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Mother with two children in Antalya. On New Year`s Eve under peal of bells I thought of part I

:“ I want in the summer at the sea“. Small in January two years were executed, and for me all it seemed quite real. At the senior on the middle of June was outlined final in kindergarten, and more us nothing limited - except finance, of course. With one reservation: the husband could not go with us. Why is a separate history, but after long ours with it talk we came to a conclusion that this year I can go one with children or not go at all. I long thought, but the decision was made on that New Year`s Eve. And I could not leave this small dream any more.

Ya tried to estimate everything - the forces, patience stocks, a condition of children, the husband`s spirit. But it is necessary to know a little bit my character - I am an optimist, it is easy on rise and I try to find in each situation good, and I endure troubles in process of receipt. Generally, I decided that I will cope. And, having made this decision, began concrete searches of options of a trip.

our finance did not allow to show off especially, but also to go with small children for 10 days it seemed to me unreasonable of - for possible problems with acclimatization. Therefore I planned 15 - 18 days approximately since June 12 - 16.


At first chose the place - according to the hint of one acquaintance the option of private hotel under Sochi was found. Pages of the Internet were still shoveled and approximate options on the Sea of Azov are picked up. Then suddenly I was hooked for Bulgaria, there already, besides, having read a heap of responses, I chose two - three options of hotels. But, as then it became clear, there was no our placement “the adult + 2 children“, and to pay for a shestiletka as for the adult I did not want, it turned out expensively, especially, there was a half board.

I here when I was online again, this time touching options the Crimea - Anapa, to me the thought of Turkey came to mind. It is necessary to tell that initially I did not consider this option in general. The Muslim country to go without husband frightening there (and he treated Turkey crucially too). And rest there to me seemed as sitting in hotel that to my curious and active nature was not to taste at all.

Ya decided to consult. Called one acquaintance, the employee of travel agency, told about the throwings. And she convinced me that it is necessary to go exactly there, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea where in June there is no destructive heat yet, but it is already possible to swim in the warm sea. Where sandy beaches, where expanse to children where there are no cares with food. Where the direct charter from Magnitogorsk (we wanted to fly to Bulgaria from Yekaterinburg, 6 more hours by car there) where understand Russian flies, and in general there are a lot of ours, and it will be easy for children to find to itself the company. Then we chose hotel (it gave the list of hotels, good by its experience, of where we fit in on money, and I already read responses, watched photos, tried to understand, it is pleasant to me or not). And here, a choice is made, dates are defined, money is placed, I have on hands a contract, two weeks before departure and a mess in the head: what to take - where to put.


the List of drugs downloaded

in the Network - something found houses, missing bought in a drugstore, Read advice to travelers with children, bought a rope and clothespegs, liquid powder, printed out the instruction “what to do in case of loss of the passport“, the list of phones of embassies and offices of police, descended in office of MTS, connected the service “international roaming“, bought a handbag which can be hung up on a neck - for documents and tickets at the airport. Wrote to the husband large letters number of my bank account, took the Visa card with itself. Peremeryala all the summer clothes, remembered that she with what is combined as also the most important - how many places will take in a suitcase is easily rumpled. Because I should drag all baggage one.

began to write

In two days prior to a departure the list of things. Decided to offer pair of undershirts, but to take spare sandals small (suddenly the buckle will come off or still what?), did not take favourite sandals, but put couple of books to the senior.


A day before a departure at the girlfriend the road iron and finally decided that I take with myself a carriage - a cane.

One night prior to a departure packed everything in bags, loaded two children`s backpacks (at small its night pampers (18 pieces on all trip, I did not want to run in the first day searching), the senior has a food - drink - toys to the road and a pot small with the sandalika thrust inside and replaceable clothes in flight). Besides, turned out one big bag, the second not strongly volume on my shoulder and a carriage. “I will cope!“ - once again I told myself. The husband helped to be packed, sometimes criticizing, “why take it“, but worried, seemingly, not less mine.

fathers-in-law and my parents Came, I had a feeling that we fly somewhere on the Moon: so gently they said goodbye to us. At 10 in the evening went to bed because our flight was appointed at 6 - 30 in the morning. At the airport it was told to appear in 4 - 00.

the Road

Ya woke up in 3 - 10, small in 3 - 15 (here the ambush, hoped sleepy to bring it to the airport), the senior in 3 - 20 (cheerful such, excited by the forthcoming events). In 4 - 15 were on the place, said goodbye to the husband - the father, handed over a big bag in baggage. On customs control Mishka at the request of the frontier guard looked in a mirror (it was not visible from - for racks). In a waiting room two of them jumped, despite early hour. I already anticipated the sun - the sea - the beach, sometimes glancing for hours - understood that energy of my boys will run low soon, and they will begin to stick “let`s drink“ or “when we will depart“.

Fortunately, by this moment we were invited to landing. We were accurately loaded into salon. The last minutes before take-off I patiently answered infinite: “Mothers, and it that?“, “Mothers, and it what for?“, “Mothers, and it turns?“, “Mothers, and I have it too!“. They did not quarrel from - for places at a window (what I was rather afraid of), small agreed to concede it to the senior - “but you will be near mother“. So far gained height while got used to a situation, it was quiet, then brought a lunch - it became interesting, then small fell asleep, and the senior stuck to a window, considering clouds, and I absolutely relaxed:“ Not so badly for a start“.

Decrease, a magic view from a window to Antalya and coast, a contact, a ladder. We receive back a carriage, we seat small, we slide on transition, we drive in the airport, we see windows for receipt of a visa. With huge gratitude I remember the girls from tour agency who advised to take euro for receipt of a visa - in a window where accept euro, there is nobody. In three dollar windows - huge turns.

of the Visa is cost! We slide further, passport control, we are noted. Besides with satisfaction I notice that I was right, having taken a carriage - small it is already ready to run up in three parties at the same time how many interesting around!!! But sits, fastened, and to it not to get to from the right direction anywhere:. We receive baggage and we leave the airport, already inhaling hot Turkish air. “Mothers, palm tree!“ - senior lost in admiration.

our bus slid towards Alanya, the guide told as as, the senior fell asleep, small sat at me on hands: “Mothers, it that?“, “Mothers where we go?“, “Mothers, I want home“, “Mothers, it what?“, “Mothers, the mixer as at us!“ (the car in a window saw, mikserovoz), “Mothers, went home“, “Mothers, well mothers...“, “Mothers, and Mischa where?“, “Mothers, and father where?“, “Mothers, the house, look!“, “Went home! I want home!“, “Mothers, it that? Sea? What is the sea? I will swim? MIShA!!!! DO NOT SLEEP!!! MIShA - And - And - And!!!!! M - About - About - About - P-E - E-E!“, “Mothers, went home“.

Here our hotel. The entrance familiar according to photos from the Internet, a reception, forms, room keys, bilby with our bags, the elevator, a door...

As I was happy

when, having managed not to lose on the road of children, documents and bags:-), I just sat down and told:“ Hurrah, arrived, now it is our house“.

As we lived

Lodged us in the two-room room on the 3rd floor (the first uninhabited therefore in the elevator we pressed a button “2“), with a big balcony, the individual conditioner, the TV and the refrigerator. In number there were 4 beds therefore on the maid`s question - whether to put a children`s bed for small, I told “no“. The senior himself chose where he will sleep, small rushed about from one bed to another, as a result and slept - with me in the room, with the senior, with me on one bed. Sometimes in a light slumber about 2 times in a night moved:.

the Electricity in number joined from a brelka on a key. But we in the first evening had a problem - the light was turned on and spontaneously switched off in 3 - 4 minutes. I thought of “the theory of contacts“ (the technician what to do), we called on a reception, in 10 minutes the electrician came, told what put in a brelka, gave us another. As it appeared, it was healthy - leaving in the afternoon on the beach or for lunch, we turned on the conditioner, and to our return on sonchas in number there was a pleasant cool (I was rather afraid to sleep with the switched-on conditioner, especially from - for children). In the evening, leaving on a razvlekalovka, we turned on the fumigant injector and again the conditioner, and to our arrival in number there was no mosquito, and was fresh till the morning.


In couple of days after arrival at us built a day regimen - in the 7th rise, during 7 - 30 breakfast, in 8 - 30 we at pools, in 10 hills opened, in 11 - 30 faded into the background (usually went to mama`s house, the most tasty flat cakes with different stuffings - cheese, potato, mushrooms, meat, greens were concerned there).

Sometimes ran in children`s club where children drew or collected the designer. In the last week when it was already possible not to be afraid of solar burns, instead of club went to the beach, a time were dipped into the sea, floated, went home to change clothes, at 13 o`clock a lunch, then sonchas. In the first week all slept like a log for 4 hours. Probably, acclimatization affected, I precisely dumped all the fatigue. But for me who did not get used to sleep in the afternoon it was so surprisingly simple to be cut down in a floor - the second and to open eyes at 5 o`clock, and boys slept longer. But then we returned to the usual mode, small the senior one and a half slept for 3 hours, I did not sleep any more, and read the magazines and books taken from the house.

After a sonchas we ate on a balcony fruit - the berries (bought near hotel in tent - sweet cherry, peaches, strawberry, by the end of a trip grapes appeared), then gathered and stamped on the beach. There bathed - sunbathed - collected cockleshells - built sand castles till the evening, sometimes left the beach one of the last, but I so liked the evening sea - warm, tender. The people have less, sand does not burn heels.

B 8 gathered and went on a dinner, at 9 o`clock - pass - the disco where Mishka rushed every evening, being afraid to be late. . We bought a disk with music of this children`s disco in the same place:-).

B 21 - 30. It were representations of animators, cheerful, but sometimes with implication. After one such representation the senior asked me: “Mother, and what is the homosexual?“. But there were also fascinating programs, Ms. held competitions “...“ and “Mr...“, choosing on one representative of the country (there were Russians, Germans, Dutches, Poles, Turks). There was also international competition “The Best Couple“. Of course, we always supported Russians. There came the local folklore collective with national dances and entertainments, boys very much liked knife throwing and dances with the burning knives in teeth.

Quite often at us managed to stay up to the end, sometimes Borya fell asleep in the middle, and I carried him sleeping home, sometimes Mischa asked:“ Mothers, I was tired, went to sleep“, and we left too a bit earlier. That is no problems with ukladyvayeny - falling asleep existed at all, day was so active, and the head was loaded by impressions on full that the dream was in pleasure.

As we ate

At a preparation stage I read that with children it is necessary to be afraid of unpleasant problems with their stomachs. Therefore the first-aid kit which I carried myself contained the whole heap of preparations on this case - from Smekta to a regidron. But we needed nothing. Appetites at my boys excellent, I watched that they ate something habitual and did not lean on sauces - spices. As a result they chose egg, an omelet, fried eggs, rice porridge, yogurts, flakes with milk, a roll with oil and cheese in the mornings.

send to

rice to business During the lunchtime - macaroni - potato, meat ate not always, on a heat not really - that there is a wish. But perfectly there were water-melons (we ate them literally on a plateful, for breakfast there - a lunch - a dinner) and oranges. For dinner there was a variety of vegetable dishes, stewed and fresh, ate chicken in various options, fish, a liver, beef. Constantly very tasty and various pastries, and for an afternoon snack (at the beginning we safely overslept all afternoon snacks) cookies - cakes.

U us is right to be visited once free of charge restaurant and - la of cards, we made it in the last evening before departure home, there treated us with a shish kebab, was very tasty!

Freshly squeezed juice was for separate money, I bought sometimes, but we drank both tea and sprite, sometimes these soluble drinks (tried to limit), I at supper surely took a glass of wine, and during the lunchtime sometimes a glass of beer. the First days for me it was difficult to p to manage to be organized by

- plates in hands, big tables with the standing and choosing people, children, personal and others`, under legs. But then we oriented - approached, Mishka took a plate to himself, I took two - on myself and on Borya, we imposed that we wanted, went at a table, I seated children, they ate, I came back, took drinks and what did not go in in the first flight: came back to a table.

Senior, having eaten, went to a sweet table, gathered to all of us a dessert, then fruit, by then I stopped feeding up younger (sometimes he had to be spoon-fed not to wash clothes after its independent food), ate up itself, and we quietly left. Borya very much liked waiters, he recognized them after brightly Xing - a red uniform, waited, “when the uncle who carries away ware“ will come, and stretched the dirty spoon or a plate, than raised smiles.

Krom of restaurant, we were treated with those flat cakes, on the beach ate French fries or sandwiches with cheese and pomidorka. It was difficult to remain hungry in this solar paradise:.

As we swam

By and large, we departed so far from the house for the sake of the sea. Also received from it pleasures wholly. My children very much love water, in the pools began to swim about one year, the senior now perfectly floats, swims itself even at a depth, small very surely gets in oversleeves. Therefore I expected that for the first time the sea seen by them will be pleasant at once and forever.


And it happened. Mischa went to water at once and easily, swam - dived with a tube - a mask. Borya apprehended everything with a great interest, but the first day two was afraid of the rolled waves, ran away from them, went to water only at me on hands, and I bultykhat it in water. Then got used, itself came, sat on the edge of water and squealed when a wave up to a neck poured over it. And day for 4 before departure beat some grass, Borka saw and told that water dirty, and will not float, it is better to the pool:.

of Pools. Floated everywhere, Mishka himself, Borka in oversleeves, even in the deepest where I to the bottom did not get... from a hill rode one million times. I swam too, quietly left them at a pool side, only

warned that I went to swim that I was not lost.

everything is visible to

In the same place, I float and I observe or each other we wave a hand - type, everything is good, I here...

On the beach also - we are bought together, they sit down in sand to play or on a plank bed lie - chew rolls, I warn that I went to bathe to depth, let watch me. Also floated how many wanted, they did not run away anywhere, with each other were near, at most - approached water to posobirat pebbles. There was a pebble strip... Sometimes Borka did not release me, then I with him 5 sat minutes, persuaded - persuaded, type asked for leave:-), thought out to it interesting business, and he spoke: “All right, go swim“.

of Odesin time I float, I hear a voice Borkin roaring, but I do not see - behind...

I Am developed by

- Borka stands at a water edge, Mishka nearby, Borya roars, Mishka tries to explain something to him. That does not hear, shouts: “Yim`s mother!!! Yim`s mother!!!“ (mother Rimma, it seems as by name). Well, I think, something happened. I row very much, I wave a hand that I here, Mishka on me shows, and that sees nothing, roars... I reach, I approach: “What it?“ - “Mothers, my shovel in sand was dug, I cannot find“. Faugh you, My God... I thought, a grief what. Dug out a shovel, again departured:-).

Then once again - found a pink pebble, wanted from sand to wash, dipped into water, and a wave at it pushed out a pebble from a palm, the pebble disappeared. Five minutes roared, grieved in the afternoon, still the pink pebble remembered week then.

On the beach, but we only watched all this. However, Borya always watched the sky and when he saw among different “ours“ Xing - a yellow parachute, shouted: “Mothers - mothers, watch, our parachute!“

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