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Travel to ``A garden of gods``. Part I

When time to anticipate summer holiday came, and it came, as usual, long before zazhurchat streams, the possibility of the choice pleasantly tickled nerves. The remarkable last year`s trip to Finland was remembered, and there was a wish to continue a little in the same spirit - to visit any not trampled northern country, Norway or Scotland, for example. But it not now. Even last summer, picking scoops the Baltic berezhok, we decided that we will go next time to the sea in which it is possible to float, dive and play, without getting out - on the warm sea. We very much love Baltic and we will surely return here, but time of change of scenery came.

the Most beautiful warm sea - of course, Mediterranean. If to decide on change of climate (nobody cancelled my fear of acclimatization), then let there will be more food for mind and soul. About the country long did not think - as the first time, to brothers on belief, to Greece.

the Choice took places in Greece not enough time rather of the choice per se was not in general because all ways conducted on the island of Corfu better known as Corfu. In - the first, for visit of this place we had reasons of personal character. In - the second, having visited Corfu at office conference once, the husband brought photos which surprised me - the island is buried in verdure, unlike Greece continental (though I judge by photos too - the stranger). It means that climate there other; looked at the Internet - really, Corfu - the most cool and damp place of Greece: air +30 °, water +23 °. Nothing, to us enough! But, maybe, will be easier to acclimatize, than during a forty-degree heat.

We read to

everything that can be found about Corfu - from Shakespeare`s “Storm“ to the website Grek. ru, attentively studied all information on hotels of Corfu - proposals of tour operators and responses, found out options of air flights and chose that operator at whom the desirable was crossed - “The southern cross“ was it. By the way, responses appeared a little, we chose the place, unpopular at compatriots again, but all visited there meet in one: the nature of Corfu - surprising and the place - not too happening. Here I want to thank those who write not responses like “freshly squeezed juice is not present, a disco in style 80 - x“, and the sketches giving an idea of what you should see and supplying you with information which is absent in advertizing brochures. So, we printed out Elena Edeleva`s story about Corfu and used as the guide.

Of course, before a trip we re-read Gerald Darrell`s trilogy. But the name of its third part - “A garden of gods“ - we considered as art exaggeration. Already the first acquaintance to the island showed that it not so. Corfu all is covered with olive groves, vineyards, citrus gardens. With them the mimosa, pines, a fig, oleanders, several kinds of palm trees, magnolias, a yucca, cactuses, eucalyptuses and a bamboo are mixed. Along highways the bamboo grows mixed up with blackberry, it looks a little surreal. Continuously and deafeningly cicadas roar, but gradually you get used to their chirring. And began to smell! The island quite mountainous and where you will look how green waves roll at each other the mountains covered with the woods and olive groves.

is Written that olives make 60% of trees for Corfu. The Venetians dominating to Corfu 400 years forced Greeks to put olives, than advanced agriculture and completely changed an island face. Albania, neighboring to it, represents dry and lifeless lands. It is possible to imagine how many tears and sweat were spilled while this work - the earth on the island poor was carried out and olives are put on the bulk terraces which are laid out by stones, places - on steep slopes. We just fell in love with olive groves. It is a pity that now on the island travel business forces out agriculture.

the Island of Corfu is unique

the fact that it is washed by three seas: Adriatic from the West, Ionic from the East and Mediterranean from the South. Of course, division this conditional, but the seas indeed differ from each other. The most beautiful - Ionic, it blue and transparent, though not everywhere. Adriatic - is more green and is deeper. Mediterranean - the most serene, in an easy haze. Though everything depends, of course, on weather.

to experience all beauty of the island, it is necessary to go on it. It is good to have experience of driving. To take the car to Corfu - not a problem. The pleasure price - only 25 euros a day (so cost our Opel Corsa), all-wheel drive Suzuki - 45 euros. Driving on the island from time to time delivers very thrills. Moving across Corfu, you regularly cross mountains, the road goes terraces, with frequent turns on 180 degrees. Visibility often zero, cars beep, and never know what waits behind turn - an olive grove, a white wall with the oleanders which passed for it and grapes or the excursion bus, and any opportunity to part except how to move back the back to the next patch intended for this purpose.

Should pay to

tribute, roads are very well illustrated by indexes, and it is easy to be guided there. It is only necessary to get used that federal highways have normal width, municipal - to two Opels hardly to part, and here local - to two burros hardly to disperse. But also they will bring you there where it is specified on the card. The husband told that he never drove the car with such pleasure. We passed 940 kilometers in 12 days. It is interesting that children did not rock to sleep though the road on the dacha sometimes passes houses across direct Leningradka very hard.

Having traveled over all island and perekupavshis on all beaches, we made to ourselves some idea of rest opportunities to Corfu. But I will try to place emphasis on a trip with children - where it is better to live that it is worth showing to children. Certainly, the place very much is suitable for rest with posterity of all age. And, though Corfu met us by a heat, abnormal for it (in the city there were 39 in the afternoon), it is transferred not hard. And about acclimatization - well children did not have it in general!!! No, I understand that somewhere inside it was, but externally it was not shown in any way. Perhaps and Immunal with IRS - 19 played a role. So, dear nervous mummies of often ill children, try Corfu.

At first about hotels, beaches as we chose the hotel and that from this left. The island of Corfu has three coasts - northern, western and east. In the south it comes to naught on the cape Asprokavos from which the panorama of the Mediterranean Sea opens.

the Extreme settlement in the south - the town Kavos determined by the guide as “the favourite vacation spot of raunchy English youth“. Intrigued with such characteristic, we were passed there: anything special. The nature in the south is poorer, than on other Corfu, very hot, in Kavosa the youth, all inscriptions only in English, the main transport - kvadritsikla and motorcycles has really a rest. With children there is no need to go.

By the way, the English youth - very nice, is more pleasant than Germans. We had an impression that Corfu - in general the resort English. At least in our hotel British prevailed and in other places the speech sounded generally English.

East coast on which the bulk of the hotels offered by agencies is located, the most inhabited. Actually, from Messongi to Kassiopi the continuous beach extends, parallel to it there is a highway which in places approaches the beach closely (Ipsos, Pirgi). Hotels stand behind the road here and have no beaches. The worst here that these beaches - sharp pebble.

the beach is wider than

In Dasye, hotels good, but on the beach there are more stubs, than stones. Perhaps separate hotels have bulk sandy beaches, advise carefully to ventilate this question in tour agency.

Quite another matter - from Kalami above. Here it is less people, much more purely, and the most beautiful sea which we saw in spite of the fact that opposite - the coast of Albania (2 km in the bottleneck). Not without reason in Kalami there is one of houses (only remained from three) in which there lived the family Darrelov.

We were surprised with

, having seen on the house the memorial plate “In this house there lived the famous writer Laurence Darrell“. For us Darrell - first of all Gerald, and here about him also did not remember. By the way, the country house is given - 600 euros in 10 days. The look opening from its windows, certainly, disposes to literary creativity.

East coast - the place crowded, parallel to the road shops, taverns, rolling agencies, country houses, hotels go; silence you will not find here, but to whom that it is necessary … The northern coast - Sorts, Akharavi and Sidari - less populated. But structure same - the sea, in parallel - the only street, along it little shops. Hotels have no big hotels, the beaches, in my opinion, is not present.

the Beach in Akharavi pebble (but this only place where the child found cockleshells), in Rodya and Sidari - sand, but sand grayish, dense, in Sidari when you dig, are found the dark layers smelling of seaweed. The most interesting here - merge of the Adriatic and Ionic seas. We did not find the exact indication of the place of this action and it and cannot be, of course, therefore considered that it somewhere, without reaching Kassiopi. There indeed the sea a little strange, even something like cross waves is (but can, I just wanted to see it).

Here the most northern point of the island is - it is quite wild cape with plyazhiky, by car it is possible to reach. Between Rhoda and Akharavi there is Hydropolis aquapark. A big lack of this area - it is far from Corfu, and from the southern part of the island - further away.

It now I write

that I already saw and when I needed to choose the place, being guided by the avaricious and specifically submitted information of tour agencies, it was necessary to work with “a deduction method“. However, the husband told that the west bank - there are no most beautiful and people there therefore I protected did not choose, chose hotel.

It is unconditional, the most beautiful place on all west bank - Paleokastritsa. But in Paleokastritsa only two hotels are offered, as a rule. And with beaches it is not dense there - though people on them a little. The town quite brisk and if you want to combine an opportunity to take a fun with looney clear blue water and a beautiful landscape, then it is possible to go to Paleo also with children.

Generally if you have enough adventurism and experience, the best to Corfu - to remove a country house. Everything is given there much - country houses, apartments, studios, rooms. Probably, somehow it is possible to do it and from Moscow.

Over the district very light and beautiful monastery of the Virgin towers. A lack of the west bank is water temperature - in Paleo it much lower, than in other places. Even on other beaches of the west bank water is much warmer. I think, on average there were about 23 - 24 degrees whereas on east coast in Benitses - to 28.

Moving on the South along the coast, we get to a bay Ermones. It is also that place where we lived. The Calimera Ermones Beach hotel was pleasant to us for the name, an arrangement on the rock and existence of big family numbers.

But beach in Ermones - pebble though there is no such pebble anywhere any more - each pebble is ideally rolled and it is pleasant to go according to them therapeutic. The hotel territory very big, but all family numbers - a bungalow. We were psychologically not ready to it, but then got used and estimated privacy and absorption at the Greek nature. On a threshold of a bungalow lizards, on a ceiling - cicadas lived, at night through a bathroom there passed the ant track. We observed the principle - live itself and let`s live another. Eventually, children were delighted with it.

was a little strained At first by fauna external. Two of her representatives lived in kroner of the pines dawning on our balcony. Who they are were - insects or birds - we did not learn. We nicknamed one Kapalka - his hunting or love song ideally imitated a faulty water tap and it “dripped“ without breaks on a dream and a meal.

Other subject with not smaller diligence represented a saw - a hacksaw, we so also called him - Pililka. Once the competitor intruded in lawful possession of “our“ Pililki. There was it at 5 o`clock in the morning, and all of us jumped with stared. Before the breakfast he tried “to cut“ ours, but then the boor with a shame was exposed from the territory. However, our Pililka after that two days stayed in a stress - was silent, we even began to worry.

A in hotel there lived swallows, their nests were molded everywhere where the administration allowed. We with children liked to think that the great-great-grandmother of one of them once brought long ago from cold Denmark little Thumbelina here. With five baby birds we watched one nest all two weeks, observed their first flights, and a day before our departure the nest became empty. Now I also cannot imagine how it is possible to live in Greece on some floor in a stuffy corridor.

Tiers of hotel are reported to

by means of the funicular, but we lived in the middle and practically did not use the funicular. The hotel works on the all inclusive system, but as it became clear, we did not need it. There are three times a day on a heat we could not and on the whole day were not present at hotel, and all - inclusive alcohol was not pleasant to us. It was very painful to carry, without removing, all bracelet - an inklyuziva, from - for one it any more never we will take it.


Food in hotel normal, it is possible to feed the child though at ours everything was reduced to a standard minimum and that from - under sticks. In hotel the good pool, is located it on the most top tier. When you lie at the pool, under you the bay Ermones swings open, and swallows fly.

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