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And again about inoculations of

Conversation in an office of the district doctor of children`s policlinic.

- And the allergist told that such temperature on an inoculation of a rubella is an allergic reaction to a vaccine.

- some Brad. You already did all vaccination?

- Still the revaccination of AKDS remained. Only we have a branch from all inoculations for three months.

- What branch? What, in your opinion, AKDS heavy inoculation?

- After the second vaccination we were in hospital...

- So you are not going to do AKDS, perhaps?

- we Gather. Only then... In three months...

- Ah, so?! Then receive the reference in a garden only in three months too!!!

It is real history from life. When my acquaintance told it, I was not surprised at all. We have, not less indicative history too.

No prejudices against inoculations at me existed, frankly speaking, I even not really - that reflected on this subject. In our Soviet childhood it was so natural that when in maternity hospital brought me a piece of paper for the signature that I do not object to inoculations for the kid, I thought:“ Why excess formalities are necessary, all the same do to all children inoculations“.

In maternity hospital to us were safely made by BTsZh and hepatitis and wrote out home. No reactions to inoculations existed. In two months I managed to chill the sonny, having had heard plenty of councils of grandmothers and aunts about harm of pampers. In July there was an awful heat, for night of a window leaf in the house were not closed. The child then slept in the bed (besides, having come under influence, I stacked it separately from myself), was written in a dream and did not wake up.

as a result we got sharp pyelonephritis and were hospitalized. There it was found in us progressing puzyrno - a mochetochechny reflux. That is at the child internal muscles were so weak that allowed the accumulated urine to be thrown in a kidney again. In the absence of an infection it threatened with nothing dangerous, but once you caught banal cold or to overcool legs, at once there was a risk of recurrence.

After hospital we received branch from all inoculations for half a year. In February there came the turn of AKDS. Our district doctor, the woman of very advanced years, demanded before an inoculation of consultation of the immunologist. With ease we got permission of the immunologist to all subsequent inoculations passing under cover of a furagin. Our local for some reason it was not appeased and demanded consultation of the nephrologist. From there we returned with the same recommendations. To us made AKDS.

Several days temperature stuck to

, and then on all body poured out rash. There were days off, to us the doctor came from other site.

- It you, probably, ate something, - she authoritatively declared, having learned that I nurse and that after an inoculation the child refused to eat any feeding up, - and what temperature of 38 degrees, is not terrible at all. You gave uroseptik? Also fenistit? Then calm down, everything will be normal.

I, really, soon everything was normalized. Analyses of urine were normal and for some time we forgot about it.

But here several months later we all family had a SARS. In spite of the fact that during an illness we accepted uroseptik, urine at the sonny appeared with high content of leukocytes that testified to an inflammation. We went with it to hospital again. Were treated and received the next branch from the second inoculation of AKDS for two months.

Exactly in two months to us was called by the nurse from children`s policlinic and demanded to come to an inoculation. Our local was just on holiday. It was replaced by the young doctor. We made the test of urine, were convinced that all normally and made AKDS. After an inoculation temperature jumped up to 39 degrees and kept two days. Again days off began. I called an Ambulance. There arrived the tipsy doctor, gave a febrifugal injection and advised to drink kalinovy juice. On Monday our young doctor came.

- On an inoculation. You, most likely, caught a SARS that day when visited policlinic. At the child of wons and a throat red. Saw enough any programs on TV, now here and it seems to you that from inoculations one evil. Such transfers in general need to be forbidden. Drink anaferon, a camomile to a pozavarivayta...

several days Later our once well-fad kid became similar

to the child of Buchenwald. Cheeks became hollow, under eyes huge black circles appeared. He refused to eat, sucked only a breast, temperature kept around 37 - 37,5 degrees. Handed over urine - it seems, all are normal. Bye.

left holiday our local. Looked at our child and only threw up the hands:

- the child has the most severe intoxication! I with an ulterior motive sent you both to the immunologist and to the nephrologist. I thought, you have all - branch will be. We challenged to children with kidneys at least till three years earlier. Then after inoculations toxins removed birch kidneys. At children and so kidneys weak, there is so much rubbish to remove.


Ya at it with tears in the eyes and a mute question: “Why you did not tell it to us earlier?“

- Me and so the manager summons... - she as if read my question and looked down.

Ya could understand it. It the elderly person, on pension, excess troubles are not necessary to it. Well, she did not want to take the responsibility - our disease is not included in the cut-down list of indications for branches. Wanted that the nephrologist or the immunologist took this responsibility. But also they do not need it. Why she did not tell me? I would write refusal.

Again as if reading my mind: “Such mummies occur at us that follow on heels that I resolved an inoculation. And children have such neurology...“

the Following analysis of urine showed that the inflammation began. It was necessary to begin reception of antibiotics. Several months we left a disease state: removed toxins, drank immunostimulators, restored intestinal flora. And in a card the diagnosis continued to stand: SARS. Here from where the inoculative statistics undertakes.

I wrote to

On the subsequent inoculations refusal. But our doctor nevertheless advised to achieve official branch: that in the future problems was less, with kindergarten, for example. The husband decided to descend to the immunologist once again. The immunologist long lectured it that supposedly ourselves are guilty - it was necessary to drink more uroseptik, but nevertheless cancelled the third AKDS, appointed a revaccination in a year, a vaccine without whooping cough.

at me is not present

of Unambiguous opinion about inoculations still. Probably, everything depends on a concrete situation. Only it would be desirable to tell other mummies: do not rely on the doctor as on the ultimate truth, trust the intuition and obtain information necessary to you independently. Health to you and your children!