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Childbirth in maternity hospital No. 1 of Odessa

It turned out so that I gave birth in maternity hospital No. 1 in Odessa though I had to give birth absolutely in other place and precisely in other maternity hospital. Still I am surprised how one small detail can overset all plans so globally. I got used to plan everything in the life, to display on shelves and to warn problems until they began yet. And with childbirth: everything was thought over, and everything passed exactly the opposite.

generally, in the evening, in 19. 00 I in 1 - m maternity hospital on 2 - y stations of the Fountain in Odessa, in my regional. Reception “pleased“ at once - absolutely half-mad midwife Olga Artemovna in a reception. I understood at once that I “got“, but that is no place to disappear - already. Well, generally, the known red tape when you have fights began everything, and the most stupid ask you questions, answers to which everything are in the passport and in the prenatal record. What there with me still was done, I remember badly, but I remember that Olga Artemovna absolutely deranged. Shouted that I went to the regional maternity hospital, generally, all its actions were absolutely illogical. The relation - as to the vagabond who was picked up under a fence.


Eventually, led me to an observation (I learned much later that I lie in an observation, after childbirth). This that place where I did not want to get at all and tried that I had an ideal prenatal record - all analyses, any illness neither for pregnancy, nor for all life etc. That is it was continuation of my “luck“ again.

... Did not know that it is the diagnosis for an observation. However, as I understood, in usual office it would be hardly better.

Brought me into this observation to the midwife Natasha, that had a person as though someone very strongly to it prevents to live. Distances to me terrible roddomovsky clothes, and Natasha on me snatched at once with words: “Me have no time to potter with you“, “Give quicker“ etc. It is interesting where it so hurried? Until the end of change of 12 more hours, except me nobody gave birth... I again in horror thought, it is necessary as got. From the husband took money for drugs and sent home. And we - that dreamed to be together on childbirth...

Me was sent to prenatal chamber. The doctor on duty is Grigorenko Larisa Vladimirovna. I asked to prick to me nothing at once. It right there caused such reaction that I understood that especially nobody is asked. At the same time the doctor, insinuatingly smiling, asked me: “And even anesthetic?“. I told:“ Yes“. Then, however, all night long to me pricked anything, and about anesthetic the speech did not even come though already all understood that I have a low pain threshold.

generally, I in prenatal, endure fights, not such painful, I go, I prodykhivat... I am forced to lay down. Beds in prenatal some wild - me on a belt, there and in a usual state you will not strongly climb, but also with a huge stomach during fights. I resist as I can, but especially do not stand on ceremony, in attempts to get down install into place - and fights lying to worry quite painfully. I breathe “engines“ and “doggies“ - me the midwife on it: “Che you puff“. Speak, there are midwifes who help to breathe and mass a waist? Amazingly...

pricked something All the time, spoke - vitamins. Besides when I tried to conduct a small talk, asking: “What you to me prick?“ it caused a storm of indignation and the whole tirades on the fact that it is just vitamins, “and nothing of that kind“ what reminded me a joke “Who smoked, I smoked?!“. When already process was dragged out, and began to fit a dropper with oxytocin for stimulation, and I asked again that it, very long did not want to answer so I already and without them guessed that it. And in general, there not especially shared information with me, everything had to be extended.

the Doctor for some reason behaved as if for the first time sees childbirth, constantly called the doctor on duty from the second floor - Tamilin Valery Nikolaevich, the old fat uncle with a gloomy face. On a face it was obviously read: “As you everything bothered me and why I need all this“. I on fight did not want to climb on a chair, at the same time the midwife shouted:“ Give quicker, two doctors wait for you“. Generally, the relation that they do not deliver me, and, at least, do me a great kindness. However, so began with a threshold of maternity hospital, and and ended.

is shorter than

, stuck oxytocin, pain became absolutely intolerable. Right there song akusherkina began:“ It I see the first time “, “ nobody so ever shouted “, “ at us 15 - 16 - summer give birth better“. All this was followed by clatter language, rocking of the head and other actor`s replayings.

Judging by some nervousness of my vrachikha, I assume that in labor something went not so, but I cannot tell a detail since did not want to share with me (can, and it is correct). But well came nevertheless the moment when I was dragged in rodzat together with a dropper. There 8 people gathered. And this old doctor came to deliver. Everyone something shouted from what I understood that I do something wrong, but that, could not understand from mad shouts any more. I not every day on this table.

generally when to me began to shout:“ Pout“ (I do not know at all what the word is), I forgot at all how to make an effort, though trained the last months of pregnancy. Well, doctors likely considered that I have to do everything at once correctly though all my childbirth preferred in general to me to tell nothing.

Then this old freak began to threaten

with nippers, and at once got them. Here I began to beg to be extinguished still, but to me already stuck an anesthesia...

When I regained consciousness, I very long could not understand where I. I forgot that I gave birth and even that I was a pregnant woman. Gradually recovering, it appeared in a corridor with ice on a stomach, nurses explained something to me. There were 6th mornings. On a label on a hand “hlopchik“, 3 kg, 50 cm, 3 were written. 20th mornings.

Somewhere in an hour recovered, called the husband. By me all the time someone rushed, I on the run tried to ask them questions on what received brilliant answers. “Why anesthesia?“ - “But you do not allow to touch yourself“. Then I learned that at nippers always an anesthesia. “Was obvity?“ - “Well, you thought of yourself, but not of the child (?)“. Well and all in such spirit.

Asked to show to

the child - showed. Small such then for some reason it was a pity for him. Then asked in what I want chamber, I told - in double, and took away. It is unclear, by the way, there is double for 250 and 500 UAH (all stay) why the doctor decided to send me in “for 250“. There from conveniences only a wash basin. Then I visited more expensive chamber, a toilet, a shower there, repair is better. But then for some reason to me solved about a possibility of the choice not to report.

Brought to

the baby almost at once, but at me it did not turn out to feed him. The child peacefully slept near me. The doctor came, asked: “Well as, fed the child?“ I told sadly: “No, likely he was already fed with something...“, on what heard ingenious:“ Oh, when you will have an active living position“, and besides heavy sighs and rockings by the head.

Business even not in what to the doctor business to my civic and personal stands, and that in a couple of hours threw off ice from a stomach before when I lying in a corridor to me the same doctor the same tone noticed: “When you will do what is necessary and not that you want?“

I do not know

, such not joining brings me into a stupor, but of course I was not in a condition of a message philosophical conversations on these subjects. But now I think: Why I, self-sufficient successful girl:-), has to listen to similar remarks from unclear whom? In any case, the medical staff did not make impression of the happy people loving the profession judging by their sour... eee... to faces.

heavy roddomovsky everyday life began to flow Then, I looked at other changes of doctors and nurses, and was only surprised - as I “was so lucky“ with change? The others all were the normal understanding doctors, dear careful sisters (well, almost everything)... Next day I asked history of the sorts “esteem“ for the doctor on duty. He told that I will understand nothing and explained everything. Though too the principle of conducting my childbirth, but which - what cleared up became not especially more clear.

waited for

With horror when there pass three days and my change will return. As it was necessary to expect, “my“ doctor, having come in the morning, instead of hello at once attacked on me with words: “You ask about the childbirth doctors who at this moment were at home!“ (it is visible, was what to be afraid). Probably, she preferred that I came to ask to it home. And considering as she “likes“ to answer my questions... Generally, I was glad that asked not it.

the Fourth day after the delivery, promised was heavy. Also formation of a lactation... I would prefer to spend this day at home. Thank God, all this mad shift was coaxed by money, and not especially annoyed me. Looked at me on a chair and allowed to be written out tomorrow. I who already became stupid from maternity hospital was madly happy.

However, in the evening it was necessary to be fidgety again, me my dear doktoritsa with the shitty nurse Tonja tried to force to be decanted. Fortunately was already late, and they did not begin to potter strongly with me, but promised mastitis. I told:“ Well“. Here it is interesting, really the doctor does not know that mastitis happens from decantation?


that on all maternity hospital vital posters, like that “maternity hospital, friendly to mother and the child“ and any it, but it, probably, only as substitutes of wall-paper are hanged out. And on spirit maternity hospital absolutely sovok. Activity of the chief physician Irina Lionelyevny Golovatyuk - Yuzefpolskoy - cool repair, good furniture, service etc. is very noticeable, but - that you will not change all people.

generally, wrote out me with the child cut away by antibiotics, ispolosovanny a knife (a deep epiziotomiya). But all the same, as tried, it did not manage to them to ruin mine and rebenkino health (fie - fie - fie).

of PS Thanks to Veronika`s mother, for the fact that she helped me to understand why I had such psychologically difficult childbirth.:-)