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Educational alarm of

Admit: when near you on the road the car with a letter “U“ in a red triangle appears, on skin run goosebumps. Never you know that the beginner in the next second will throw out. Graduates of driving schools behave on the road not better. Statistically, more than a half of the citizens who acquired the rights in traffic police are forced to study up in the company of skilled acquaintances or the special instructor. How to learn to drive in Moscow, the correspondent of “SP“ Vlad Grinkevich

found out

Many of us already forgot how, being pupils of driving school, scared away surrounding with “masterful“ evolutions from a row in a row (certainly, without blinkers) as they under amicable chorus of horns of the cars standing behind helplessly twitched at the intersection and hardly - hardly managed to slow down before someone`s magnificent “back“.


It and is not surprising if to remember classes in driving on which who as could forced the broken “six“ on the platform at driving school, at that time so far instructors crowded together aside and talked “for life“, occasionally remembering our existence. And when time of examinations, many approached, having weighed the chances, solved: it is easier to agree to the proposal of the instructor to pay for successful $300 change, than, being dripping with sweat under a severe look of the inspector, to try to stop by in the box by a backing or to start on a hill.

Certainly, any official statistics of what share of drivers of the right it is simple - naprosto buys, no. If to trust surveys conducted at thematic forums on the Internet pays about 40 - 60% of “cadets“ for examinations.

Where to address
of the Address and phones of offices of traffic police of Moscow, engaged in an examination-paper
of of TsAO: B. Ordynka St., 8,
of ph. 953 - 28 - 63, 953 - 38 - 55
of SAO: Pyalovskaya St., 21,
of ph. 905 - 71 - 03, 905 - 65 - 43
of VAO: B. Kosinskaya St., 1,
of ph. 700 - 52 - 56, 700 - 52 - 55, 700 - 52 - 58, 700 - 52 - 61
of SAD: Nagatinskaya St., 8,
of ph. 111 - 63 - 09, 111 - 43 - 12
of closed joint stock company: 4 - y Setunsky Ave., 20,
of ph. 240 - 83 - 27, 240 - 00 - 72, 240 - 56 - 09, 240 - 12 - 47
of SVAO: Prishvin St., 14,
of ph. 477 - 33 - 77, 477 - 21 - 61
of YuVAO: the Lower fields of st., 21a,
of ph. 349 - 65 - 51, 356 - 62 - 31
of YuZAO: Academician Glushko St., 13,
of ph. 713 - 17 - 81, 713 - 05 - 72
of SZAO: Vrachebny Ave., 13, building 3,
of bodies. 190 - 16 - 44, 190 - 16 - 44

However a problem here not only in corruption of employees of traffic police. Most often people bear money not because without them the inspector “will fill up“ but because they really cannot take examination driving test.

that the system of driving instruction created in Russia does not work and every year only in Moscow about 110 thousand, to put it mildly, which are not too well owning the car of citizens eloquently acquire the rights tell figures. According to the chief specialist of department of the organization of an examination-paper of traffic police of Moscow Boris Sakharov, from the first examination is maintained by no more than 54% of graduates. And before letting out to the city, should be finished learning. This thesis is confirmed by statistics of “schools of driver`s skill“ - the educational institutions specializing in professional development of drivers (the being or acting autoathletes teach in them, as a rule). 65 - The rights have 80% of their clients, but sign up for courses for beginners where they anew study driving bases.

“When these people come to us, sometimes ask yourself a question: and in what they in driving schools were engaged? - the chief - the instructor of school of driver`s skill of Quattro, the Honoured Master of Sports Evgeny Vasin estimates training of many newly made drivers. - We repeat with them what they have to be taught in driving schools to, but at the better level, with a much bigger set of exercises which allow to prepare the client for safe driving. On the other hand, certainly, you should not forget that training is more expensive, so, we can offer pupils both the best conditions, and more qualified instructors“.

the absurdity Philosophy

works with

in the capital over three hundred schools Today, many of which have several branches. The vast majority of schools (about 280) - the private, so-called noncommercial educational institutions (NEI). Some more tens belong to structures of POCTO and VDOAM.

For comparison: in Soviet period, according to the head of the Center of the Highest Driver`s Skill (CHDS), the honored motorsport coach of Russia, professor Ernest Tsygankov, in Moscow slightly more than three tens driving schools worked.

However, despite such width of the choice, good driving school is not simple to be found at all. The main problem of modern schools is as follows: employees of the majority of them do not see the purpose in teaching the client to steer competently the car. “Their task - not to make of you the driver but only to prepare for passing an examination in traffic police, to help to receive the certificate. These are different things“, - Boris Sakharov considers.

Many pupils of driving schools perfectly know

about it, but argue so:“ The main thing - to acquire the rights, and there friends (the father, the husband, the brother) will learn me“. Instructors meet requirements of the population and build corruption communications with officials from examination committees.

“At many instructors it is brought by

to the philosophy level: a pier, the worse I will teach to drive the person, the I will earn more money, - the instructor of school of driver`s skill of Driving Art Valery Parfenyuk considers. - Others try to untwist not on a bribe, and on additional classes on a double tariff“.

the Rare document

Other trouble of driving schools - the utterly worthless training program developed by the Ministry of Education (this document is called “The approximate program of training of drivers of vehicles of category B“). Schools are obliged to follow it.

the Program consists of four main sections: studying of Traffic regulations, studying of the device of the main knots of the car, first aid and practical driving.

“According to this program cannot prepare the person for safe driving on the city, it is possible only better or worse to bring to examinations, - Ernest Tsygankov considers. - It not training of drivers, and an educational program for “teapots““.

the Western experience
Abroad training in driving school often is not an indispensable condition of examination and receiving the rights
In the USA the car is practically at each inhabitant and to take driving test here as easy as shelling pears, at the same time interests nobody where and as you were trained in driving. It is possible to study at the private instructor, and also at friends or relatives. But before it is necessary to go in police to pay about $40 for Learning Permit (permission to study). Driving school in America is obligatory only for minors - they have too the right to receive the driver`s license. There are rates about $300-500 and take several weeks.
Americans take two examinations: at first the theoretical test for knowledge of Traffic regulations (is given on the computer and represents a series of questions with several versions of answers from which it is necessary to choose correct), then practical driving on the city.
In Great Britain driving schools are not obligatory too. To learn to operate the vehicle not only the instructor, but any person with a driver`s experience has not less than five years the right. It is possible to be engaged in the theory in driving school or independently. As soon as you consider itself rather prepared, go to police to submit documents for examinations. You should pass theoretical examination on the computer, and then to confirm the knowledge in practice.
System of training in the countries of the Schengen community is the closest to the Russian. Driving schools are obligatory here. However, the theory and practice in them are often taught by the same person. There are no exercises on the platform, as a rule. In Germany, for example, future drivers of 12 times leave with the instructor: five occupations travel about on the city, four - drive on the autobahn and three last lessons study city roads at night-time lighting.
Examination system in the Old World same, as in America: at first the theory (a series of tests on the computer or written examination), then it is necessary to roll the whole hour the police officer on the city. During a trip the examiner asks to make various maneuvers (evolution, the parking etc.) .
the Secret is simple

. The program according to which are engaged in driving schools today is “tracing-paper“ with that that it was used in 1980 - x years. It is easy to be convinced of it, having compared it to “The curriculum and the program of training of drivers of individual vehicles of category B“ of those times. On development of the device of the car in 1980 - x 38 hours were allotted, officials of the Ministry of Education decided what will be enough for the modern driver 23 - all the same very few people is going to repair the car the hands. On studying of Traffic regulations it is given 90, but not 80 hours as earlier: from year to year the book becomes thicker. And here the driving school remained low - 32 hours, six of which are offered to be carried out behind the autoexercise machine.

“This document does not meet the modern requirements at all, - Boris Sakharov says. - Cars in the city in 1980 - e were three times less, intensity of a transport stream is much lower therefore also skills for accident-free driving it was required much less“.

the Instructor in itself

But even the best training material should explain

to the pupil for what the clever mentor and good educational stock are necessary. Often driving schools have neither that, nor another. About 85% of NOU have no vehicle fleet: why to spend money, to gather for work of the instructors ready to train by own cars more simply and the cheapest way.

Getting a job, the private trader leases the car to school. A reverse side of such economy, according to Boris Sakharov, - full absence of control of masters:“ Such instructors are provided to themselves, but the management of driving school completely depends on them, is afraid to make the remark once again not that to punish for bad work“.

It is logical: demand for services of teachers is high, the offended master easily will find the new place, and the school in the middle of educational process will lose the car. Besides, according to mister Sakharov, nobody controls the level of training of instructors. Any driver with a three-year experience can become the training officer (instructors so correctly are called) today, it is only necessary to complete special courses - about 30 hours - on teaching skill. “Nobody knows how he drives, maybe, it in general “teapot““, - the inspector does not hide indignation.

Without control

the favourite question of the Soviet press Arises: where watch supervisory authorities - the State traffic inspectorate and Department of Education?“ How where? In the hand giving“, - with a smile many will answer. Not everything is so simple. Functions of supervisory authorities, according to current laws, are minimized.

“20 years ago our department really controlled driving schools, - Boris Sakharov from capital management of traffic police remembers. - We attended theoretical classes, checked driving on lines. Could stop the school vehicle and check the waybill of the master - whether there are no “phony“ signatures“.

Today any instructor by the car has the right to declare

that he trains individually, so it has no waybill and cannot be.

cannot Check it. Educational process per se is not controlled today by anybody. The Department of Education grants to schools licenses and monitors observance of conditions of licensing. In competence of traffic police - compliance check uchebno - material resources of school to requirements of the program.

“In the approved program of preparation the list of the necessary equipment is, we check whether the school has it“, - Boris Sakharov explains.

Other object of control of traffic police - examination on the right to steer the vehicle - too mere formality. If at school bad indicators, for example, the delivery percent at group is lower than an average on the city, officials direct to its management representation where it is offered to eliminate defects. However, the letter from traffic police does not oblige to anything driving school. “I had a case when only 43% from group passed examination. We direct representation, we ask to take measures, to eliminate defects. You know that they answered? Told:“ Sorry, but this day there was an adverse geomagnetic situation and a storm on the Sun that has an adverse effect on results“. So that`s that: space is guilty of everything“.

the Traditional question

officials immediately of several departments try to answer p a question of what to do with training of drivers. The criticism from the president became an occasion: at the end of last year Vladimir Putin showed discontent with the level of training of drivers.

Boris Sakharov recovery from the crisis sees

in development of the new training program meeting the modern requirements. Such document (the Ministry of Education together with traffic police and Ministry of Justice works on it), according to him, soon has to appear.

the Work permit
to begin work, driving school it is necessary to obtain the license which is granted by Service of licensing and certification of Department of Education of Moscow. The document is issued on the basis of the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 796 of October 18, 2000 “About the adoption of the provision on licensing of educational activity“
First of all the founder of school has to submit the application with the indication of all requisites, the list of educational programs, directions and specialties of preparation. Besides, the certificate of registration in tax authority. Data on the structure, completeness of states and estimated number of pupils. Plus certificates of existence of rooms and necessary material resources. The conclusion about compliance uchebno - material resources of school gives to requirements of the approved program of preparation department of the organization of an examination-paper of traffic police where the management of school files a petition. All the rest, including compliance of conditions of training in requirements of construction, sanitary and hygienic standards, is checked by a commission of experts of Department of Education.

the Second measure. On advantage, according to the representative of traffic police, vulgarly toughening of would rules for driving schools: it is necessary to oblige them to get the vehicle fleet, to get good grants. Then those who want to enclose less and to earn more, will be forced to leave the market.

But sharp change of a situation can achieve as mister Sakharov believes, having only restored the Soviet monitoring system over schools: “It is necessary to watch how there take place occupations who will see off them, to check driver`s qualification of masters of driving“.

Boris Sakharov`s Opinion is not shared by participants of the market. Ernest Tsygankov is sure that corruption will nullify efforts of controllers.“ What is control of GAI? Any driver knows, how much is a turn through double continuous, - agreeing with the colleague, mister Parfenyuk from Driving Art sneers. - As in Soviet period, everything will be only on paper and in words“.

He is sure by

: soon it is impossible to correct a situation - too many people go to acquire the rights, and good schools and the qualified teachers just will not be enough for all.


on itself

How to be to the consumer who wishes to learn to drive, but not just to receive a piece of plastic of category B? Exits a little. The simply and cheap - to go to driving school (training will cost you approximately 6 - 10 thousand rubles), to acquire the rights, and to further improve skills by means of more skilled companions.

By the way, good school to find trudno, but it is possible. It is not necessary to trust you to promises which are generously distributed on the websites, it is necessary to go to school and to study equipment of classes and vehicle fleet. At good schools, for example, there is an equipment for computer modeling of road situations, the car device in them is studied not according to posters, and sorting and collecting the real knots and details.

Surely study the contract on providing paid educational services. In it it is specified on the basis of what normative documents (programs etc.) training is conducted. Documents by all means have to be sobranyv a class at the separate stand. The school which does not sign the similar contract hardly cost your attention.

it is Very useful for p to get acquainted with one, and better several pupils and to learn their personal opinion on educational institution. But the most reliable criterion, according to all respondents, - the recommendation of the person who upon completion of a course became the quite good driver.

Can be engaged in self-education - the law allows to pass self-preparation and to submit the application for passing an examination to traffic police. However, self-preparation - concept conditional. You indeed can study the theory, it is not necessary to show practical skills on first-aid treatment and knowledge of the car at examinations, and it is easy to find all answers in the collection of tickets and in traffic regulations. With practice it is more difficult: while you have no rights, only the person having the certificate of the driving training officer on the car equipped with the second set of pedals, rear-view mirrors for two front seats and special signs on a roof, front and back glass can train in driving you. So friends and relatives, most likely, disappear.

it is better for p to address the private teacher. It is possible to find such teacher - enter into “Yandex“ the phrase “driving instruction“, and the searcher will give not less than ten personal pages of private instructors. Besides coordinates and quotations on pages the personal vehicle fleet “senseya“ - usually from one to three cars, its driver`s experience, and at times and sporting achievements is specified. Payment, as a rule, hourly. Two class periods will cost you from 400 - 500 rub to 1 thousand rubles. Private instructors conduct lessons on platforms of driving schools and in the city.

From conversations with pupils can draw a conclusion that advantage of individual training much more, than from driving schools. Quite often the graduates of driving schools who were not in time to be prepared in due time for examinations or understanding that it is not enough gained knowledge for safe driving of the city become clients of private traders. Private traders do not sign any contracts with the clients therefore if something happens to make a claim is useless.

At last if means allow, can register in school of driver`s skill. These educational institutions pay special attention to a practical training. Unlike usual driving schools they specialize not in training of citizens “deprived of civil rights“, and in professional development of owners of a treasured crust. But at desire also the person who does not have the rights can register there. The former or active sportsmen, quite often international level teach in them, occupations are conducted according to own programs developed on the basis of sports techniques. Instead of small platforms - autodromes the area of several hundreds of hectares. However, a course of “the young fighter“ here much more expensive, than in simple driving school.