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My power supply system of

Lately I received many letters from girls - readers of the Weight Loss and Diets conference with a request to send the system of weight loss. Having distributed the first several tens letters, I understood that it is time to systematize and make in some way public public all that for the last 10 months was built in the real working system of weight loss and helped me to get rid of 19 extra kilos.

my history is quite banal

. Since the childhood I was not thin child, in a family there was the real cult of food. To think of imperfection of the body and need I began to change something in the way of life and food since thirteen years. Then, for years of study in the senior classes and university I tried all most rigid and terrible diets what can only be presented.

Now me it seems to

that there are specially trained artful uncles - nutritionists whose blasting work is in that as much as possible people never became thin and forever spoiled the stomachs, kidneys and a liver. And maybe, they have just a good time, thinking out all new and more and more senseless diets. Chocolate diet! Potato diet! Diets of celebrities and diet of the famous doctors! At that time I was not interested in how they influence my health. I wanted all and at once. Ten kilograms in two weeks? Remarkably! One egg a day? Even better! To drink vinegar? With pleasure! The more strict, the, more probably, is more effective! I grew thin and then gathered twice more, the following diet was even more strict previous, but also it sometime came to an end, and I ate again everything that I wanted.

When I became pregnant, to me at once thoroughly broke a roof. For the first time I had full authority not to keep to a diet. As - I had to think of the child that he received all necessary substances, and it was still just necessary to indulge myself during all these toxicoses and early rises for work. I gained 19 kilograms in nine months, after the delivery I weighed 73 kg with a height of 163 cm. You represent? Such quite to the fattened young mother tired not narzan, and cakes and pelmeni.

In half a year I decided that it is time to do with it something because quality of life fell below and below, I did not want to meet friends, went outside in something black and meshkoobrazny, the new clothes did not want to be bought. And in general - I got used to go in slightly other styles, than those which were sewed on a figure 50 - oho the size.

I here I decided that I need a diet again. This time I chose a bezuglevodny diet of Atkins. In four months I grew thin for ten kilograms. Weighed then 63 kg, looked quite not bad. But still I remember improbable desire to eat something sweet and farinaceous food. Once a month I bought to myself the whole cake and ate it in an evening. I understood that there is in it something not quite normal, but could not refuse to myself monthly cake.

Through some time monthly eating of cake gradually turned in weekly, and for the next 2 months I gathered everything that with such work dumped. After that unsuccessful experience of weight loss I long could not collect the strength and begin something to do with myself, the organism shuddered at one thought of a new diet.


A to me executed then 25 years, and something clicked in the head. I thought that the best years I live in others ugly body. And if I do not grow thin now, I will never grow thin any more. Then I started this last fight in which I did not want to be lost any more. Now, when all principles of my weight loss were already built in harmonous system, it is possible to see that it not fight was any. I at last began to listen to the organism, ceased to force it diets and unreasonable restrictions, I began to live in full harmony with myself.

to you it is interesting to

to what I came? Further, actually, I will tell you as I lived and what ate all these 10 months.

For a start I decided that in our century of tinned and genetically modified products my food has to be as much as possible natural. Therefore first of all I excluded from a diet mayonnaise, canned food, sausages and sausages, sweet carbonated drinks, instant coffee. Also I ceased to eat chocolate, ice cream, rolls - cookies - cakes.

a cooking Method I chose by

the healthiest - all boiled, baked in a foil or stewed on water. I chose chicken, low-fat fish and beef from animal protein. From vegetables - everything, except potatoes, from fruit - everything, except bananas and grapes.

Should noticing

that I built the diet not only proceeding from theoretical knowledge of usefulness and fat content of products, but based on own preferences. I do not love dairy products therefore I excluded them too. However it does not mean that all need to exclude them. The main principle of my system - to listen to itself and not to impose to the organism unloved products.

After I built the diet according to contents, I gave to my system the form, having formulated for myself several rules which further I provide:

  1. After 18 - 00 nothing is. To drink green tea or water.
  2. For once to eat something one, to adhere to the principles of separate food.
  3. For once to eat no more than 300 grams of food, and it is a small pan which I specially got for these purposes. Not to overeat also any additives.
  4. to Divide food on time of day as follows:
    1. in the morning complex carbohydrates (porridges, muesli, fruit, dried fruits, bitter chocolate if strongly there is a wish, honey, grain bread) are;
    2. during the lunchtime crude or stewed vegetables (it is possible in the form of soup) and/or meat - a bird - fish;
    3. for dinner of squirrels (a cheese piece, boiled egg, meat - a bird - fish).

All. It is also my power supply system. Thanks to complex carbohydrates for breakfast, does not getting hungry till a lunch, and does not pull on sweet in the evening. Protein for dinner gives feeling of satiety till the morning, and also additional resources of an organism are spent for its digestion so you get up with a hollow stomach in the morning.

the Diet is balanced by

and do not feel in anything deprived. And how many tasty dishes it is possible to eat! Only present: vinaigrette, buckwheat cereal with mushrooms and onions, vegetable stew, the Greek salad, chicken salad and lettuce leaves with juice of a lemon and olive oil, the baked fish, chicken with vegetables, stuffed peppers. To speak in any case - it is possible to think up a lot of all tasty and not to shudder, remembering that today for lunch crude egg and boiled carrot with vegetable oil, or choking with unsalted paprika, dreaming of pork in French.

Now when you know about that as when I eat, I will tell you about something. And it will be the most important. Going on a diet or starting food on some system, we begin to give too much attention to the act of food. The brain begins to tsiklitsya what is possible and that it is impossible, and how many it is possible and whether there came even the 6th evening to manage to eat an excess portion of food. In it the terrible trap is covered. We want to begin to eat less, and instead we do not stop thinking about food.

to grow thin, it is necessary to think of something another. Refusing food as from the central event of our life, it is necessary to think up new reference points at once. To meet friends in cafe, not to eat and to communicate, go to the dacha, not to eat a shish kebab and to take a walk in the wood, to come in the evening from work, not to eat in front of the TV and to read up the interesting book. And so in everything.

the Habit is, and is much, was developed in us for many years. It is necessary to change gradually the consciousness, otherwise no system and any diet will work. This the first.

I second. The person will never grow thin if he does not want it with all the heart, will not want to be harmonous and beautiful, to wear any clothes, to be pleasant to an opposite sex. It is necessary that the desire to be in harmony with itself was more every minute desire to eat something. Here initially it is necessary to become a few fanatic. Every time when there is a wish to put the next roll in a mouth, to wonder, really this roll will replace to me delighted looks of men or pleasure from the suitable dress 42 - oho the size? Or, eventually, pleasure from the reflection in a mirror when there is a wish to smile to himself?

needs to take, at last, the responsibility for how we look. Neither parents, nor darling, nor the child are guilty that we grew fat. And besides, only ourselves can make ourselves such what ourselves want to be.

I still. If you read these words now and will tell yourself:“ Yes well, I and so know all this, at me nothing will turn out, I booze time tried“, - means, you and should not grow thin and you should not torment yourself with diets. Means, to you is more convenient and cozier in your present body. But, if you listen and will try to live and think in a new way, an award to you will be perfect other life, the world will become much more beautiful around because the world in you will become beautiful.