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Several principles of early development

If you decided to be engaged in early development of the child, I will dare to share with you some principles, following which to you and your kid, perhaps, it will be possible to avoid disappointments. What I will speak about, can seem obvious, but non-compliance with several really very simple rules brings to that, as parents, and children refuse occupations which could bring them so much benefit and pleasures.

So, in - the first and in main. Why you need all this. It is necessary to remember at once: early development is the long-term, laborious work demanding a constant inclusiveness in life of your children, constant creative tension, considerable expenses of time and forces on preparation of grants, development of games and occupations. If you are firmly sure that early development is a way to mutual understanding with your child; if you want to fill gray everyday life with pleasure of knowledge and joint creativity; if you understand how time of the preschool childhood is fleeting and unique and as it is important that the kid lived it fully and colourfully, - - then safely start business.

If your task - is better to prepare yours the baby for receipt in prestigious school or (also such parents meet!) to provide his successful career in the future, you should not strain so: preparation for school can quietly be begun in 5 - 6 years, and early development is not a guarantee of successful study at all. It is rather on the contrary: those qualities which authors and followers of any techniques of early development seek to cultivate in children: independence of thinking, a perception spontaneity, creative approach to a task, - - all this at all is not welcomed by teachers of elementary grades even of the best schools: here in honor assiduity, obedience, sense of duty and accuracy (“And what you want? - lovely smiled the director of studies in response to my bewilderment concerning my progress more than the daughter who is well prepared for school, - - exceptional children have always three!“ ).

Well and if in the depth of your parental soul the worm of vanity hid if you secretly dream to bring up the genius or, at least, the child prodigy, then better at once stop. Wait at least week before beginning to realize your ambitious plan. Perhaps, during this time you will manage to strangle a nasty worm. Differently instead of joyful cooperation with the kid, instead of disinterested admiration of its absolutely unexpected progress your and his life will turn into sad training, infinite preparation for competitions, competitions, concerts and exhibitions. I will notice that if your child is really talented, he is harmed especially by premature speeding up and public demonstration of its abilities: exceptional children possess very fragile nervous system, and the unreasonable address together with parental ambitions can easily turn the kid into the neurotic.

So, we decided on the purpose. Time to talk about means, to be exact, about techniques came. You should not begin classes, for example, in Zaytsev`s cubes only because neighbour`s Petya was engaged and began to read in two years. In three months you can learn that Katya from the second entrance studied across Doman and read in a year and ten, and there, look, will hear that the Valdorfsky pedagogics is much better: there to read - do not learn to write, but all remarkably draw and play flutes! Similar changes in his life are extremely harmful to the child: kids are conservative and prefer to live according to once and for all to the got schedule. Therefore it is better to get acquainted with the existing pedagogical systems in advance (now there is a mass of literature, courses for parents etc.) and to choose what optimum is suitable for you and your kid. Perhaps, it will be a combination of elements of different, but not mutually exclusive techniques, but it is better to think over it in advance. On the other hand, if you began occupations, and to the kid is obviously uncomfortable, you should not insist. It is about two weeks better to stop being engaged, and then to begin in a new way.

Early development is acceptable

not for all therefore before beginning to experiment, it is worth sharing the plans with relatives, at least with those who live together with you. Any, even the most progressive techniques will not bring benefit if over a head of the kid scandals constantly burst. Let better the baby for a year later will learn to read or even will never play a violin, than it will appear in epicenter of family earthquakes. If your pedagogical views very much are expensive to you, try to realize them not too promptly and defiantly, constantly pay attention of the opposing party not only to progress of the kid, but also to positive shifts in his character, health etc. Perhaps, you are forced to work or study the whole day, and the grandmother who sits with the child, flatly refuses to master Zaytsev`s cubes. Do not insist. Be better grateful to the grandmother for what she does, and gradually do with the kid in the evening or during the week-end.

If you gather in three - four years to send the child to a garden, it is, of course, not an occasion not to be engaged with it to this house. But it is worth choosing kindergarten with the program accepted for you in advance and to try that house occupations were not contrary to it.

I once again about vanity. Never give in to temptation to show achievements of your child. The sociable kid himself with pleasure will show that he is able, and for timid it will be torture. And in general, why we consider the as the right to demand from the child to be such attraction for the family and acquaintances, without reckoning at the same time with its feelings and desires at all. Imagine that you would test, demand your mother-in-law at a formal dinner party that you got up on a chair and retold the attendee the text of the last report.


Most important not to wait from the child of immediate results. Fruits of your occupations can appear very at a distant day, especially, if the child still absolutely small. It is necessary to learn to live with the kid here and now, receiving pleasure from the process of occupations, but not to seek for certain achievements in the foggy future, we do not wait for result from game, and occupations have to become for the kid the finest most fascinating game. And results surely will be.