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What preventive measures it is possible to take to keep a correct posture at school age? It appears, some problems can be avoided. The main thing to take the necessary measures in time.

From the first day at school the backbone of the child begins to experience the raised strain. The hypodynamia, the wrong physical training, inconvenient furniture, lack of skill of a correct posture - all this worsens a state oporno - the motive device. At scoliosis the chest department of a backbone much more often happens will bend camber to the right, and vertebras at a look from above - are twirled counterclockwise. Such type of violation of a bearing is called sometimes “school scoliosis“ - the backbone in a usual “convenient“, but the wrong pose quite so is bent and turns by the letter the right hand.

Can tell

that without special measures of prevention the malposture is guaranteed practically to each school student.“ Special measures“ - sounds too terribly. Actually, it only observance of elementary rules that is not so difficult.

we Will begin

with how the first grader sits when he does homework. Most often - in the twilight, for lunch or the desk calculated on the adult and on an adult chair. The table-top at the same time is at the level of a chin, shoulders - above ears, the back to lean on a chair back, is curved so what to look at it painfully, and in lumbar department is formed kifoz instead of a lordoz. Or the child sits sideways on a chair edge, forming himself a classical skoliotichesky bearing. Or holds the book on a lap, forming itself... And so on.


occurs and at school - ancient convenient school desks are not done now, and school students from first to the eleventh class sit on chairs and at the tables calculated on the fifth-grader of average height. On a situation at school, especially at room system, you cannot affect. And how the workplace of the school student of the house has to be organized?

Depth of a seat of a chair has to be slightly less than a distance from a sacrum to a popliteal pole. For this purpose it is possible to tie thick to a back of a usual chair - a thick layer of polyfoam or foam rubber, to attach at the necessary distance the sheet of plywood etc.

it was even more convenient to sit, at the level of top of a lumbar lordoz it is necessary to attach the small soft roller to a back of a chair. Then at a support on a back the back keeps a natural form.

the Table-top has to be at the level of a solar plexus. At the same time slightly placed elbows freely lean on it, unloading cervical department of a backbone from the weight of hands, and the surface of a notebook is at optimum distance from eyes - 30 - 35 cm. For check it is possible to put an elbow on a table and to raise the head, looking directly before itself. The middle finger has to be at the level of an eye corner. What legs at furniture at the same time to file and what and how to extend and what to enclose on a chair seat, think.

Can not saw furniture and not to potter with sheets of plywood, and to buy expensive, but convenient chair on screws and hinges at which you will be able to adjust both height of a seat, and its depth, and a back inclination.


Under legs a small bench of such height that they did not dangle in air and did not rise up. Ankle, knee and coxofemoral joints have to be bent under right angles, hips - to lie on a seat, assuming part of body weight. it is desirable for p to put

of the Book on a lectern at arm`s length from eyes. It allows the child to hold the head directly (unloads on cervical department) and prevents development of short-sightedness. Provide good illumination of a workplace.

Teach the child to sit directly, with a uniform support on both legs and buttocks. The breast has to be almost closely brought closer to a table, elbows to be symmetrized and lean on a table, the notebook should be turned approximately on 30 ° that the child had not to turn a trunk by the letter; it is necessary to incline the head as little as possible. It is possible and it is even desirable to lean whenever possible a chin on a free hand, but at the same time it is impossible to incline the head and a trunk sideways.

From time to time the child has to change a little a pose (within correct). Every 30 - 45 minutes occupations it is necessary to rise and move 5 - 10 minutes.

you Watch that the child had no habit sitting to cross the legs, to sprain one leg under itself, to clear the table and to lower a non-working hand, to sit sideways to a table, etc.

Modern mankind leads a sedentary life, and a habit to sit correct, minimum loading a backbone, is also necessary and useful as a habit to brush teeth. And what else it is possible to make for prevention of violations of a bearing and diseases of a backbone? it is full to p to eat

the Very best main prophylactic and the most necessary component of treatment of diseases of a backbone is a development of skill of a correct posture. Unfortunately, it is very difficult task, not so much for the child how many for parents. By the itself good bearing can be created in exceptional cases, at absolutely healthy, overflowed with energy, harmoniously physically developed child. You it sometime saw? (That is to all children to one) it is necessary for all rest at least:

to provide to , including for exercises and conscious development of skill of a correct posture, the motivation is necessary for

For any work. As to provide it: arrangements, terror, system of awards and penalties, - solve. Children are beings irresponsible, and without constant parental control get prettier bearings at them will not be.

In most cases one prevention have not enough

. Usually we begin to be engaged in the health or health of the children not in advance and when more or less serious diagnosis is already made. “Malposture“ any can without looking put the diagnosis, but all - is desirable to address the orthopedist and the doctor of physiotherapy exercises. The exact diagnosis and the qualified professional advice will help to organize treatment correctly.