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Health subject on the Russian Internet: a look through Nagrada prism. ru (part 5)

Part 4 can be read here.

to the Hostess on a note - pass - the catalog of medical resources of the RuNet

Alas, studying of other websites in this category of special opening did not bring. Very modestly regional portals proved to be (except for active 03. dubna), were absolutely poorly presented the websites of the separate organizations. By the way, I give not worn out idea: truly the one who the first will guess will become rich to do thematic selections of the websites of the medical organizations:“ All maternity hospitals of Moscow where to correct teeth“ etc. The organization of “thematic ranks“ which is successfully operated by portals of cellular communication and auto parts, for some reason still in the shelter in the sphere of health.

Very little. And those that got to a rating generally specialize in horoscopes.

Very few the professional specialized websites in the directions - oncology, psychiatry, AIDS. Even such popular and commercially advantageous directions as stomatology are presented in a rating single (and not the brightest) by projects.

Therefore I decided not to load myself and readers analysis of ternary compositions, and was limited to the summary final list of the websites, it pass - the catalog of the chosen references on health problems which should be held near at hand just in case. This list:

of www. doktor. ru - all about health
of emergency. kulichki. net - the urgent help in case of emergency
of www. mama. ru - all for future mothers and not only
of www. - family problems
of www. 8ya. ru - for you, www having many children
. harbor. ru - how to hold itself in shape
of www. ignio. ru - horoscopes
of www. oncos. ru - all about oncology
of www. stom. ru - all about stomatology
of narconon. ru - attention, parents, it about drug addiction!
of www. hairclub. ru - all about hair
of www. invalid. ru - problems of disabled people
of www. antibiotic. ru - all about antibiotics
of www. gripp. ru - all about flu
of psy. synnegoria. com - all on psychology (hundreds of tests!)


on health. And if any references from provided in this article are to you useful, means works of organizers of Nagrada. ru (and mine too) did not go to waste.

P. S. The purpose of this review - not to affect results of vote of dear academicians of reputable Academy of the Internet (God forbid, to the author to various the Internet - to awards already repeatedly was necessary to define the position). No, I just wanted to understand most “A medical RuNet“ and to share the results, subjective, but independent, with wide audience of the RuNet.