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Mother with two children in Antalya. Part II

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Where we went

In hotel, of course, was healthy, but to sit without quitting the place 18 days for me would be flour.


Ya that there are excursions, but rafting obviously did not suit us from - for small, the sea yacht trip to us was not advised too because children will rock to sleep. Far excursions besides did not advise from - for distant bus moving. Guides suggested us to go on the mountain lake. So I learned about Greene Kanyon - the artificial lake created more than 20 years ago with the purest fresh water of green color.

We reached

to the town of Manavgat, then curtailed from the route, climbed the simple serpentine and arrived on an observation deck. From the opened look took the breath away, so everything was beautiful - green water, the purest blue sky, mountains rocky and overgrown with the wood, a dam (186 m). We were given time to look and be photographed, then we got on a bus and arrived to pier where sat down in walking ships.

At first we floated to a small canyon, it was interesting to consider the coast, and then rocks came nearer on both sides very close. Boys were in the complete delight, Mishka freely went on the ship (I released it, believing that “where it will get to from the submarine“), periodically ran up to us (we with Borya sat side by side on a main deck, under an awning) to share impressions. To it allowed to operate a little a steering wheel, then he got acquainted with the boy - the age-mate, they started the game in sea pirates, and I definitely did not regret that we got out here.

to us promised

bathing in this lake, and it was arranged on a raft because to moor to the coast is unreal, too abruptly. The raft was rather big, ships moored to it from two the party, on the third party there was a descent for persons interested to drive on banana or hydrocycles, on the fourth - a planked footway for persons interested to swim for a while. The bear was afraid to jump with a mostka, asked a life jacket and floated in it. Borya was dipped together with me. And then I decided to swim for a while one and asked Mischa to look after Borkaya that in water did not fall. I leave water, I see as Borya drives the senior for a rope from a vest: “Mothers, I hold it, it will not fall!“ :

Water was excellent, fresh, fresh, soft. And it was pleasant to sunbathe on a raft too. Bathing took hour, then we plunged again and went to a lunch to small restaurant ashore where we for us prepared a trout. Several ships therefore to the people there was quite a lot gathered in this small restaurant, there were also groups of Germans, and ours. Except fish it was possible to eat salads, there were several types of a garnish, a sweet table and, of course, water-melons without which we did not do:.

Plunged on a ship and again floated on the lake, towards Grand Canyon this time. There even more beautiful rocks rose on the parties, the guide told how before construction of a dam the small river flooded every spring the city and now on spring here, at lake sources, fountains 10 meters high are soared up, throwing out 50 t of water a minute. What force of underground sources!

On the way back to pier Borya attached the head on my knees and fell asleep. On the way home in the bus also the senior fell asleep, and I thought that it is excellent - if children in the bus sleep, and the rest of the time actively to study the new country. Therefore I without hesitation took one more excursion.

the Antaliysky aquapark

Guides told that departure in 7 - 40, and it is expensive for about two hours. Therefore we came for a breakfast a little a bit earlier, explained a situation, to us allowed to eat and wished successful travel.

In the bus both at once fell asleep, I listened to the guide and looked out of the window. Facades of hotels were replaced by rural landscapes, banana palm trees - orange groves, already the acquaintance Manavgat, here Serik (the guide interestingly told about him, as about the city of fighters - champions), and already and the planes which are taking off from a strip, so we almost arrived.

the Aquapark is located

on the coast, and we passed a little across Antalya which of a bus window very much was pleasant to me.“ Here here once again to arrive, to consider in detail“ - flashed in the head. Were unloaded, we were told about regulations, gave talonchik for lunch and released till 4 o`clock.

We dressed up as

, on my hand there were three bracelets - one hotel, the second - received on an entrance to an aquapark and the third with a key from a locker with clothes. At first all just decided to bypass and to look, swim for a while - to drive, then to return behind the camera and to imprint all interesting places.

Ooh, what big territory!!! How much fascinating - a hill for every taste (Mischa rode with designated as “7 - 60 years“, tried with one “12 - 50“, but told that does not want any more, it is frightening), beautiful corners, shady paths, pools with any depth, the fenced exits to breaks over the sea from where the bewitching view of the gulf and Antalya opened.

A then we came across also the special children`s territory... Here - that there was also our largest conflict for all trip. Mischa asked on hills, and I could not pull out Borka from a children`s zone. The huge territory, and I was afraid to release Mikhin of one and asked to wait: “Now Borya will play enough, we will go and we will wait for you near hills“.

I here Mishka let`s ache: “Always all for Borya. He wants here, and I want there, but for some reason we do not go there“. It was necessary to lead discussion, directly there, standing knee-deep in water in the children`s pool - that I am one and I cannot become torn and that I am responsible for both, and if absolutely on honest, then I want a lot of things too, but I am not able to afford from - for you.“ Also give, my dear, we will suffer a half-hour, and then we will go. And we with Borya will wait until you slide from a hill“.

The matter is that an aquapark for children business known, in our city is the, and ride hills of the boy since small years. And, in our aquapark it is authorized to small children to ride with parents, I take seat itself, on knees I arrange the child in oversleeves, I support him for sides, and we go. Before landing on water I raise the child a little over water that deeply did not dive. Thought, as we will also ride there. But, I, having swept from one hill in this way together with Borechny, at the exit received the strict prevention from the employee: “It is impossible together! Dangerously!“

my Any requests - that the child is able to ride that it in oversleeves that I answer - did not help. It was necessary to reconcile, if such rules. Therefore when Mischa rode, we waited for him below. However, I all the same worried because start was far and is not visible - on some hills got just on short flights of stairs, on some - on stone steps in a tunnel, to some it was necessary to go far or to wait in turn. Generally, I, worrying, released the senior, and every time when it took off from a trench with joyful squeal and swam up to us, asked: “Well, everything, will be enough, we will go together to swim!“ And he, happy, persuaded: “Mothers, well once again, I know everything, I is accurate!“

Agreed only for lunch. We perfectly ate, pizza was fragrant, hot, then returned to a locker room, took the camera, bypassed all territory again, made a heap of pictures, found a zoocorner where Borya saw a rabbit and asked:“ Give, take it home, I will play with it“. Then were bought still, floated in a grotto, water from walls is interestingly reflected there and the low arch, then just raged on shoal, still descended to eat ice cream.

Have a look the show organized at the big pool with belly dance (ha, there to the invitation of the dancer, usual for the audience, there was our compatriot and as arranged belly dance! It looked many times better than all speakers before. Flexible, beautiful, emotional, this girl created a furor and received squall of a deserved applause). But my boys it is show not really estimated, asked still frozen, and we went to cafe. Small was considerably tired and our time came to an end, we changed clothes, handed over a key and left to gate, expecting the bus. There already our group gathered, all exchanged impressions, dissatisfied was not:.

the Way back past

quickly, all of us just fell asleep and woke up when the guide touched me for a shoulder:“ Soon your hotel“.

of Yachts - round from Alania

Having swept in one party moreover it is so far, I already precisely decided to go also to another especially as Alania was from us in only 14 km.

the People living in hotel went there by dolmusha, but with two children I did not risk to go independently, especially to wander about a heat on the city and to try not to get lost. But also there was a wish to see the city very much. Therefore we took new excursion.

was Passed on the city very little (eh, here to arrive without children and to take a walk in these small streets, told, how beautifully and cheerfully here in the evenings). On the yacht we appeared near one more family with two girls - coevals of my children.

Floated along the coast, saw Cleopatra`s beach (exactly here as the legend says, she ordered to bring 40 ships of the Egyptian sand) and beautiful hotels, on the road stopped for bathing in the high sea, still there were stops near caves. From Scala of lovers daredevils - men jumped.

Then when we moored to the coast for the next stop, Borya fell asleep. I thought what I have saved time to descend on. Having asked the sitting next man (he told that he will not descend anywhere) to look after the sleeping child, we with Mishka by swimming reached the coast, came into a cave, but there was very cold and dark and we came to the sun. It grieved me not to imprint such beauty therefore I returned aboard, asked a vest, took the camera in teeth and got back to shore. Came back in the same way, with the camera in teeth.

Borya slept, the yacht slightly rocked on waves, I think, to it was very comfortable. I thought that Borya our quite such good little man, fell asleep very in time - we with the senior both took a walk, and bathed, and made excellent pictures.

Then, then we still swam, took to the open sea. There was a parking and bathing, but for some reason during the parking rolling began though it was not felt during the movement at all. I thought that my children somehow will react to it, took myself lollipops. But they jumped both on the deck, without paying attention that it shakes at all. Mischa taught Bork to go with widely placed legs for stability - read books about pirates and put the gained knowledge into practice:.

Returned to the coast and went home. On the way back the road went through tunnels. When we unexpectedly drove in the first, they stood, it was unusual to them. And waited for two following and were upset that will not be any more. And still they were upset that our sea walk so quickly ended, they wanted to swim for a while still. But to the second yachts - round me would seem boring, there was a wish for something unusual. It was necessary to address guides again.

of L A M I A

It is such four-deck ship, and the lower deck is below water level, it is possible to observe the underwater world. However, we saw in these windows little, but all the same trip very much was pleasant. Departure was, of course, from Antalya, but we safely repeated the previous experiment. Children fell asleep in the morning in the bus and quietly reached. The port met us by the clouds which are put on as if caps, on tops of mountains. And near our ship there was a big ocean vessel “Orient Queen“ - the white mighty liner.

Ya somewhere there, in the depth of heart understood that sea cruise by the similar ship will be the following dream. But it will be then, and now we rise by our “Lamia“. On the vessel there was a group of animators, and one of lower decks was issued as a nursery where there were toys, balls, an opportunity to draw, play, watch the animated film. To children drew mugs, so my eldest son became a mouse, and younger a kitten.

We floated to the coast of Kemer, stopped about the Mouse island, then in the high sea, turned to Antalya, saw big and beautiful falls Dyuden located practically in the city. Then floated along the coast and admired the beauty - Antalya from the sea. On parking persons interested could sweep on a motor boat, adults for 5 dollars, children free of charge. I was afraid to sit down there with small, Mischa rode at each opportunity - and around the Mouse island, and is close to falls, and to piracy caves. Came back happy, and rejoiced to both these trips, and the independence.

in the Afternoon. To hotel returned just to a dinner.

Some days before departure I thought of gifts - souvenirs. Near hotel the settlement of Konakla where as told skilled, on Wednesdays there passes the big market was located. We departed on Thursday therefore I left Wednesday on shopping, and on Tuesday decided to go to Antalya on a sightseeing tour.

Antalya It us met


very first, we saw it from height and from the sea, it at once was pleasant to me, but I just wanted to take a walk in this city. Took with themselves a cane, besides already habitual route reached.

were Seen by already familiar monuments to oranges (this fruit - the symbol of Antalya, and there is three monuments to oranges), passed on modern quarters. Beautiful, populous, southern city. But there is a wish to look at it not from a bus window, and to go most.

Here and stop. We land at a monument to Ataturk, we are given time, in brief tell that all roads conduct through the Old city to port down, and it is back possible to rise here. We seat Borya in a carriage and slowly we stamp. From above red roofs of lodges, among them minarets, trees, somewhere there far water are visible.

they Went on old cobbled small streets, narrow, uneven... Of course, everything is adapted for tourists, the souvenir shops which are hanged out for sale of clothes, little shops with juice - ice cream, but all the same the spirit is felt. We go, we look, we cross other small streets, we come back, we turn there where did not go yet. It is interesting to stray when you know that you will leave always if to go down.

Went down - port, ships, excursion bureaus... Again went upward, left to a monument, we have still plenty of time. Not to stand right in the sun! Crossed the road and moved on usual streets. People, everywhere people, young and elderly, women in the closed clothes and on - European dressed, children - with mother by a hand or in carriages.

the Strange feeling - as if is not present hotel with the beach, and just went out for a walk from the house. But the sun - southern, bright, strong, we do not have it even in the July hot afternoon. And palm trees at us do not grow, and here what beautiful. And a pink bush all in flowers.

Here the ATM, I withdraw money for tomorrow`s purchases and we come back to the bus. Already on the way home I feel some discomfort and I understand that today did not bathe yet. Therefore on arrival at once went to the beach and lapped there till latest evening.


First I considered that it is a deaf small village. But in reality it was the lovely settlement, with shops - banks - drugstores and by that a market about which I was told. I did not know when there it is better to go, but estimated that it is better to finish all obligatory affairs in the morning, than then to be whipping the cat in the evening. At 8 in the morning we were rolled out. Borya in a cane, Mischa nearby, I in most closed t-shirt and bridges.

On foot on the road - occupied

minutes 20. Towards to us the camel and a burro by whom we daily passed across our beach (the owner suggested to photograph for 4 dollars children astride, refused) got, passed also several tents with fruit and tourist`s bureau, on the road have a look at hotels, under construction and already open. It was not terrible at all especially as there were many tourists, they, of course, were allocated.

the Market turned out

such, as well as represented - at first vegetables - fruit, corn, then rag trays mixed up with souvenir, then east sweets, again souvenir, again rag. Jeans, children`s, female... The people - ours, Germans, Dutches, children in carriages, vanity, generally. Mine got tired, we fast bargained and bought that we wanted. The way back was more difficult - the sun rose above and a star in a face, children drank water from bottles. Came and at once ran to bathe.

In our hotel, I do not know whether there is it in other hotels... It was executed several times a day - in the afternoon on pool sides after all water razvlekalovka before dinner, after a children`s disco and late at night upon completion of all show. It is unforgettable!!! When all - from small to 60 - summer - in one rush dance one dance, glancing at animators, vzmetat hands up, laugh, execute as are able, belly dance under beautiful Turkish music - super!!! We brought home a disk with music and the first few days danced 5 times a day …

We brought home 500 photos (thanks to hotel photographers, they helped me to throw off them on a disk from the camera, differently it would be necessary to clean, and so there was a wish to bring home everything - all interesting moments), and I begin to create our Turkish album.

We brought with ourselves a mitten from the Turkish bath. The bath was in our hotel, and we went there in the second day. Were heated on marble slabs, then to us all to three made soap massage, Borka periodically was indignant: “Mothers, it is not necessary more foam, wash away from me!“ And here oil massage did not turn out at all because Borya demanded: “Mothers, we will go already!“ and business reached tears, no arrangements - otvlekalovka of bathhouse attendants helped. However, from that day us and Borya personally all greeted.

In this mitten we brought a heap of cockleshells, part from which we collected ashore, and still the part to Mishka was presented by some stranger ashore when in the evening after bathing we already left home.

B one of bag pockets we brought smooth equal pebbles - and among them several pink because Borya collected pink.

We brought a big package of sweets, treated all friends and guests who came to visit us and to learn how we went.

We brought home the Turkish coins, and threw one into the sea for half an hour before departure. There was a morning, is even fresher, there was a desert beach, we stood on the coast, I thought that Mischa will remember the first sea, and Borya - the two-year-old, probably, will forget about this trip, but it will definitely not be forgotten by me.

How many was doubts, but everything turned out!! Thanks to my children, now I precisely know that with them it is possible to travel always and everywhere.