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Travel to ``A garden of gods``. Part II

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Opposite to our hotel located one more - apart - hotel “Ermones golf palace.“ It is newer, but costs on east slope and in the evenings is covered with nothing from the sun - there are no greens there. In a bay there are private country houses - pass - hotels: Katerina, Philoxenia and Elena. The bay is good the fact that it between two mountains from the sea to the valley blows wind, and air does not stand. And a shortcoming is existence of a tavern on the beach where late music plays. Music - “live“, very fine sing the Greek songs, but as lullabies they are no good. It is very convenient that the car rental is at departure from hotel. In the hotel the young man from some agency, but at it twice more expensively too sits.

In our opinion, a bay Ermones and located is slightly lower the towns of Pelekas and Glifada are the best options of placement on the island. As I already spoke, there is no vanity, the most beautiful nature and it is optimum from the point of view of approachibility of other parts of the island - on the South or to go to the North approximately equally. It is the closest to Corfu - the capital of the island, to Corfu Road goes not on the mountains, to go minutes 20. In the middle of a way there is the biggest aquapark on the island Akvalend, at it even the hotel is.

In Pelekas and Glifada the beach - the most excellent sand, it is dark - yellow, deep. For children better also cannot be. Glifada is considered the best beach on the island, but we would give Pelekasu palm as to Glifada on days off there come many locals, and there becomes crowded and is rather dirty. Besides, at edge of a sandy strip opposite to the sea directly some brutal prickles grow in sand, do not admit children without footwear there!

Pelekas was the only beach where we went several times. Light-green it is crystal - transparent water, depth beginning where it is necessary, beautiful rocks around, the most powerful bamboo from all seen by us thickets of the blossoming cactuses, soft waves (when in other places of a wave did not allow to bathe) and existence of convenient cabins for disguise - all this puts Pelekas`s beach out of competition. By the way about cabins. Keep in mind, there are they not on all beaches. And in Sidari, for example, they remind doors in saloons of the Midwest and are made of something like blinds. The shower was only on couple of beaches, and we carried with ourselves water in bottles.

We talked to the people who had a rest in Pelekas hotel, they were quite happy. By the way, the hotel costs in an olive grove, and the village of Pelekas located above - very solid, with nice taverns. Exactly there is a place recommended for contemplation of the best decline on the island, and there we saw the only cumquat, available to a review (two trees in a private garden). Where cumquats commercially grow, even the guide could not explain to us - told, plantations in the north, directly at liqueur plants. Generally, with small kids I would advise to go to Pelekas beach hotel.

Further sandy beaches reach for the South too. In Agios Gordis beach sand is flavored with beautiful stones and the hotel is very picturesquely located. The most spacious and pure beach from sand - is closer to the South, near the town St Barbara, but there are no hotels and from Corfu far. All hotels mentioned by me - category A, that is like “4 *“. Five-stars hotels on the island 3 - 4 pieces and all on east coast. If hotel life - bars, animation, an opportunity “to prove to be“, then four stars is important for you on - Greek for this purpose it is not enough.

Now about where to go. Where you lived, you surely visit Corfu and, probably, not once. The city is charming. Children with pleasure will just wander about very narrow small streets where also it is possible to get hold of suvenirchik. Ours gathered a lot of everyone, but the most touching - a burro from an olive tree with wattled baskets on a back. He - as soul of the island also took at us on a book shelf the place near porcelain lipitsianets from Vienna. In Corfu it is necessary to go to Old Venetian fortress. In plenty there to polazit, it is required hour 2 - 3 therefore it is necessary to consider that gate close in 19. 30. Near fortress - cafe with very tasty ice cream. In general ice cream in Greece was pleasant to us, and here yogurts tasteless.

In Corfu can join also antiquity. In Maun Repo`s park there is an Ancient Greek temple which is dug out from - under two-meter thicknesses of the earth. If your children are able to imagine that these stones were put here several thousands years ago, then there it is worth walking. It is necessary to be guided by indexes of “Doric tample“. And this place casts very certain thoughts over adults.

In the city you surely visit Vlakherna`s monastery - an island mascot. Being there, it is impossible to miss show - landing of planes at the airport of Corfu. Fires of the sitting-down plane will stick together to you eyes, then it flies by over your head and falls in 100 meters from you.

At take-off of planes on the city road adjoining a strip on which you for certain will go block off the traffic. Be attentive, we on the first time did not understand what all this is cost, and slipped the roaring plane near by - there we did not see signs.

“Corfu Shell museum“ in Benitses will be interesting to

To children of all age, the sea fauna is presented very versatily there, but we felt sorry for all of them, and the parrot meeting you about cash desk most of all was pleasant.

of Separate conversation is deserved a volcano by Pantokrator (960 m). There we advise to go surely. The road - one of the most twisting and narrow and very often goes on the mountain on an edge of steep. In general, keep in mind if the road on the card reminds the image of intestines in the textbook of anatomy, then so it also is actually. In case fight against nervous system ends in your advantage, you will be rewarded by contemplation of the real volcanic landscape. At Pantokrator`s top unclear in what time you are, the hills which once were a lava stream there is only a little young growth rare trees, but the silence most of all strikes - cicadas are silent absolutely. It while they creep in terrible quantity there. Perhaps being so highly over the world, these small insects feel the negligibility not worse us, people.

At the top is stood by the small monastery which internal furniture tremendous, and to a wall the fig - the biggest tree on Pantokrator pritulitsya. By 360 degrees views of Corfu, Greece, Albania open around, islands and floating it is necessary all this clouds.

Under a monastery wall - cafe. As an opportunity to eat on a volcano is given not every day, we have very nicely a bite the next ice cream and coffee with apple pie there.

Great pleasure was given us by walks on streets of mountain small villages.

the Most picturesque of them - Doukades and Liapades (both near Paleokastritsa). Here it is better to go out of the car and to walk on abrupt streets on foot, to sit in a small tavern together with local grandfathers. And local grannies carry very interesting headdresses and ride.

Liapades - the place of the maximum concentration of burros. However, children did not manage to drive: all copies met by us were occupied with the main business - carrying.

That else I can advise. The best shop of the Greek wines from seen by us - almost opposite to an entrance to the palace Akhillion. The palace - the place, traditional for visits, there you will go for certain. Nearby, on a souvenir bazarchik, I bought the book “Greek cuisine“ in Russian, in other places there are no such books. If the heat did not allow us to taste plainly the Greek dishes on the place, we will do it in the long winter Moscow evenings, having kept a two-three of the brought small bottles, and with aroma “Moskhato Patron“ we will without effort be moved to the blossoming island which is fallen in love to us.

in conclusion I want to thank Oksana, the guide of a host of Rizos travel and its husband for the help in our personal record. If who happens to meet her, say hello from Bereziny. But we slightly - slightly nedoosushchestvit conceived, so … Not without reason call Corfu “the island of eternal returns“.