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The queen of Rose colors

- a symbol of love and beauty, the flower, most widespread in the world, sung by poets. On a legend, roses were born together with Aphrodite from sea foam and there were they white. But somehow the goddess was wounded, her blood painted a rose in red. Since then roses also began to change colors...

the Flowers parade

to Give advice at the choice of concrete grades of roses - business ungrateful. Just to list names of popular grades there will not be enough also ten articles, similar for this. And each of tens of thousands of roses existing now has devoted admirers. Both about tastes, and do not argue on love to certain roses. And still several popular grades for an example can be given.

All flowers me bothered

, except... roses!

the Choice for gardeners huge therefore for a start it is worth being defined what growth and a look roses are necessary for your garden. The tiniest, tiny are bushes somewhere all twenty centimeters high. The most habitual and often meeting - bush roses from 50 to 120 centimeters high. Roses - “trees“ have high stalks on which leaves begin to grow approximately in 50 centimeters over the earth. The curling roses with their unusually flexible stalks up to five meters long and can be used for creation of fences and decoration of arbors more. Pochvopokrovny grades perfectly expand in width, perfectly look on beds and in combination with lawns. It is necessary to tell that the curling roses are very popular in Europe, practically each front garden is decorated with them, the whole houses smell sweet in their flowers in the summer, will not see the bared wall. In Russia in 80 - x years the curling and pletisty roses were fashionable too, it is a pity that over time almost forgot about them. And on one such plant about 50 thousand small rosettes it fantastically beautifully blossom.

Modern roses distinguish

also by the extent of colors and their quantity. Roses happen to big flowers semi-terry, terry and full-terry. They have large funneled or spherical buds. Single-flowered roses have one bud on a stalk, multiflowered decorate a stalk with the whole bouquet of flowers, on average from 5 - 6 pieces, happens more. At srednetsvetkovy roses buds medium-sized, but they always generously decorate with them the stalks. Still much more “fruitful“ are poliantovy, multiflowered roses, their dense inflorescences with numerous semi-terry bouquets from small flowers very effectively look and decorate a garden all summer with the magnificence. It is also necessary to consider, as petals at roses happen different too, for example, they can have cut edges - roses call “clove“.

How to look after roses
are Made multiple copies by roses an inoculation a shank, an okulirovka a peephole, division of a bush, root offsprings and layers.
Ideal conditions
For roses is the rich chernozem and a large amount of moisture, but not excessive. The soil surface around pink bushes needs to be mulched, i.e. to cover with a layer of organic mix, for example, demolitions, the crushed bark or compost. Just put a rosebush water daily when it normally is accepted, only in process of drying, it is better in the morning or in the evening, trying not to get on foliage.
Top dressing
introduce complex mineral fertilizers in calculation hundred grams on square the subway in the Spring. In June in the same way once again feed up. In an early autumn bring about 40 grams of potash fertilizers on square meter. For the winter fertilize manure. Roses only on the fifth year of life are considered adult. Bush roses begin to blossom, as a rule, in the second spring, pletisty - the third.
the Rose a favourite delicacy for a plant louse. For protection against it it is the best of all to process bushes infusion of garlic, tobacco dust and an onions peel. If on bushes appear darkly - brown or black spots, then a rust of roses. It is necessary to spray bushes 0,05 - percentage topaz. For fight against mealy dew use colloidal sulfur, having dissolved 50 grams in 10 liters of water. Process plants of times a week before disappearance of a raid.

On taste, color and a smell

At the choice of a grade of roses needs to be remembered that they very strongly differ from each other on the blossoming periods. There are roses which blossom once in a year in May - June, others repeat blossoming in September - October, those which, blossoming in the spring, give you the buds to the frosts are the most attractive. On coloring of a rose happen the most different shades: from white to densely - it is dark - red with blackish outflow. Pink, yellow, orange, violet, purple roses are the most widespread. Experiments with their coloring for a long time hobby of selectors - flower growers. And here their imagination has no borders. The blue roses reminding silver with lilac outflow are surprising. Or a selection miracle - light-a green rose. It is possible to choose the roses which are absolutely deprived of a smell, now there is a lot of similar grades. However such beautiful flower as a rose, probably, has to smell sweet as wonderful aromas. There is a set of grades of the roses pleasing human sense of smell with unusual smells: lemon, peach, apple, wine, honey, tea, musk, violets, cinnamon and so forth. There are even roses smelling of pepper or a new-mown grass. There are edible roses from which cook jam, jams, add to various sweets, use for preparation of drinks. Pink petals - an important component of cookery in such countries, as, for example, Bulgaria or Uzbekistan where in the markets near fruit it is possible to see heaps of edible flowers. In east countries the rose is considered as one of seasonings and often used in preparation of festive dishes and desserts.

Where to buy?

Now in our country can buy pink bushes practically everywhere where goods for a garden are on sale, these are very quick-selling goods. Grades it is offered very much that any gardener, even skilled can become puzzled. In specialized shops and the exhibition centers pink bushes sell freshly dug with naked roots, in containers with the earth or in special packages. In nurseries and rosaries bushes will dig out directly at you in the eyes. As a rule, here offer the most running grades. On the one hand, it is good - grades known are checked by time, they are reliable, are not whimsical. On the other hand, the latest, exotic roses do not meet on bulk selling, but also it is possible to get them only in case you already have an experience of care of flowers.