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Rules of growth of your stomach

One of indisputable signs of pregnancy is the increasing stomach. And why and how it grows? It would seem, the answer is obvious: the stomach grows because the child grows in it, and there is it at all future mothers equally, any normal pregnancy lasts 9 months. Actually everything is much more difficult, and features of growth of a stomach can tell about much to the expert...

at the expense of what during pregnancy the stomach increases? Due to growth of a fruit, a uterus and increase in amount of amniotic waters - habitats of future kid. Let`s talk in more detail about each of the listed components.

the fruit Sizes the Sizes at first of fetal egg, and then a fruit determine


by results of ultrasonic research (ultrasonography). By means of transvaginal ultrasonography (the sensor during this research is entered into a vagina) fetal egg can be found already 2 - 3 weeks of its development later, the pregnancy term which is counted of the first day of the last periods makes 6 - 7 weeks at this time. Diameter of fetal egg on this term - 2 - 4 mm.

On 8 - y to week of development - 10 - I am week of pregnancy, diameter of fetal egg reaches 22 mm.

In 12 weeks of pregnancy length of a fruit makes 6 - 7 cm, body weight - 20 - 25 g. At ultrasonic research it is visible that fetal egg almost completely fills a uterus cavity.

By the end 16 - y week of pregnancy length of a fruit reaches 12 cm, and body weight - 100 g

In 20 weeks length of a fruit makes already 25 - 26 cm, weight - 280 - 300

In 24 weeks length of a fruit makes about 30 cm, weight - 600 - 680

In 28 weeks length of a fruit makes 35 cm, body weight - 1000 - 1200.

In 32 weeks length of a fruit reaches 40 - 42 cm, body weight - 1500 - 1700

In 36 weeks these indicators make respectively 45 - 48 cm and 2400 - 2500

the Body weight of the full-term fruit by the time of childbirth makes

2600 - 5000, length - 48 - 54 cm

the uterus Sizes

Increase in the sizes of a uterus occurs during all pregnancy. For the first time several weeks the uterus has the pear form. At the end of 2 - go month of pregnancy its sizes increase approximately three times, and it has rounded shape. During the second half of pregnancy the uterus keeps roundish forms, and at the beginning of the third trimester gets an ovoid form. Before pregnancy the mass of a uterus averages 50 - 100 g, and at the end of pregnancy - 1000. Uterus cavity volume at the end of pregnancy increases more than by 500 times. During pregnancy each muscle fiber is extended by 10 times and thickened approximately by 5 times. Considerably the vascular network of a uterus increases, on the oxygen mode the pregnant uterus approaches such vitals as heart, a liver and a brain.

These parameters can be determined by

, having measured a uterus by means of methods of external obstetric research. For this purpose measure the so-called size of standing of a bottom of a uterus, but at the beginning of pregnancy while the uterus does not go beyond pelvic bones, increase in the sizes of a uterus can be defined by vaginal research (it is carried out at gynecologic survey) or ultrasonography.

Height of standing of a bottom of a uterus the doctor defines

at each next survey by a centimetric tape: it helps to orient with growth rates of a stomach. The doctor measures distance from the upper edge of a lonny joint to the top part of a uterus - its bottom. Approximately height of standing of a bottom of a uterus in centimeters corresponds to pregnancy term in weeks. For example, if height of standing of a bottom of a uterus makes 22 cm, pregnancy term - 22 weeks.

Amniotic waters

Increase of volume of amniotic liquid (amniotic waters) happens unevenly. So, in 10 weeks of pregnancy their volume averages 30 ml, in 13 - 14 weeks - 100 ml, in 18 weeks - 400 ml etc. The maximum volume is noted by 37 - 38 weeks (on average - 1000 - 1500 ml). By the end of pregnancy the amount of waters can decrease to 800 ml. At a pregnancy perenashivaniye (in 41 - 42 weeks) reduction of volume of amniotic liquid (less than 800 ml) is observed.

the uterus Sizes during pregnancy
In 4 weeks of pregnancy the size of a uterus reaches about a size of egg.
In 8 weeks it already corresponds to the sizes of goose egg.
In 12 weeks the size of a uterus reaches the size of a head of the newborn, its bottom reaches the upper edge of a lonny joint.
After 12 weeks of pregnancy a bottom of a uterus is probed through a forward belly wall.
In 16 weeks it settles down on the middle of distance between a pubis and a navel.
In 20 weeks a uterus bottom on two cross fingers below a navel. At this time the tummy is already considerably increased; it is visible to the naked eye even if future mother in clothes.
In 24 weeks a bottom of a uterus is at the level of a navel.
In 28 weeks a bottom of a uterus is defined on 2 - 3 fingers above a navel.
In 32 weeks a bottom of a uterus is located between a navel and a xiphoidal shoot in the middle, the navel begins to smooth out.
In 38 weeks a bottom of a uterus rises to a xiphoidal shoot and costal arches - it is the highest level of standing of a bottom of a uterus.
In 40 weeks a bottom of a uterus falls to the middle of distance between a navel and a xiphoidal shoot. At the end of pregnancy the navel is stuck out.

If the sizes of a stomach do not meet standard...

Rates of increase in a uterus, so, and growth of a stomach have to correspond rather strictly to the above-stated parameters as are an important indicator of a normal course of pregnancy.

In early terms when the uterus is not probed through a forward belly wall yet, discrepancy of its sizes to estimated term of pregnancy can be a sign of extra-uterine pregnancy , at the same time fetal egg most often develops in a uterine tube.

Excess of the estimated amount of pregnancy is characteristic

of such pathology as of a horionepiteliom - the tumor developing from placentary fabric and representing a large number of small bubbles. At this tumor the fruit perishes, and preservation of health of mother requires timely treatment.

In later terms of pregnancy lag of rates of increase in a bottom of a uterus most often meets at of a hypotrophy of a fruit , that is at a delay of its growth. At this pathology the kid is born even at timely childbirth weighing less than 2600, his adaptation to extra uterine life is complicated.

can also serve

of Malovodiye as the reason that the sizes of a uterus it is less expected. Among the possible reasons of this complication - a hypertensive illness at mother, infectious - inflammatory diseases, inflammatory diseases of a female genital, defeat of secretory system of a fruit, placentary insufficiency, gestoz - serious complication of pregnancy at which the generalized angiospasm is observed; it is usually shown by hypostases, increase of pressure, emergence of protein in urine.

Reduction of height of standing of a bottom of a uterus is possible

at the cross provision of a fruit when the kid in a uterus is located so that the head and the pelvic end are on each side. At the cross provision of a fruit childbirth in natural patrimonial ways is impossible.

the uterus Sizes more estimated term of pregnancy happen also at of a mnogoplodiya . It is known that polycarpous pregnancy belongs to pregnancies of high risk: at it the probability of various complications increases. whether

extensions Will appear?
Skin on a stomach stretches in process of increase in term of pregnancy. Whether this process will take place completely?
Should tell that injury of skin - so-called extensions - as a result of increase in volume of a uterus depends, of course, on growth rates of a stomach, but mostly their emergence is defined by features of skin of future mother. Of course, the probability of emergence of extensions increases a little if the fruit large, quickly adds weight or if there is an abundance of water, but the condition of collagenic, elastinovy fibers is defining.
For prevention of extensions (striya), especially during the intensive growth of a stomach - in the third trimester of pregnancy - it is possible to use the means improving a condition of skin. It is the special cosmetics for pregnant women containing vitamins A, E and also the substances improving blood circulation of skin. As during pregnancy skin often becomes drier, it is possible to use also the moisturizing creams for pregnant women; they will also help to prevent emergence of striya. It is possible to prevent emergence of extensions also by means of the massage improving blood circulation of skin. The technique of this massage is not difficult: it is necessary to stroke a stomach roundabouts, to pinch from time to time skin on the periphery of a stomach. At pregnancy interruption threat such massage should not be carried out as it can provoke increase of a tone of a uterus.

the Uterus can increase at considerable of a mnogovodiya - a state when the amount of amniotic waters exceeds norm, reaching 2 - 5 l, and sometimes - 10 - 12. This pathology meets at diabetes - violation of digestion of sugar, a Rhesus factor - conflict pregnancy - when in an organism a Rhesus factor - negative mother antibodies against a Rhesus factor - positive erythrocytes of a fruit are developed, at a sharp and chronic infection, at anomalies of development of a fruit. Of course, all these states require close attention of doctors.

the Uterus can quicker grow at

usual at the large sizes of a fruit . In turn, the large fruit can be a consequence of both genetic features, and diabetes at future mother during this pregnancy. The large fruit increases risk of complications at the time of delivery, and diabetes demands treatment.

Thus, change of rates of increase in height of standing of a bottom of a uterus can serve as an indicator of various pathology of mother and, more often, - a fruit. Therefore if on the next reception the doctor finds out that height of standing of a bottom of a uterus does not correspond to pregnancy term, he appoints additional researches for specification of factors which became the reason of decrease or increase in growth rates of a stomach.

the Shape of a stomach

Special value in the second half of pregnancy has

a shape of a stomach. At normal pregnancy and the correct provision of a fruit the stomach has the ovoidny (ovoid) form; at a mnogovodiya the stomach becomes spherical, and at the cross provision of a fruit gets a form of a cross oval. The stomach in the third trimester of pregnancy at women with a narrow basin has the special form: at pervorodyashchy a stomach peaked, as if pointed up, at povtornorodyashchy - a little loose-hanging (see fig.).

Thus, the shape of a stomach also matters for determination of features of a course of pregnancy, however there are no scientific data that on it it is possible to define an estimated sex of the child, unfortunately.

the Stomach of future mother will become swept up by

to people around only to 4 - 5 - mu to months of pregnancy. But we know now that its growth begins much earlier. Therefore already from the very beginning of expectation of the kid the pregnant woman has to show consideration for herself and is careful.