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How to learn to fly, or Secrets of fast cleaning

of each of us, undoubtedly, will be one - two girlfriends who can envy: their house always shines purity, under beds, on a balcony and on chairs in a corner - any blockages, at windows - the freshest curtains, and they are permanently friendly, not bustling and brought up. And all this is while they have a small child... What it is special talent of purity? Or art which everyone can learn?

Not so long ago the fashion at eternally busy women having a family included the term flylady that, ignoring an untranslatable word-play, it is literally possible to translate as “the flying lady“. It is meant as the whole vital philosophy allowing to be the ideal hostess, the remarkable wife and mother - and at the same time always to remain in fine physical shape and excellent mood, easily flitting on the house. And even if similar “superwoman“ - not your ideal, at this remarkable system which arose in the West is to what to learn. First of all it concerns maintenance of an order in the house about what the speech in this article will go.

Down with works involving all hands!

the Majority of us direct purity mainly during works involving all hands which are general cleaning. They can be as planned (several times in a year - by holidays), and unplanned (to unexpected arrival of guests). Such cleaning “eat“ our days off; they force to turn legs on the head all house and spread panic among our house. And between these works involving all hands we relax, we cease to keep order and strenuously we soil and we litter that we with such work raked and cleaned off the whole day - and even not one.

the flylady System suggests to refuse this vicious practice and every day “to put in order the planet“, finding for it some fixed time which it will not be grieves you to spend for it. For example, 15 minutes during the day. Then will not pass also month as your house will begin to shine purity - and forever will remain in such “shining“ state, and holidays and days off can be devoted to more pleasant occupations, than cleaning...

Main is a constancy here. 15 minutes - but EVERY day. Be not upset that results will be noticeable not at once, and do not give in to temptation to make everything in one day, falling from exhaustion.

Elimination of “hot spots“

Such points is in each house. A bedside table in a hall on which each of entering throws gloves, an umbrella and newspapers which are taken out from a mailbox. A locker in the nursery where the broken toys for years roll. Chair which outlines hardly differ under the clothes thrown on it... In a word, the location and fullness of such points are very individual. In them unnecessary are in the habit to accumulate and to be lost - the necessary things. To these points we also have to declare “war“. Try to put the timer for 2 minutes and at this time to sort “hot spot“ as far as you will be in time. Were not in time - it is not necessary to hurry, you dorazbirat tomorrow. Gradually such points will disappear from your house, everything that you threw there, you will clean on the same day.

Morning and evening rituals

Create to yourself evening and morning rituals on establishing order and carry out them every day - the same as you wash or brush teeth. For example, every morning you wipe a floor in kitchen, and every evening clean a sink and sort one of “hot spots“. Or every evening you wipe all dust on tables and regiments in one of rooms and you bring order to a dresser in which children`s things lie. Or you bring order on the desktop in the morning, and in the evening - you place footwear on the shelf... In a word, such rituals can be various - the main thing that you had them. It is good if you accustom to similar rituals of all members of your family.

of “An attention zone“

Divide the apartment into “attention zones“. Try to find every day that time which you allow to cleaning, work with this zone. For example, on Monday you clean a carpet in a drawing room and dust there. On Tuesday you are engaged in the nursery. On Wednesday in focus of your attention - kitchen. On Thursday there comes the hall turn: you sort clothes on a hanger, clean a rug and so forth. Then on Saturday and Sunday you should not brush thoroughly all apartment - will be to tide up the next zone “on duty“ enough.

Cleaning “on zones“ can replace

with cleaning “on functions“. For example, on Monday you in all apartment only wipe dust, on Tuesday and Friday - only wipe a floor, on Wednesday - only vacuum furniture and carpets and so forth

Down with stuff!


for anybody not a secret that to clean the apartment in which the set of unnecessary things is stored it is much more difficult, than that where there are only those things which regularly use. From these numerous jars, boxes, old household appliances and so forth it is necessary to dust, move away them from that place where they stand, to dust under them, and then to put them into place - already every time. The flylady system suggests to deal seriously with each of these objects and to ruthlessly throw out all unnecessary. Each of them can be “tested“, having asked itself approximately such questions: whether

I Use

we Plan time

For planning of daily affairs can keep the control magazine - “paper“ or electronic. At first there it is possible to write down only morning and evening rituals, and then when you get used, - and single tasks on cleaning in zones. For example, today the allotted 15 minutes we clean off an oven, tomorrow - space behind a toilet bowl, and the day after tomorrow there comes the refrigerator turn. It is very good to note time by means of the timer - it helps “to be fond“ not too of cleaning to the detriment of other life.

Try to adhere to these principles - and you do not find the apartment out soon!

Useful tips
  • , as well as on household appliances, should not be saved On means of household chemicals: having invested in them more money, you will preserve time and forces that is important for young mother. Without pity leave inefficient detergents. It is expedient to buy detergents for processing of big surfaces with a spray, and hand soap - with the batcher (then it is not necessary to wipe constantly a slippery puddle under a soap tray). All detergents it is better for li to store
  • in one place (having allocated for them on a shelf in a bathroom and in kitchen). Then they should not be looked for long.
  • Convenient disposable napkins for a microwave, the special “superabsorbing“ rags for a floor and a wipe of dust - not luxury, but need: they will tide up the pleasant and not irritating you occupation.
  • it is usually difficult for li to reach a surface of the shelves and cases which are under the ceiling without ladder. To accelerate cleaning process, it is possible to lay on them newspapers and from time to time to throw out them, replacing fresh. From below newspapers will not be visible.