab... And then it is possible to practice in a throwing. Where still to be engaged in it how not outdoors? There is here no danger to get to a chandelier or to break a favourite mother`s vase. For this purpose establish at small distance from children a bucket or a bowl, and let train to throw there cones while adults are engaged in preparation of a fire. And it is possible to arrange competition: who will be able to throw the cone further all or well-aimed hit to bring down a plastic bottle with hemp. To the winner - the honourable right to the first to try a shish kebab. For some time small shustrik will be neutralized.

A here game which it will be interesting to both children and adult to play. Dig out in the earth to the line three small poles at distance of one - two steps one from another. Now depart from the first pole on several steps and try to throw in it the cone. If attempt was successful, we throw on the cone into the second and third poles. Then we repeat throws upside-down. Missed - give way to the following player. To make even a little chances, let kids throw cones at a short distance, and mothers and fathers - will depart far away. The most well-aimed wins a prize and an honorary title “Straight eye“.

we will play

A “a tag on a string“ now. As it is clear from the name, for game we need a rope. Let`s tie her to a tree so that it freely rotated, and on the earth we will draw a circle with a radius equal to rope length. Now we will scatter several tens cones in a circle and we will put one of fathers to protect “treasures“. One hand the father holds a rope, and another tries “to soil“ (to touch) the adults or kids seeking to assemble cones. Who got - that bowls off or becomes “pyatnashka“ - replaces the father on his fighting post with a rope.

After outdoor games time to have a rest, sit a little at a fire and to play games quiet came. Put several cones in an opaque package and suggest kids to guess how many them there, prompting to them words “more“ and “less“. Who guessed - checks: pours out cones and recalculates. Or play slightly differently: suggest each child to define in turn how many in a bag of cones, having counted them to the touch. For the smallest put only 2 - 3 cones in a package. Then it is possible to play so. Organize children to assemble more cones in a small group. Now let everyone will bring so many cones how many will be able to inform in two hands from a small group. We recalculate production. Who appeared most “greedy“ - that and won.

But whether it is time to run about?

In the wood in the fresh air can and run about. Game in tag, or a tag, has many versions. Here one of them called “a tag with the house“. In it it is good to play with kids because to them always is where to hide from driving and to take rest. On the earth draw with a stick two circles. These are houses. The purpose driving to catch up and touch someone from players (to osalit, soil). Running away, it is possible to run in a circle where driving the player cannot soil. Game mobile and cheerful. Only surely adapt to speed of kids, giving them the chance to catch up with adults.

A as to you a tag under the name “baskets“? We choose two driving - a pyatnashka and running away. Other players settle down on a clearing in couples and join hands, forming circles - baskets. Pyatnashka pursues the second player who, running between couples, tells the name of any player. That whose name was told, runs away, and on its place there is a running-away player.

A here one more cheerful option of a tag, only Brazilian. It is called “a sick cat“. One of players tries to soil the others, he represents “a healthy cat“. Players who were soiled have to put a hand precisely on that place which driving touched. They become “cats“ too, but “patients“ and have to help driving in catching, and they can stain only a free hand. The last remained player wins and becomes “a healthy cat“ in the following game. And in the Russian kind of this game which is called “pike“, the soiled players cling an engine to driving and so all together continue game.

One more simple and cheerful game - “chur at a tree“. Before game choose driving, using a counting rhyme. Kids with pleasure will tell the favourite counting rhyme learned in kindergarten. But you can surprise them, having remembered counting rhymes of the childhood or having acquainted with beautiful national counting rhymes:


the car a dark
some interest Followed. Inte`s
- an inta - interest,
Come to the letter “with“.

Jingles, jingles,
Flew golubenchik
On morning dew,
On a green strip.
Sat down on a shed.
Run, catch up!

That player on whom the last word “gets“, becomes driving. He gets up in the center of a clearing. The others - at trees. Mark each tree at which the player accommodated with bright ribbons. Only these trees will participate in game. Then players begin to run across from a tree to a tree. A problem of driving - to occupy a tree without player. That whose place at a tree is taken, becomes driving.

to Kids also game in “cat and mouse“ for certain will be to the taste to

. It is the ancient Russian game very easy and cheerful. At first two driving - a cat and a mouse get out. Other players become in a circle and join hands. “Mouse“ runs in a circle, “cat“ - outside. “Cat“ tries to break in a circle and to catch “mouse“, and players try to prevent it, not to pass.“ The cat“ can make the way in a circle in any way: to break through a chain of players, to lick under the linked hands or to get through them. If it managed it, players fast let out “mouse“ from a circle, and again try to detain “cat“. If “cat“ managed to catch “mouse“, new driving get out. Choose by “mouse“ someone from kids, and “cat“ - the father. Unforgettable fun is guaranteed to you!

Forgotten old

A let`s play

leapfrog! It is very ancient game existing in Russia more than five centuries. It develops dexterity, coordination of movements, courage and force. Fathers go down on all fours, and kids and mothers, running up, jump through them, leaning hands against their backs. It is rather simple to smallest to get through the father. And children are more senior can jump, but at first them it is necessary to secure. Very cheerfully to trade places. We jump through mothers, and then through kids (of course, leaning against their backs purely symbolically).

It is undeserved the forgotten game - the entertainment “streamlet“ will deliver you the mass of cheerful minutes. Play it so. All players, except one, become couples one after another, couples join hands and lift them up, forming a corridor. The remained player passes through a corridor, on the way taking away with himself someone from players. Having left a corridor, new couple becomes in chain “tail“. And the player who was left without couple dives into “corridor“ and chooses to himself new couple. Game continues until bothers. The quicker the streamlet, the more cheerfully will “flow“. And to play with children in general it is cheerful, it is necessary to crawl literally under the low arch of children`s handles.

Even with nebolthe shy company it is possible to start the game “kerchief“. This children`s game in family execution looks very cheerfully. All players squat in a circle. Driving runs at them behind backs on an external circle, holding a kerchief in hand. Imperceptibly it throws a kerchief behind the back of someone from players. If the player of it did not notice, and driving, having taken a detour, concerned it, it becomes new driving. If the player noticed the thrown scarf, he is enough it and keeps on the course after driving. If caught up - driving remains former. If did not catch up and driving managed to sit down on a vacant place, the player becomes driving.

For certain you also remember a set of cheerful games which played with friends in the childhood. Many of them quite on forces to kids, it is necessary to simplify rules only slightly. It and “potato“, and “is higher than a leg from the earth“ [1], and “the grandmother, threads got confused!“ . Forgot how to play “grandmother“? It does not matter, now we will remember. We bring together adults and kids in a circle. It will be “ball“. We choose driving - “grandmother“. If you have a rest at the dacha by all family, it is possible for a role driving and to choose the real grandmother. “Grandmother“ turns away, and “ball“ holds hands and “gets confused“. Here it is possible to cross through each other hands, to twist, but to meet the main condition: not to release a hand. Now all loudly shout: “The grandmother, the grandmother, threads got confused!“ The grandmother has to untangle cheerful a heap - to Mull so that again the circle turned out, at the same time hands of players cannot be uncoupled...

the Sit-round gathering at a fire

of Nabegavshis, naprygavshis and having gorged on shish kebabs, it is a high time to take rest and sit all honest company around a fire. It is healthy if someone from adults plays the guitar. Then it is possible to sing several songs with kids.

Are games which it is good to play quite so, having taken seat in a circle. And, despite the seeming plainness, they are very useful to kids: develop attention, teach concentration. Play, for example, “chinese whispers“. The first player quickly pronounces on an ear to the neighbor some word. That, in turn, tells what heard to the following player. When the word bypasses a circle, the last player calls it. Very seldom the word corresponds to initial option. And there is a similar game which is called “associations“. In it it is possible to play with the senior preschool children. Only at first intelligibly explain to children on concrete examples what is associations. So, the first player pronounces on an ear to the neighbor the word, and that has to give quickly further the first association with this word. Let`s tell, “an elephant - Africa“ or “coffee - black“. So, from the player to the player, the word will be transformed, and the final option can be very unexpected.

A you remember lovely children`s game in “gardener“? For it kids will need some knowledge of botany. Each player is called some flower. Driving speaks:

the gardener was born of

Outright became angry,
All flowers bothered me,
Krom... tulip.

the Called flower has to respond quickly:


- Oh!
- What is with you?
- Is in love!
- In whom?
- In a rose!

Now “rose“ similarly responds, and game continues.

Rest at water is remarkable

At a blue water smooth surface already in itself. How many pleasures are caused in children by an opportunity to popleskatsya, lie on warm sand, to construct sandy locks and to dig deep wells and trenches. But sometimes from all this it is simple - naprosto you are tired, and there is a wish for something bigger. On the beach it is possible to organize amusing family games too. For example, such.


to friends In advance that on the beach there will take place “the competition of the splashing devices“. Let each family through joint efforts will invent and will build an original bryzgalka. In hot summer day the children with pleasure will test inventions, and adults will choose the best bryzgalka in the different nominations:“ Originality“, “Range“, etc.

to hold children ashore and to give them the chance to get warm on the sun, play the game “frog“. Bring together adults and children, sit down in a circle. In the middle - driving blindly (for fidelity that did not spot, eyes can and be tied). The player speaks:

of B

from a frog on a path
Jumps, having extended legs. Uvidal`s
of a mosquito,

At this moment somebody from sitting in a circle tells

: “KVA are kVA!“ And driving has to guess on a voice who a frog.

will help to Continue by

a “lyagushiny“ subject and to be warmed after long bathing to you game “pikes and young frogs“. We choose mother or the father as a pike, and for little “young frogs“ we draw on sand circles - lodges.“ Young frogs“ frolic on a scope, and with the advent of “pike“ hide in lodges. The caught young frogs become pikes and take part in hunting. After each hunting two “lodges“ on sand are erased, and the task of young frogs becomes complicated: now they need to huddle in one small lodge on several people.

A when it is already time for p to gather home (but the children so do not want!), organize a cheerful entertainment on a high-speed obuvaniye. Participation of adults is welcomed. Draw a stick on sand a circle with a radius about 3 m. Put footwear of all players in the center of a circle and mix. At the command of “Obuvaniye began!“ players run in a circle, find the footwear, put on it and come back abroad a circle. Who dug most longer, performs some task of all company. With such good mood will also leave the beach more cheerful.

Good to you rest and cheerful games!