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We learn to read

to What to teach the child in 2 years - to reading or thinking? To resolve this issue not easy, but it defines a further way of development of your child. In any case, specialists of Society of early children`s training “Creation of talents“ so consider. The server is intended, first of all, for parents of preschool children. Except information directly on the website you can get advice of the psychologist on the Internet or will agree about personal meeting, unfortunately, only for residents of St. Petersburg.

to Teach the child to read

how it becomes clear, better as soon as possible, it is better directly since two years. To 5 years mind of the child is much more plastic, than mind of a semiletka. Presently already nobody is surprised reading three - and even to two-year-olds. Especially quickly, literally through several occupations, the children who are engaged by Zaytsev`s technique begin to read. It is not necessary to damage a bearing and eyesight, play to yourself with cubes. It would seem, so simply. But behind all this there is serious and absolutely new technology. It you will find the description in “Parental club“. About advantages of a method of Zaytsev on training in reading and the competent letter, read in “School library“. And seminars on the subject “Training in Reading, Letter, Account on Zaytsev`s Technique“ are held by school of parental culture of “Medunits“.

One more technique of training deserving attention belongs to

Glenn Doman. It is in detail described in its book “Harmonious Development of the Child“. Doman about early development is the cornerstone of the theory the statement that each child at the time of the birth has higher intellectual potential, than that which ever showed Leonardo da Vinci. This, inherent an otrozhdeniye, intellectual potential includes physical functioning and begins with it. Its book will tell parents about how to make the child physically perfect, and about why, after almost semicentennial improvement of physical development of children, the author was firmly convinced of need of it. The book Daman still can be read on Galya Kovalenko`s website “I am mother!!!“.

also Cecile Lupan`s system was widely adopted

. In the book “Believe in the Child“ of Lupan tells about the family which carried out experiment of early development, about the children in the relations with whom managed to hold absolutely specific place. Sharing with us “secrets“, it gives them a shape of brightly written practical guidance. It does not apply for the solution of all questions of education and does not contain recipes of “cultivation of geniuses“. The book purpose - to give advice to the parents wishing to open the world for the child since the earliest childhood.

Alla Tregub and Lena Danilova urge not to be afraid of new techniques us. The shop in which it is possible to get all necessary grants works for Lena at the website. In the same place the mass of references on this subject.

And still the most part of psychologists holds that opinion that with too early training in reading (to 3 - x years) it is not necessary to hurry - it can lead to a distortion in development of the child. It is the best of all to begin training with 4 - x or 5 - ti years when the kid already well speaks. As to make it in the form of game, read in a summary of the book “Practical Psychology for Parents or that I Can Learn about the Child“. More complete collection of games with letters contains in the book “Tales of Letters and Words“ - 104 fairy tales will enter your child into the world of the native language.

What is skill of reading? As how read in 1 class? What ways of reading exist? What difficulties and hindrances meet on the way of mastering steady skill of reading and how to overcome them? Answers to all these questions - in S. N`s book. Kostromina “How to overcome difficulties in training in reading“.

besides, on the Internet it is possible to acquire “The abc-book for training in reading and the letter“ which authors call classical as it is reprinting of the abc-book for the first time published in 1913 by followers of the famous Russian teacher D. I. Tikhomirov. It enjoyed wide popularity in pre-revolutionary Russia. According to this book, with the same illustrations, boys and girls learned to read and write many decades ago.


For occupations in kindergarten and houses with parents is suitable Uzorov O. V., Nefedov E. A. book. “A practical grant for training of children in reading“. The book of mission for training of children from 4 to 7 years.

If your child not really well reads

, do not hurry to conduct it to experts and to bring up a question of a dyslexia and a dysgraphia, specialists of Studema school consider. Often parents can make much more than any logopedist or the psychologist.

Of course, also personal experience of mothers and fathers is interesting to

. On the website “the Nurse. ru“ Starynina Anastasia tells how she learned to read with the daughter day after day, and the clubman “Family“, Masha, published the review of computer programs for training in reading which is also based on personal experience.

you remained

U questions? I strongly recommend to glance on conference on early development of children, all possible techniques, their merits and demerits are regularly discussed there.

I do not forget to praise kids for each let small success is an and our success too!