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To future kid of

you Know the letter, the kid, so is in life that the person himself does not know in what for it happiness consists. Happens, we with all the heart aspire to something, at any cost we achieve the objective and when the dream, at last, comes true, appears, it at all not what we so long waited for. And happens, something important occurs in our destiny besides our will or not at that moment at which we would like it, and the earth leaves from - under our legs, and then suddenly it turns out that it and is, the fact that it was so necessary for us.

So was also with you. I learned about your existence when to your senior brother Artemke also two years were not executed. By that moment I stayed nearly three years in a voluntary imprisonment and secretly dreamed of freedom. I already brought myself into a doberemenny form and represented how it will be good to sit on me a new business suit which recently I looked after in a show-window of shop. In me so much unrealized energy accumulated that it would be enough for dozen of offices. But it theoretically. In practice I had to spend at home not less than half a year more until Artemka is psychologically ready to kindergarten. But I was ready to wait.

News of your existence threw me in the strongest shock. Forgive me, my dear kid, for what you had to endure in the first weeks of your existence. At that moment I could not realize yet that there was a real miracle. In me you arose, my little man, such lovely and remarkable, such desired and long-awaited. All the rest - only vanity puts. Forgive me for the fact that I understood it not at once.

still forgive to

A me for that day. It was Wednesday, July 19, you were nineteen weeks old. We went with you to ultrasonography. And suddenly I learned that you are not a girl. At that moment suddenly it seemed to me that me deprived of something important. That I any more will never have a daughter, and I will never be able to test what is it - to be the girl`s mother. I was upset and upset you, sweetie small pie, - you even ceased to move. And only later couple of days I, at last, began to see clearly. What this happiness that you are a boy! Such nice, clever and kind! Such favourite and such irreplaceable!

you will grow at

together with Art capacious, will cheerfully play, sometimes, of course, to fight. But you will always be together, any more it will never be boring for you. You will be each other support and a support, the best friends on light. As it is great that I have boys and as it is great that with such small age difference. Always you remember that you are the most expensive that I have in life.