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Children at the dacha: what to be engaged in?

For parents an opportunity to send children for giving are a rescue. And here if to ask about same children, many will tell that giving is incredibly boring place. What to do?

Most stay an exit: teach children to interesting games

the biggest mistake - to hold at the dacha the computer with “toys“ or to allow to watch TV without restriction: all your hopes for healthy country air will be vain. Remember the childhood and explain to children how to play usual street games - “Hide-and-seek“, “Bouncers“, “Ringlet“, “Shtandert“, “Elastics“, “Cowboys and Indians“ etc. There are also more intellectual games for the big company.


B “Crocodile“ are usually played by all - young and old. Complexity of game depends on that of how sophisticated words you will think. Game takes place so: the company is divided into two teams, one team conceives the word, reports it driving from other team, and that has to represent by means of a mimicry and gestures this word to the team (some for complication of rules of the game limit driving in time). On the game course the team to guess the word, can ask questions to driving, considering that in reply to it it is only authorized to nod - yes or no. The simplest (children`s option) - to represent and guess concrete, “subject“ concepts - a table, a mug, the house, a tree etc. Children are more senior usually choose more compound, abstract words. Try to represent the word “truth“ or the word “verb“, for example. For this purpose children will need to connect all the imagination and ingenuity.


For a game get out two driving, and both depart out of audibility limits. At this time the others think out whom to appoint them. It can be absolutely different characters or historic figures. As dialogue is necessary to them, the couple, the better will be picked up more ridiculously and more ridiculously. For example: Snow Koroleva and Natasha Koroleva, Pierre Bezoukhov and Carlson, Shrek and Krokodil Gena etc. When driving come back, each of them is told whom will be his partner in game. And has to learn about the one whom will be he driving from the interlocutor. After that they have to begin to carry on dialogue, trying to find out during conversation more information about themselves and at the same time not too opening the rival of the information about the one who is he. It looks very funny. For example, the one who knows that his interlocutor - Shrek, begins conversation so: “After recent events in your life did not come to your mind of thought to work over the appearance? For example, over skin color...“ That parries:“ You offer it to me? Hm... If I was such green as you, I, maybe, also thought of it“. The first with laughter objects: “And you think that you less green?“ And so on. The one who the first will guess whom he was appointed wins.

“A line from a song“

Driving one. It leaves, and the others conceive some famous song which words know everything. For example, “There pass days, years fly by...“. Everyone takes itself(himself) by the word - in that order in what sit. For example, the first beret is “passed“, the second - “days“, the third - “fly by“ etc. Then driving in turn asks players any questions, and they have to formulate the answer so that the word of a song which got to them one after another is obligatory in it sounded (even if this word has very far relation to the answer to a question). For example, driving asks the first player: “What there will be weather tomorrow?“ That answers:“ Usually cyclones pass day for three and they are replaced by anti-cyclones. Means, tomorrow can be hot“. Driving addresses the second player: “How old are you?“ He answers:“ Years - thirteen, and months, weeks and days I do not consider“. And so on. A problem of driving - to guess the thought song. The most interesting consists in how players get out and show the imagination, formulating answers.

In “Mafia“ it is better for p to play

“Mafia“ in the company where to most of children of years 12 - 14. It is more difficult, psychological game, and its children`s option is usually overloaded by unnecessary characters like “police officer“, “maniac“ etc. The classical option of game assumes presence only of two “mafiosi“, the others - it is simple “honest people“. The most suitable number of players - 6 - 7 people, but is possible more.

Distribution of tags

All sit down in a big circle. The choice of driving (“mafiosi“) can be carried out by different ways. For example, to select from a card pack by the number of players, two of whom have to differ or color (all red, they - black), or a seniority (only two “pictures“). It is possible to use instead of cards of a match (2 of them to mark with a ball pen). To distribute cards or matches so that nobody saw to whom what got (most convenient to pull “from a cap“). Two who received tags - “mafias“. Their task - not to show that they are “mafiosi“, and guide suspicion at others, and a problem of the others - to reveal “mafia“ and “to destroy“. It is the real psychological game. In it the most different qualities of players are shown: ability to analyze, use cunning, guess the hidden intentions of other people on details of their behavior.

the First night

Game begins

with what the interim leader (the one who best of all knows rules of the game) tells to players:“ There came night. All closed eyes“. All sitting (including the most leading) have to close eyes and not spy. Further the leader speaks: “Members of “mafia“ open eyes and get acquainted with each other“. At this time those who got tags open eyes and find each other in a circle of sitting. If are in time, they can show eyes on someone from players (it will be first “victim“ in further night vote). After that the leader speaks: “Members of “mafia“ got acquainted and close eyes. All can open eyes“.

the First day and first “victim“


a new stage of game - “Day discussion“. All look at each other and on any indirect signs try to suspect in each other members of “mafia“. For example: “I heard how Max rustled and moved when told that “mafia“ opened eyes“. Or:“ Something at Masha a suspicious look, usually it more talkative“. On the first discussion of the candidate are not so important, however the interim leader has to fix their receipt in an oral form. When discussion is considered finished (all arguments came to an end), passed to “Day vote“. On first come the leader declares candidates for an elimination: “Who “killing“ it is?“ Players vote a hand raising, but have the right to vote only for one candidate. Thus, who gathered a bigger poll, that also leaves. Usually it is asked at once: “Mafia?“ Most often (at least, in the first circle) the answer turns out negative. Finally innocently “dead“ can make oral “will“: “I think that “mafia“ - this because...“ From this point first left becomes the constant leader of this game. It begins to conduct “Night vote“.

the Second night and second “victim“

Are very important point therefore the leader has to be attentive. The most important - to manage to watch all players. The leader speaks: “There came night. All closed eyes. Only members of “mafia“ vote!“ After that the leader calls clockwise all sitting and at the same time watches on what name the hand someone from “mafioso“ will be raised. Two have to vote (none of “mafia“ were “killed“ yet). Members of “mafia“ should be extremely attentive too. If they managed to agree at the beginning of game, so raise a hand on a name of the one whom they planned. If did not manage to agree, raise a hand on a name of the most dangerous and cunning player (which already on the way to that to expose them). If “mafia“ votes at night for one person, he is considered “killed“ if opinions dispersed, then the received two are considered as wounded and do not leave. By the way, for branch from themselves suspicions of “mafioso“ can vote against themselves. At the end of vote the leader allows all to open eyes and declares results:“ Two shots killed“ such - that “or“ two wounded - such - and such -“.

Game according to the scheme

after that game passes


to the following round of day discussion and vote. Game takes place according to the same scheme (day - night - day - night) until there are 4 persons (as a rule, 2 “mafiosi“ and 2 “honest“). In this situation night vote cannot be taken as “mafia“ will automatically win. The most intense moment of game when “mafiosi“ have to convince one of “honest“ begins to vote against another. Then “mafia“ will win. If occurs on the contrary, “mafia“ will be exposed (to enough destroy one “mafioso“ as the ratio 2 to 1 is considered a majority victory). This game only first seems difficult and confused. If it is possible to remember rules, to play in it many games in a row and all will be very keen.

At the dacha can find

a lot more occupations

  • of Suggest to prepare a concert or a performance for adults. Instigate the most active child (leader) to be engaged in preparation of show for residents of the settlement. Together choose the place for the open area, promise to give help and support with a requisite - children will make the rest. It is possible to support interest with sale of the present tickets (for symbolical money).
  • the Decision for bad weather:“ reading room“ . Deliver on the dacha interesting literature that in rainy weather children could gather on someone`s dacha and read in turn aloud. Main condition: the book has to be superinteresting, it is desirable - ridiculous and witty.
  • are grown up Let by vegetables and flowers. Allocate to children a small bed on which they will put everything that want, and then all summer will look after.
  • the Wood - excellent entertainment. Teach children to look for mushrooms and to pick berries. Tell how to collect a herbarium or a collection of insects. Buy books about plants and fauna of your strip.
  • Let the child masters various abilities . Use free time to teach the child to what during academic year there is not enough time for: to float, ride the bicycle, to catch fish, to cook food, to sew, knit, make something of a tree, to build, photograph etc.

Provide to children society

  • Agree with parents of the friend (girlfriend) of your son or the daughter that children in turn lived at different dachas - week on giving one family, week - at the dacha another (certainly, under supervision of adults).
  • Find out
  • which of neighbors in giving has children of suitable age. Help young generation to become friends that they could play together.
  • Allocate with
  • to children the place where they will be able to gather (the yard, a lawn, a clearing in the wood), and help to equip the place.