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The school of the climber of

is Enough to look at the map of our country - it will also become clear: we have enough mountains. And it means, as it is enough climbers. If you cannot live without mountains, and in your family there was a kid, do not change a favourite habit. Present this huge, severe and wonderful world to the child.

to Matvei Grechishchev only four years, and at it are behind shoulders already five mountain ascensions. And the following councils of his father, skilled tourist Anatoly Grechishchev, by all means will help to divide all delights of active recreation with children.

  1. If the child already sits, then get a chair - a backpack which will allow the kid to travel around mountain paths with comfort. Or use usual carrying - “kangaroo“. Long stay of the child in a similar design is undesirable. Regularly stop and allow the little tourist to warm up.
  2. the Kid already goes? Then we strongly recommend to acquire for it and for someone from parents (it is better for the father) climbing systems for an insurance, a climbing rope 6 m long and with a section not less than 8 mm, and also two carbines with the automatic coupling.
    What for? you go on the gorge, wants to stop, have a rest and admire a magnificent landscape. But in 5 or 10 meters break, the mountain river with an ice stream or just sloping slope. Dangerous places in mountains weight. And, having got the kid from carrying (he needs rest too), you instead of quiet communication with the nature will be sosredochena on the child: a step to the left, a step to the right - trouble. Put on climbing systems yourself and the child, unite to him a rope and an otsyadta from edge“ on 7 meters. You are quiet, and the kid can enjoy relative freedom.
    Safety systems will be useful on a horse route. Having fastened in front to the system system of the little equestrian, you become a single whole - the kid from a saddle will not take off.
  3. Get a children`s helmet for mountaineering or we send from a set of bicycle or rolling protection. A helmet can never and not be useful. But if in it there is a need, it is better if it appears on the place.
  4. In mountains, despite a deceptive cool, a zone of high solar activity. Children`s cheeks and a nose quickly burn. Take a hat with fields, take care of availability of sunblock cream (surely children`s). And also take sunglasses. It is possible to use an alpine skiing mask, it will protect eyes from an ultraviolet, and the person from wind.
  5. If you plan long walks on mountain tracks with the kid behind shoulders, get telescopic tourist sticks for the “bearing“ parent. They will be very useful during abrupt descents and on wet stones.
  6. temperature is much higher than
  7. In mountain valleys where there is a majority of camp sites and settlements, than at top of the neighboring hill. And if you plan to make a family exit to this top, take warm things for the little climber.
  8. the Most important! Where you were, as if for a while were going to go to mountains, at you always (!) there has to be a first-aid kit: disinfecting, styptic, dressing and hygienic means of first aid. Perhaps, help should be given not to the kid, and you, the person on whose health health of the small satellite depends. And if there are drugs necessary for adult members of team (for example, warm), they by all means have to be in this first-aid kit.
  9. you count that the young tourist has to take place a certain part of a way independently? Take care of its footwear! The high boots which are well fixing an ankle are necessary for the kid for prevention of dislocations and stretchings. And on slippery or abrupt sites of a route put on safety system the kid and support him for a rope.
  10. It is possible, on long transitions the child will begin to be capricious. On this case always have in a pocket something tasty and useful. For example, dried fruits (apples, dates, raisin) or nutlets. Also try not to abuse patience of the kid, otherwise the baby will refuse to go to the following campaign. Let`s it have a rest more often, play more often and distract it conversation. Rest has to be rest for all family members. And then family ecological tourism will add fresh and romantic notes to your relations. And for the kid in general it is difficult to overestimate advantage of mountain campaigns: the purest coniferous air, physical activity and fine landscapes. In a word, absolutely harmonious development!