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Time on banks! (we prepare for the future)

Yes, on store shelves now enough cucumbers to support one billion hungry Chinese. But the Russian person will dig all the same, and then to roll up. Only sometimes it is worth departing from a habitual formula: “cucumber Saul. - cabbage kvash. - tomato of marin. - var. crimson“

the Ambassador for rainy day

If you decide on a feat under the name salty gammon (you remember, at Molokhovets:“ If to you guests unexpectedly came, go down in a cellar …“ - and further in the text), then you will need one exotic thing - saltpeter. Children who of it construct bombochka, say that saltpeter is sold in household shops. It in our difficult business - the main preservative. Saltpeter the brine on five-kilogram gammon requires gram 10, it is no more. Salts - 100 - 150 and a tablespoon of sugar. And liter waters two. But before to thrust into a barrel and to fill in with a brine, gammon should be pickled - in the same mix, but without water: 10 g of saltpeter + 300 g of salt + 1 teaspoon of sugar. You rub from all directions, from above you press and for 5 - 6 days you forget in the cool place (for example, in a cellar). Before filling in gammon with a cold brine, turn it. If you have in a keg many gammons - oh, you, the lucky! - trade their places. They will be salted month. That it was not boring for either you, or them, visit them once a week, shift from place to place, change a brine. In a month you are surprised what tasty turned out piece.

Other party of a salting with which we are connected by very intimate relations, - vegetable. Well, salting of cucumbers. All at us about all this know. How many dill brooms, from what bush a currant leaf and why this grade of cucumbers. To salt cucumbers is approximately how to marry. The lightest prince Grigory Potemkin is Taurian, our famous builder, drank. But did not lose a reason - and preferred cucumbers from Podnovya, Nizhny Novgorod, “a pumpkin salting“. Speak, specially behind them sent couriers. They were salted there in pumpkins why they gained unearthly aroma and curative properties so necessary to Grigory Aleksandrovich. To St. Petersburg they were brought special wagon trains, directly in pumpkins. All this I here to what: not only cucumbers can be salted unconventionally, it is possible to salt also pumpkins! Both eggplants it is possible, and broccoli, and UFO - bush pumpkins, and pepper with vegetable marrows, and even carrot with beet (it, however, on the fan). Not to mention green onions, a sorrel, herbs and garlic.



  • the Tomatoes preserved with beet
  • Rolls from the outgrown cucumbers

the Marine + Wan

is not loved by me marinated. There is a vinegar, and it is incompatible with life. It is established that pickling - the most radical way of preservation at which final fracture of the fermental systems which are available in a product and death of microorganisms is reached... together with a product. But it will be stored!. Till doomsday. Add at least spices more. Do not forget a barberry - then vinegar it is possible to pour time into one and a half less.



  • Paprika with ginger and garlic
  • Salty pass - bush pumpkins, eggplants and vegetable marrows
  • Vegetable marrows marinated
  • Marinated eggplants
  • Marinated vegetable marrows with red currant and pepper with a gooseberry

of Drying

That who have a garden with the fructifying trees, bushes and bushes, and also violent thickets of fruitful strawberry, well know: it is not possible to eat all this here and now. And if jam does not climb any more, roll compotes and you dry “crackers“. These “crackers“ (dried fruits) in the market, by the way, cost considerable money. Well, dried apricots with prunes - it is clear. And you tasted dried cherry? Or strawberry? Very tasty. And unlike cheerful pineapples of color of accident at the chemical enterprise for drying of berries of syrup it is not required. Only it is also necessary to wash them properly and, having carefully dried up on paper towels, to continue to dry further. If you decided to dry apples, pears, peaches or a citrus, cut them with segments or segments 5 - 10 mm thick. Then they will dry out more evenly. Question “remove or not remove?“ has no (peel) of the answer. Think, solve. With a peel, of course, it is more beautiful, but it is chewed is more problematic. “Crackers“ it is the best of all for p to dry

from mature, but still resistant fruit. Overripe send straight to a fruit candy. Vitamins B dried fruit remain, and it is good. And here caloric content increases. In a geometrical progression. It is bad. But it is all the same best of all than some candies (try to explain it to children). If you have find fault - flew - the unit under the name “dryer“, put it to a window - the damp air which is coming out the dryer should not get back inside. If find fault - there is no tek, dry anywhere. On the street - in a shadow, then on the sun, then again in a shadow - on sheets of a cardboard. Houses on a string. In poorly warmed oven - on grids. It is possible to combine. whether

Should say

that all above-mentioned, except sugar and caloric content, belongs also to mushrooms? Mushrooms, to all other, need to be checked for worminess - worms do not wish to dry and arrange the public dining room from mushrooms. It is the best of all to dry “noble“: white, aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms. But a russula it is possible too or chanterelles - if lean year. And here it is better to salt milk mushrooms, coral milky caps and saffron milk caps.

Compotes prepare even more simply: fruit - berries pass sanitary cleaning, dry, are filled in with syrup, will be sterilized - and is ready. For a change it is possible to add spices - not only cinnamon with a carnation, but also bell pepper, for example. Or ginger. Crust lemon. Vanilla sticks. Maple syrup. Medical. To steam of tablespoons related to liqueur compote. Supporters of a way of life under the motto of “any new hole“ are recommended to cook compotes without sugar. The difference is small: you do the same, only after cleaning, washings and laying on banks fruits - berries are filled not in with syrup, but almost boiling juice. And water 90 - 95 °C will descend - the main thing that it completely closed kompotny contents, and level at the same time was on one and a half - two centimeters lower than edge banks. After sterilization (half an hour on liter) banks hermetically cork, overturn upside down and leave in such indecent look before full cooling.



  • rhubarb Compote
  • Compote from apricots
  • sweet cherry Compote
  • Fruit compotes of allsorts
  • Marinated fruit

Horror that


With conservation connected danger of development of an awful illness - botulism. It is enough one jar of botulizmichesky mushrooms that at birthday of the chief to do in board of directors of the competing company in full strength. Botulism develops because that bacteria easily and quickly breed in the liquid environment. Therefore over all banks with the liquid environment it is necessary