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Part II. Pregnancy and transport Part I can be read to

Remember that your body during pregnancy is the only protection for future child. The best way to protect it - to protect itself. At the choice of a vehicle to the place of your rest you should consider as far as it meets safety requirements in your situation. Think whether your travel will be long, consider the term of your pregnancy as well you transfer this or that type of transport. Consider all their pluses and minuses and think how positive sides of the vehicle chosen by you outweigh negative and whether you will be able to transfer all these “minuses“.


Is present

no reason to refuse travel by car during pregnancy. One of negative sides of travel on this type of transport is that you should sit in close salon. In this situation try to ensure the maximum comfort. If you sit on a front seat, cast away it, enclose yourself under a back a pillow or the towel curtailed by the roller. It is possible to nestle on a back seat of the car. Do stops more often in way (it is desirable each 90 minutes) to warm up legs.

Surely use seat belts, but adjust them so that they did not press on a stomach at all, and clasped it from below.

If you still test weakness in the mornings, then long travel in the car can strengthen nausea. Take with yourself in the road light meals and drink. Houses before departure can be frozen in the refrigerator for the night plastic bottles with juice or a fruit drink, and for all next day you will be provided with cool and tasty drinks. Very much the small traveling bag - the refrigerator is useful in way.

in recent months doctors advise

to pregnancy to go only as the passenger. But the situation when you have to take the wheel can arise. The first problem which will rise before you, - the car wheel resting against a stomach. Remove a seat back and if it is possible, incline a wheel down. Probably, there is no need to remind that in this case use of fastened belts and existence of a safety cushion is obligatory.

be prepared by

In advance in a case when you driving, to possible breakages and accidents. It is difficult to imagine a situation as the woman with considerably the increased stomach changes the gone-down wheel therefore take care of existence of the mobile phone, and in advance learn phone numbers of car services which can send the master in case of breakage. You store warm clothes, a lamp, a stock of not spoiling food in a car trunk (in this case you very much need the road refrigerator). Always you carry with yourself enough drinking water.

Of course, there is no wish to assume about it, but in case of any accident, even the most insignificant, surely, as soon as possible, see a doctor even if you do not feel any unpleasant feelings.


of Travel by bus and the train have a common feature: if komfortabelna conditions, then travel is very pleasant, in the return case - awful and never-ending. Their advantage in comparison with other means of transport consists that tickets for them are rather cheap.

you take great pleasure, enjoying beautiful views from a window. In many buses making distant flights there are very convenient seats with a pillow, conditioners, videorecorders, the built-in bathrooms. In way stops when it is possible to walk and warm up tired legs periodically become.

also the shortcomings Are available. Almost at any kind of transport inconvenience is that you should sit quite long time in a narrow chair. Seat belts seldom are available the bus plus to everything. Besides, if you want to take a nap, then to realize it, sitting in a chair with a direct back, at best it will be inconvenient, in the worst - it is impossible. You will not be able to cast away completely a seat if behind you the place is taken. Temperature in inside of the bus can vary quite strongly therefore you should take with yourself clothes on cool weather or an easy road plaid.

it is better for p to arrive To the point of departure of the bus in advance to take places it is more convenient (if they are not specified in the ticket). During a way you will have no access to your baggage therefore take with yourself in salon everything that can be necessary for you on the way, and do not forget about the first-aid kit.


It is, probably, the most inconvenient type of transport, especially in summertime: stuffy, bathrooms in the majority dirty and very close to face the street is quite problematic (short stops, high steps). Therefore if to you all - was necessary to travel by train, fork up on a sleeper, especially in that case when you have to go all night long or all day. By the way for you there will be also the fact that in many cars of sleeping type at each compartment there are separate bathrooms.

If you go in a usual compartment, first of all upon purchase of the ticket see to it with about that you got the lower shelf that it was not necessary to solve this problem in way. Four pregnant women in a compartment are, of course, an exclusive rarity, but you will get up to the deadlock if you see that the granny and mother with two small children will be your neighbors.


in principle, on travel in the train does not impose any special restrictions connected with your pregnancy. It is supposed that the woman consulted previously with the doctor, but when landing find out from the conductor where in the train the first-aid post is located.

at the beginning of a way just in case at once ask a blanket for the conductor, and here objects of personal hygiene (a towel, soap, toilet paper) it is better to have the.

In all trains dining-cars are, but usually in them inflated prices and the small choice of products and quality sometimes happens not so hot. But if your way is not really far, then it is possible not to take with itself food: drink and light meals in the form of cookies or croutons will always be in the assortment.

In the train one remarkable advantage is (it does not concern sedentary cars): it is possible to get with legs on a seat or to stretch as to you it will be convenient, and sincerely to sleep under the calming knocking of wheels, and having woken up, to see absolutely new places in a window.


Swimming - very fascinating and romantic adventure: a boundless scope of the ocean, numerous excursions and shopping, evening concerts and other entertainments, as onboard the ship, and ashore. A problem for you will be not to be tired of such magnificent number of actions. Modern oceanic liners - very komfortabelna for travel. So if your doctor does not object, then go to cruise. However it will be unreasonable to make such trip if before estimated date of childbirth you had 6 - 8 weeks.


Future mother will be concerned, for certain, by the question concerning seasickness. It is necessary to tell that any person can be subject to seasickness, it is not dependent on that, he is a strong man or the pregnant woman. But if you still test morning indispositions, then to postpone cruise, will not feel better yet. Consult with the doctor what medicines against a motion sickness will be harmless to you.

On many liners the sufficient stock of various products to satisfy the most pretentious tastes as far as unusual they would not be is available.

Remember that it is contraindicated to you to carry the baggage therefore in advance agree that the steward met you in port to bring him in a cabin.


the Plane one of the most convenient means of transport for travel to pregnancy time. On commercial flights it is allowed to fly up to 36 weeks, of course, if there are no medical contraindications, and you do not wait for twins (or more!!!) . By small planes it is not recommended to fly since on them there is no hermetic cabin, and take-off in your situation will remind climbing Everest. In this case your organism should strain all forces to provide the normal level of oxygen to you and your future kid.

Usually the way to the airport takes with

considerable time therefore in advance plan the time since there can be unforeseen stops. Learn in cash desks about a possibility of acquisition of open tickets of a departure - it will reduce your experiences on the fact that you will not be in time on flight.

As you can see, all vehicles have conveniences and inconveniences. Listen to yourself. If before pregnancy you were afraid to fly or badly transferred swimming on the oceanic liner, then can be in your family way better now to go where - nibud nearby, is closer to the house: in suburban boarding house or on the dacha. But if you already planned a distant trip, bought tickets, were adjusted on rest in the overseas countries, just do not panic, talk to the doctor, to other mothers who traveled pregnant women, and go to a way.