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Nobody is insured by

In all civilized world it is accepted to insure children against accidents. It is clear, that it will not rescue from injuries, but at least will provide money for treatment. The observer of “SP“ Anna Kachurovskaya found out: the Russian insurance companies are ready to be responsible for other people`s children too. Only parents need not really it.

the Average Japanese spends for complex insurance of children about 9% of the revenue, the European - about 7%, the U.S. citizen - 10%. How many the Russian spends for the same purposes, the statistics is silent. Domestic insurers are ready to pay, and here parents are not. And today the child with an insurance is an exception to the rules.

Just in case

of Options of insurance of children upon accidents much. It is possible to insure the child against injuries since a year, but as insurance agents speak, it is not too rational. The small child is very vigilantly watched, as a rule, by adults. So it is better to begin to insure children since three years, that is since then as they begin to attend kindergarten or the developing groups, and to the eleventh class, that is 16 - 17 years.

Practically in each insurance company to parents can develop the individual plan of an insurance. For example, it is possible to buy the policy existing for that time when the child goes to school (or kindergarten), is in it and comes back home. It is possible to be limited only to stay in school or to choose only time of sports training. Other option - to insure the child for all 24 hours. It is not obligatory to buy the policy for all year, it is possible to be limited to one quarter, for example winter, or to insure the child for the period of vacation, and even for one day, for example for the period of competitions. Documents the insurance requires very little: it is necessary to provide the medical certificate that the child has no serious chronic diseases, the passport of the parent who will receive an insurance, and also the birth certificate of the child. It must be kept in mind that on children who have chronic diseases or disability the insurance will not manage to be bought: such is the uniform rule of all insurance companies. Those diseases which can hypothetically lead to early death, for example heart disease mean.

As was told by the deputy director of the center of life insurance of ROSNO Snezhana Litvinova, “risks according to the children`s policy can be combined, proceeding from needs of the insurer“.“ Our clients most often get an insurance on a case of a trauma or disability of the child. At the same time now according to policies of assurance of accidents and diseases in ROSNO the number of the insured adults at least exceeds the number of the insured children three times“, - madam Litvinova says. She considers that adults insure themselves more willingly first of all earnings of the parent are a source of means of livelihood and the adult, and the child. In case of disability the parent loses earnings which can be compensated by insurance payment. And the most part of adults is insured not voluntarily, and from - for requirements of bank when receiving the credit.

Parents seldom take into account that fact that if the child is traumatized, then it all the same should take the sick-list and thus to lose part of a salary.

the Price of relative tranquility

the Price of the policy depends on what sum the client wants to receive if something happens to the child. In some insurance companies life and health of the child can be estimated at $100 thousand, others will not agree to sign the contract more than for $5 thousand

also the policy price Respectively differs: from 10 rub a year (for an insurance with a covering of 5 thousand rubles) to $500 (responsibility for $100 thousand) . If the child plays injury-causing sports, for example boxing, then the cost of an insurance can increase, but it makes a reservation in each case. However, the policy will rise in price for tens, but not for hundreds of rubles.

Money to parents of the victim is given within 10 days after incident. Usually, to receive compensation, rather medical certificate and the application from parents. Nobody will demand to drag the child on survey to the insurer, but if in authenticity of the reference there are doubts, the company by all means will address to medical institution.

All damages have “price“. Completely the sum is paid in case of death. To 90% - disability. The fracture of the leg is estimated at 30 - 40%. In total according to the price list.

At own risk

At such low tariffs and a variety of types of contracts, apparently, parents have to insure willingly the children spending much time without supervision at injury-causing schools and sports sections. And to schools instead of dealing with claims of parents, it is seemingly more favorable to buy the child the policy in advance. However it does not occur.

“A situation with school insurance today ambiguous, - the deputy CEO of “Alfastrakhovaniya“ Tatyana Robulets says. - At us the number of private schools which management insures the pupils, at the same time is absolutely small if children are insured by educational institution, then, as a rule, the price of the policy joins in training cost. Sometimes parents it is not even aware that their children are insured, and learn about it, only when the child is traumatized. But public schools do not hurry to insure the pupils and, most likely, wait for instructions from above to begin dialogue with parents. We in turn tried to suggest Moscow City Council to enter obligatory insurance for children, and deputies supported the offer especially as the price of this important question is very low. However no changes in this sphere are observed yet“.

Two years ago in Zelenograd thought whether not to introduce preferential system of insurance of school students in the territory of the district. The Alfastrakhovaniye company wanted to act as the partner. By calculations it turned out that the annual policy cost less than ten rubles (at a covering in $250). But business clogged: sick children could not be led according to the preferential policy (as it is cynical, the risk is too big), and the decision to enter for them separate programs looked even more cynical.

“I think, Moscow still will get back to idea of obligatory insurance of children, - Sergey Butusov, the director of Zelenograd branch “Alfastrakhovaniya“ says, - but today not all sports schools oblige parents to buy insurance policies. As they say, until the thunder bursts … We had such case. To the boy in hockey section beat out an eye a club. As it had an insurance, parents received compensation. As a result all parents from this sports school came to insure to us the children“.

The fact that a children`s insurance does not enjoy popularity at parents was confirmed both in ROSNO, and in “Ingosstrakh“, and in five companies. The reason of such paradoxical phenomenon as representatives of insurers consider, - in the Russian mentality.“ Russians traditionally rely “at random“ and practically always neglect insurance, will not face yet a problem or with impossibility to do without policy. For example, insurance going abroad“ is obligatory, - the deputy CEO of “Mezhregiongarant“ Alexander Varentsov explains.

Besides, many parents do not buy the policy, being afraid to maleficiate: say, I will insure the child - by all means something happens. But insurers are sure: the consciousness of people will exchange. Getting on the train or the plane, we do not remember that someone already insured us for that case which as all of us count, will never happen to us.

Each normal parent before sending the child to a garden, school or a circle, finds out where the best conditions for study are created. At the same time the few are interested who and as bears responsibility for safety of the child while there is no family nearby. Found the answer to this question the observer of IP Anna Kachurovskaya.
Summer life
In camps at children appears a fine opportunity to live the, full dangers life.
As has to be arranged life of children in camps of rest, is described in the appendix to Gosobrazovaniya`s order of the USSR of 1991 - rules did not change since then. Now pioneer camp are renamed into nurseries improving, but it does not change an essence. Yes, red ties cancelled, but, for example, the morning ruler with a flag raising still remains in the majority of camps. According to Gosobrazovaniya`s order, the camp commander who in turn appoints responsible for this or that group, that is the leader is responsible for each child.
before each change the camp commander is obliged to hold a seminar with leaders and other personnel according to safety measures and prevention of accidents. Thus, it is considered that all personnel received skills of accident prevention. But delegation of part of powers does not relieve responsibility. If something happens to the child, let us assume, will escape from the territory and something to itself will break, both the camp commander, and the leader, usually the first-year student will have to answer. there is no
of the General statistics on accidents in camps, but it is possible to assume safely that on vacation children are regularly traumatized. Therefore as told SP in many insurance companies, founders of camps, that is private owners and labor unions began to address agents. The price of an insurance is put in the cost of the camp permit so before sending the child, it is necessary to take an interest whether the insurance in a package is put and if is not present, it should be bought. Usually the child on one change is insured on 5 thousand rubles. Policy price (from 10 to 100 rub) depends on the company - the insurer and a set of insured events: trauma, stings of insects, disability, death.