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``Caesarian`` milk of

Ya did not doubt that I will have milk. I in general consider that there are no women “nonmilk“ - there is the wrong spirit. We would die out as a look if ours a pra - a pra - a pra-... (15 times) did not feed, respectively, a pr - a pr - a pr-... (14 times) and further, on decreasing, the breast milk.

At the grandmother, mother of my mother, milk was, but in 3 months of the child it was necessary to give to a day nursery - it was time. My mother had milk - was enough both for me and for a neighbour`s cub (mother was decanted, gave in day 2 small bottles, 0,5 liters in general). And I that, worse?


Another thing is that my boy while lived in a stomach, ate very well and grew respectively (at the birth of 4480 g). And I, at the beginning of pregnancy having slipped toxicosis, met it on late term - with hypostases and a high pressure. Therefore Seryozha kingly was born. It will be possible to tell then it that children at mothers through a section in a stomach are got (I joke, I will not be)...

Clear business, epiduralny anesthesia; clear business, the reducing pricks. Brought to me to the baby of hours through 30, in the nursery fed, and he slept; also slept regularly practically all the time that we with it carried out in maternity hospital, all 6 days (any pathology - diathesis, a Dimedrol). How to behave - whether to be decanted and if to be decanted, then as how to put the child - nobody explained. That is mother had everything that mother had no milk. But it came. Thank God it is, a little, and I avoided tortures with laktostazy at the earliest stage.

Having written out

, we began to be fed strenuously on the mode. For the first month the son “grew up“ on 260 g, and the pediatrician, having terrified (“It has no forces to suck!“ ) ordered to lure mix. I two - three times gave to the Ear ring mix, it zadiatezit, and I replaced tactics. Began to feed on demand. On any discomfort - sisya, at night - sisya, the son only in my bed sleeps (the sleep at mother is not interrupted, on the contrary, it is not necessary to jump on any “vyak“ or a sneeze).

it added

Since four months on 1 kg a month, now - it is slightly less. In six months weighed 8915 g. Generally, the cult of a sisa yielded the fruits - milk at me enough, the boy grows ideally, without allergies and indispositions; by the way, from the beginning of night feedings at us there passed gripes!

the Only reason for tears at the Ear ring are teeth now, but same it is natural...