Rus Articles Journal

The first diary of the person of the new millennium

Here all truth about Marseille written as if from his name on materials of the old diary. 9 months of his “internal“ life.

the Story about background to ours with it to a meeting

of Whom to choose

? At first we will look for mummy! Heard from the familiar recently embodied friend that most of all girls live here in Kazan in hostels. No, I will not go to pedagogical, and mummy me will learn that and will torture the pedagogical knowledge. What a difference girls clever, with drawings and calculations. Something unclear is considered, but clever. Only whom to choose?

Not, on this floor you, little girls, smoked, I will not treat, and here all laugh and laugh every evening... It as? Drunk, perhaps?“ Yes we only for a smell, and have enough nonsense in the head“. Well, all right, it is clear that you joke. No, at you it is boring, to wait - not to wait: correct all what - though do not drink and do not smoke, and to themselves do not let guys.

Perhaps here - at neighbors - newlyweds to lodge? No, they have no time. With the plans and armor-piercing tablets not to get in any way. And neigbours are laughers all mood at future serious and married a mammon - Marry will shake out, she knocks already every evening, comes, asks what she ridiculous, and then itself leaves, laughs, having come round: “Only you are more silent!“ Walls - that simply cardboard...

Oh, here though one of these four girls has a guy. Even not just what - and with serious plans, more than a year meet.

- And you are going to get married? And when? - girlfriends ask.

- Yes as soon as - then, - she laughs the matter off.

Aha! Here we will also arrange it “as soon as“. And what it all yes hospital goes to policlinic? To straighten a nasal partition - is going to operate and speak - optional this business, and it is not visible to anybody. And all the same, all analyses from where it is only possible gathered, the cardiogram and even for some reason ultrasonography; made sure that it is healthy. Yes only coagulability bad. “You will improve this coagulability, you will make tests again - then we will operate“, - say to it. Well and it is good, the main thing - mother is healthy and completely examined. It has on hands a set of pieces of paper. Here, for a half-month:“ Body of a uterus 43*27*40, normal form, structure the miometriya is not changed, endometriya in two layers, 18 mm, contours equal, accurate“. Pretty cool, huh? Here - that I will also lodge! If I wait still, of course.

on September 24, 2000

Sunday. My purpose, future mother, goes Boats - Kazan. Stop, here guessed! All right, the driver got elderly and in the girl not really - that interested... So, her guy has to arrive through a couple of hours. Yes where you jerked on a visit to the uncle behind jars of jam and gifts, carpets and gifts, he is not there! Remain! Or though Gulnara - that, the neigbour leave, let with her will wait for you... Ooh and is not present, left... And time so has not enough - in five days monthly again... Returned!

- Rafis to you came Here, - Zhenya - a molodozhenka informed. - Only it already left.

gathered Again - went! Yes where you again! And he now above, at your girlfriend waits for you. It is impossible to join you. And terms, terms, here from above tell everything to me, the plan should be carried out... Here also do meetings here during a domobilnikovy era... Sidi - sit, wait a little more! Well and that - you sit two hours here, you wait at an entrance. You drink the orange juice bought it in a gift. Hurrah! Here there is its coming shadow.

- Me Gulnara told that you here. I as learned that you to me went, at once on a minibus ran...

It`s all right, but did not quarrel, and even opposite made sure of love to each other.


the Room ceased. Neighbors watchfully come and ask what happened and why mummy and girlfriends do not laugh any more. Now this room is nicknamed “land of Nod“, it at me a kingdom even more sleepy. All sleep in the morning longer, come from study - again all go to bed, as if on command. Once mother appears. She constantly yawns, all people around yawn and want to sleep. It is a pity that lectures few times in a week at 8 in the morning...

It is necessary to

though somehow to appear to mother. She did not believe what it did not have monthly, thinks what is just weak... Mother now associate editor. The DAS administrator Arsen - probably, the terrible uncle, - permits several times to spend the night to our father in our room. It helps to do repair here.

I Am to mother only in dreams. Unless it is unclear why she sees me in an image of the girl. Understands nothing. Only vaguely guesses.

There now, on October 30. Mother at the gynecologist, on the same day on ultrasonography, having passed turn, and having put me in close conditions, on me nearby it pressed something, still - waters got drunk. I speak to it - do not suffer, and she costs near an office, presses close, jumps... Shook moreover something I was educated and checked and, I here!!! Daddy! Here we will please you tomorrow!

on October 31

of Mothers, well who so declares! Girlfriends left, you one, and you get a pack of references here and begin from far away. Here a piece of paper that was ill during the period has to - was - but - not - begun, here still a leaflet, here the direction in a maternity welfare unit... You speak to it there or not? You give only one pieces of paper, it there what, will guess? I lie quietly - quietly... Yes, it is similar, guessed.“ 5 weeks, 2 days“. It to me five weeks! Read! Shouts of delight did not follow... The father seriously reflected and charged himself with all responsibility.


to Mother were given November release from physical culture. Interestingly, what is it? Release - it is good, freedom, all-! And the physical culture is, probably, those amusing begalka and push-ups from which my lodge - a uterus was toned up and became stronger.

November holidays

At mother`s parents.

- Here, the father - mother! We arrived. But not together, and three together.

U father`s. All eat self-made pelmeni. Between times behind pelmeni, and breaks between absorption:

- We decided to get married. Mothers, you nearly choked?.

on December 1 the Daddy with mummy arranged to


some big holiday. They danced a waltz which was long rehearsed, stepping each other on legs. Guests long shouted: “Bitterly!“ Probably, gave something tasteless, perhaps? But all were happy.

on January 1, 2001

Mother for some reason long did not want to lay down to fall down. All shouted:“ Happy New Year! With the new millennium“, fried in the sausage wood, mother drank juice, listened to the breaking-off shells, something in the distance bumkat, and mother was afraid and rejoiced nothing even - courageous it at me, probably. And then came home and went to bed.


Mother sits and everything reads something and learns. And still worries from - for offset of one some - probably, very angry uncle Levinson. I do not know what for offset such and why it, only does not put it yes does not put. It from - for the fact that my mother all semester attended those lectures at 8 in the morning sat before it on the first row and yawned, yawned... And all around too yawned. Directly - “the Bridge - Yawn - In - All - the Mouth“ from the book “Astrel and the Keeper of the wood“ that mother read. And all early offset was put down, and all examinations - as always - are handed over on the five. And why this to it?

February - March

the Father bought

an unpleasant barrel “Antistatic“ and splashed - splashed the clothes, and mother abused it moreover with the uncle - the brother that it does not help it. Though, probably, mother also does not want that she was helped. And then all stood and cried, even the uncle. But more they do not swear. They go marketing every weekend and buy food, and mother - also apples. Doctors say to mother that iron should be eaten. At the uncle on regiments so many pieces of iron are scattered, and she does not want.

Mother studies

in two changes. She speaks:“ As it was lucky that in this semester a half of a semester - one subject, and other half - another. Part of lessons - that is, and part - that will be, in advance for a half-semester I will pass everything“. Took pieces of paper in dean`s office that it is possible to study with other groups on family circumstances, and forward! About me absolutely forgot. Here only, speaks, we will hand over, and we will have a rest then.

Mother established to

an unusual record: in three days from March 26 to March 28 - five offsets and two examinations. While teachers gave to mother the chance to flash knowledge, and to be approved in thought that “not for just like that“.

on April 18

Mother passed the last examination.

April - May

A still - ah as well, - mother goes to some place where tell about how children, it appears, get out of these cozy a lodge and live from mother separately. We here too in tummies argued whether there is life after the birth or not. But speak, is. And still speak, it is not necessary to be afraid, mummy... As it is good, you lie - you swim, mother listens to someone, listens, I fall asleep.

Every evening we with mother and the father walk

in the park, they look at mothers and fathers with carriages. I feel nearby presence of small kryakhtun and shouters and I begin to beat mother with legs - I want to see them, the acquaintances from that light too.


Mother roars in three streams. It, as usual, having fallen into a reverie, went by the trolleybus, and someone pulled out at it some necessary papers and pieces of paper. The father came:

- What happened?

- And - and!!! At - uu... Today from a bag the passport and a purse stole from me! How I to give birth now - that I will be? There both passport, and insurance...


Really there at them outside to tell that the child will be born or to get out need special pieces of paper, huh? Well from here, time it is necessary - it is so necessary, we will wait!

After kitchen gardens and works in the fresh air mother was put June in some pathology... Ooh, I do not know what for pathology, but sounds terribly probably, pregnancy - this such pathology which only doctors can cure! Mother was told what should be bought some eufillin - trintat - persantin - aktrovegin and other liquid, and then to dig in. Here still, the pregnant woman - to work with a shovel, huh? It appears - it means not to dig in, and to fill in, only not through a mouth, and on small droplets.

Oh, I do not like these procedures!!! I am kicked, kicked, and mother everything lies, suffers: “Leave, mothers, an otsyudov, leave!“ Mother obeyed and left. If did not leave - even the whole month would lie. And still. During this time she made the temporary passport with a local registration and an insurance. It appears, mother incorrectly cried: “How I will give birth now?!“ suggested to pay it money for me - and all will be good. And mother did not want me to buy, having decided that still money will be necessary for me.

on June 21 - 22

Mother forced to return to pathology. And still I overheard artful plans of doctors to cut out me from there from a stomach while mother sleeps. It what becomes - that? Everything, I feel, it is time to be chosen! What for an earthquake? Or it only zhivototryaseniye? I do not want! Mothers, maybe, are not necessary? Mothers, that you for the song unfamiliar remembered...“ On June 22, exactly at 4 o`clock... bombed... declared“. What, for 4 hours you hope? No, here we will also arrange the longest short night in a year so far...

Ouch! Here and water to me released, clear business, here now you will not swim for a while, precisely it is necessary to leave... Whether there is life after the birth whether is not present - here goes... Aaa! Aaa!

of 9 hours 15 minutes. And here I at mummy on a breast. What so with astonishment you watch at me? Thought, krasnenky and hairless? On the contrary, I you such represented it, can be.

* * *

I will have a brother or the little sister Soon (so far nobody knows who it will be).