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Taming of the obstinate egoist

my story - about a victory over by itself, and an award for it - my family and my child. But all one after another.

This history began

three years ago. No, perhaps, much earlier. Once upon a time there was a girl, usual, not remarkable unless liked to study and studied always perfectly well. And then the girl grew up and began to try to build private life, but nothing was impossible to it. It seemed to it that it the cleverest and everything knows better than others. Yes plus still egoism of the only child in a family, besides youthful maximalism, and the words “compromise“ and “patience“ were related to abusive.

generally, it was impossible to get on with this girl. Yes she did not understand these attempts and did not appreciate. Skhodiv by youth having in marriage and quickly returned, drew a conclusion:“ I do not want more serious relations, mutual obligations, all this family routine. It is necessary to live happily, and it is not pleasant to whom - can pass to the other side of the street“.

And so, this history began all - three years ago. I was 32 years old, at me was as it seemed to me, all - prestigious work with a good salary, new own apartment with fresh European-quality repair and the beloved. The man was, however, married and was not going to change anything in the life. But to us it was comfortable with each other, and I demanded nothing from it and did not expect. At heart I already began to think that, probably, the husband and the child are not for me. Why excess cares and efforts if so perfectly is? But it is not without reason said that never you know where you will find where you will lose.

to me needed to order new kitchen furniture to the apartment, and I called the master from furniture firm. In the appointed day the master was. When I opened a door and saw it, the first thought was: “This man has to be mine!“ I am able to tempt, and in the same evening It remained with me. I was not mistaken - It was magnificent, and, nevertheless, I agreed to periodic meetings and to anything more serious.

So there passed few months, and I appeared before need to make the choice. To tell that I rushed about between the devil and the deep sea - it is nothing to tell. Choice problem, whatever you may say, terrible business. On the one hand - the old friend, the tested relations, but at the same time absence of any prospect on the future. On the other hand - It, my Igoresha with whom I fell in love at first sight and who was ready to give me what so lacked me.

In throwings and fluctuations I could stay for a long time, but one fine day rushed as I in a whirlpool the head, and blurted out: “Igoresh, give the application we will submit to the REGISTRY OFFICE!“ He was delighted, but, in my opinion, all - was surprised more. I spent time to a wedding in some fog, the notion of compulsion did not leave:“ Yes, why to me all this is necessary, to put on such collar itself, was and it is so fine“. I exhausted Igoresha in this prewedding nervous trembling mercilessly - recouped for the made decision, for the lost freedom. As it had enough patience to take out all my mockeries and scandals!

Soon after a wedding I understood that I am pregnant. Here - that my fight with by itself entered a decisive phase! It appears, to say that you want the child and to decide on him in real life is two big differences! I considered that we could live for ourselves and not be burdened with cares of the baby. And when this fight reached apogee, the heavy artillery, that is my husband, my Igoresha went into action. He firmly declared that we, certainly, will give birth to the child, and other opinions cannot be. And still he told that he very much hopes that with the child`s birth I will change, I will become softer, more patient and I will get rid selfish thoughts.

Now to Vitalik 1 year and 8 months. Whether it is necessary to say that this best being in all this world, the best what I had in life? The child, really, cardinally changes both life, and character, and outlook. He overturns upside down everything, forces to reconsider all acts, to overestimate everything that was earlier, creating inconceivable porridge in the head. But then, having put new system of values in order, you are surprised to how everything is clear, accurate, clear now, on the places!

And, above all, the internal voice which disturbed earlier and provoked haunted, now soothingly whispers: “Everything is correct, and had to be, here it is your internal harmony, you reconciled with yourself, appreciate this feeling of a peace of mind, the world in yourself.“

Here and taming of the obstinate egoist came to the end with

. It is unlikely my history such bright, but it is valuable to me the huge done sincere work and the achieved results - now I am a happy woman with the loving husband and the remarkable sonny! And if I had an opportunity to live life anew, I in it would change nothing, and it is, likely, the best indicator of happiness.