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Happiness is when you nurse the kid!

U me three children, and only now I can tell that I feed the child.

the First kid was born

a month earlier, weighing 3 500 g. No special problems with it existed, but to me it was only executed 19, but was not near nobody who could prompt as it is necessary to feed and what to do to feed. In the first month the district doctor abused me for a small increase in weight and told to feed up. The second month - the same, only the doctor shouted even more loudly and frightened that the child will die of hunger - I gave up. Began to feed up and, of course, it is wrong... As a result the son began to eat only from a pacifier.


Second at me gave birth the daughter. Above all I wanted to feed her, but was forced to study, and it was necessary to pass to the mixed feeding, but we did not refuse chest still to 2 - x years.


to my younger son now 1 years and 2 months - we eat a mother`s milk, I am happy!!! I do not know bigger happiness on the earth, than to nurse the child! I feel sorry for mummies who do not do it, I feel sorry for kids who do not receive this pleasure. But as I understand them! The most important - mummy needs support!!! If there is at least one person a row which will help and will prompt as well as what to do, then the confidence and force appears to suffer attacks of doctors, friends, just foreign people and small failures. it is unfashionable to p to nurse

??? Fashionably! The main thing - is pleasant to feed the kid, it is just necessary to suffer until the lactation is adjusted. I can dispel the myth about cracks on nipples with full confidence: if the child correctly takes a breast - there can be no cracks! And it will be correct to take it it if mummy listens to the instinct at once, but not the nurse in hospital. The kid throws back the head and from all force, opening wide a mouth, goes to search of a mother`s milk. Just at this moment it is necessary not to be frightened of such gestures of the kid, and to put to it in a mouth required. It is better to study poses for feeding in advance, and it is necessary to try everything before being defined how it is more convenient to feed. If to mother inconveniently when feeding, then and to the kid there is not enough pleasure.

the Mass of inconvenience and uncertainty are dostavlyaet by inflow and disappearances of milk. You try to remember that the lactation will be adjusted soon, and the despair tears your heart... I cannot stay idle, and therefore took sleduyuy measures:

to eat with Helps

or not, but efforts will be rewarded. For greater confidence it is possible to freeze and store the milk just in case, and the tea spoon will always be in the house.

Should have a rest (sometimes the child can dare to put on a diaper), to get enough sleep and find minutes for rest (I the first three months of continuous feeding read books...) . Was and I have a trouble much and milk dribble, but today it is not actual when on sale there is also laying for a breast (disposable and reusable), and capacities for collecting milk (I to myself got such and did not regret! The breast was never overflowed, and the leaking milk reliably gathered), and milk pumps (the best suction is a kid, and he with pleasure will respond to your appeal to lick the current milk).

any it is not necessary for

I of diets, it is simple to eat on slightly - slightly and to watch at the kid as it reacts to it. Well, poured out it - not to use, but did not pour out - eat on health. Still I want to share one moment, I have a hypotonia, and without coffee I am the Sleeping Beauty... When breastfeeding it is possible and it is necessary to use to hypotensives coffee - the kid does not receive caffeine with breast milk.

Everything comes with experience, and it is necessary to address skilled mothers for council. There is no such mother, then in the Internet - there is a lot of everything... I want to wish to all mothers and their children of the dairy rivers!