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Magic Crimea. What to show to the kid?


pass - the guide will become your adviser if you elected the place of family rest the Crimea. This magic, amazing place conceals a set of sights which will be interesting to the inquisitive kid. For some reason many mothers and fathers are sure that rest dooms them to spend time with small children only on the beach. And where still? Unless with the baby you will go to excursion? But try to depart a little from traditional views, be not afraid of travel with the kid. Open the huge world full of a sunlight, bright paints, surprising adventures for an inquisitive sparrow. Also do not forget that of such bricks of fascinating family travel and there are happy children`s memoirs.

Appointment to dolphins

“And dolphins kind, and dolphins wet, look at you clever eyes“. You remember a song from the old animated film? These unusual animals are very much loved by kids. How many delight the black dolphin back which is coming up from the sea of all on a fraction of a second delivers it. “Dolphins, dolphins!“ - and itself instantly you catch children`s pleasure. So by all means plan a trip with the kid to one of the Crimean dolphinariums. Already with one and a half - two years of the baby with pleasure watch speech of sea actors and can even sit out all program entirely.

the Karadagsky dolphinarium is located

on a biological research station in the settlement. Resort (near Feodosiya). In my opinion, it is the best dolphinarium. There take place representations in two halls: big and small. The Small Hall is better: more cozy, the program is well fulfilled and looks as the real show. Favourites of public dolphins Jascha and Yana steadily please children and adults with the tumbling stunts. And especially it is pleasant to kids how dolphins brush teeth, wash, draw. And dolphin “greeting“ - fountains of splashes from a powerful tail will cause a storm of emotions and will by all means be remembered for a long time. In one program with dolphins also seals act. And the exhibition of exotic animals, an aquarium and the museum of the nature of the Kara Dag which will be interesting to children works at the territory of a biological research station is more senior.

If you chose

as the vacation spot Alushta or its vicinities, it will be convenient to you to go to the Alushtinsky dolphinarium which is located in the settlement Partenit. In the neighbourhood, in Gurzuf, it is possible to look at performance of dolphins too. It passes in the pool of sanatorium “Gurzufsky“. The quite good dolphinarium is also in Yalta. It is located in Yalta hotel. Exactly here the TV series “Undine“ was removed. Little guests of Yevpatoria are invited by the Evpatoriysky dolphinarium (Gorky St., 16, the pool of the Evpatoriysky balneary). And if you decided to have a rest in the nice city of Sevastopol, then here you are waited not only by a wonderful dolphinarium, but also Theatre of sea animals which is located in the Cossack bay. By the way, the Bolshoi Theatre of sea animals “Water area“ is recently constructed also in Livadiya (the settlement. Grape, Bakhchisarayskoye Highway, 20). Here it is possible to look at the dramatized shows - programs with participation of dolphins, seals, walruses.

Who lives in the blue sea?

For certain your kid for a long time will remember visit of the Sevastopol Aquarium of Institute of biology of the southern seas. It is located in the downtown (Nakhimov Ave., 2). In big aquariums the great number of improbable fishes of all flowers of a rainbow, huge turtles, surprising mollusks, bright corals, seaweed of all seas and oceans of the world is brought together. There are both terrible moray eels, and harmless shrimps. And if your kid loves the animated film about a clownfish Mutely, then it will be able to find many familiar heroes from this fairy tale. The certain hall is devoted to underwater inhabitants of the Black Sea. In the central pool it is possible to see also a shark - a spiny dogfish, and huge slopes. Conduct own small tour for the kid, acquaint him with sea inhabitants. It will be curious to it to learn who swims in that sea in which also he pleskatsya every day.

Quite good aquariums, the truth have less than

, is also in Alushta (The center of children`s creativity), and in Yevpatoria (Gorky St., 16, the Evpatoriysky balneary).

On a visit the fairy tale

Near Yalta has a remarkable place where by all means it is worth taking the kid. Here, on an edge of the reserved wood, against majestic mountains the museum under the open sky “Glade of fairy tales“ was located. In own way it - only in the CIS. Here hundreds of heroes well-known to the kid of fairy tales gathered: the sister Alyonushka with a kozlenochok, Doctor Aybolit, Kolobok, Mowgli, the Bull-calf a pitch flank, the Snow White and seven gnomes and many others. Figures of fairy tale characters very nice. In human hands the stone and a tree recovered and please kids and not indifferent adults now. Thirty heroes with boards and copies protect an entrance to the museum. The kid will be able to see favourite fairy tale characters, to visit “The kingdom of curve mirrors“ and to get acquainted with the Baba-yaga which lives in the most real hut on chicken legs. The izba easily responds to an appeal to turn “to me the rehouse, and to the wood the back“ (and it is not fairy tales at all). And communication with merrily Yagoy and her girlfriend Kikimora will delight not only malyshnyu, but also adults. It is pleasant to walk even here in hot day. And photos of the kid with favourite fantastic heroes turn out just remarkable!

the Miracle - the zoo

Near “Glade of fairy tales“ is located the largest in Ukraine the private zoo “Fairy tale“. Often it is called “the planet of tender animals“. In a zoo there live more than three hundred various animals and birds. Animal here really manual and kind. With them it is possible to be photographed, they are allowed to be ironed. And if you buy the forage intended for certain animals, then the kid will be able to feed “smaller brothers“ from hands. Such close communication with the world of wildlife will bring many pleasant minutes and the baby and you.

If you gather in the Marble cave, glance in the Park of birds located nearby. Here the big collection of wild and domestic birds is collected. Small Zoougolok is in Children`s park of Simferopol. There is also a Corner of fairy tales of Pushkin. And, having a rest in Alushta, by all means you descend with the kid in Dendrozoopark (Partizanskaya St., 42). In it the rich flora and fauna of the Crimea is presented. And in the Museum of the nature located here to the kid remarkable dioramas by all means will be remembered. It precisely is also realistic the executed models displaying life of the Crimean Mountains. Here it is possible to see a plant and animal life of the reserved woods, a mountain plateau, fine landscapes it is mountain - the forest Crimea.

Cheerful hills

Even with the least health-resort visitors can go to one of the Crimean aquaparks. There is a lot of them and all of them are different. So, choose.

the Aquapark “The blue gulf“ is located

between the settlements of Simeiz and Katsiveli (the district of Big Yalta). It is very first of the Crimean aquaparks, opened in 2001. There is everything that is necessary for rest: various hills, pools, fountains, beds with tropical plants, cafe.

In the Professorial corner (Alushta) the aquapark “An almond grove“ settled down. A structure this grandiose, cut in a hillside over the embankment. Water attractions are located on a roof of the huge building in which - hotel and restaurants. Except a standard set of hills, there is a certain game town for kids and the spacious pool with falls here.

If you have a rest in east part of the Crimea, it will be convenient to you to visit an aquapark “The water world“. It big and spacious, is located in the Pike perch near the sea. On price level this park of water attractions is slightly cheaper than similar complexes yuzhnoberezhya. In an aquapark there is a paddling pool with three levels of depth: 20, 40 and 60 cm

In 12 km from Yevpatoria in the settlement. Coastal on the seashore the biggest aquapark in the Crimea “the Banana Republic Akvaparkos“ was stretched. And you and the kid for certain will like his bright, festive registration in the Latin American style. In total in an aquapark of 25 attractions, 15 of which - nurseries. For children the special two-level pool with hills and the swimming pool “Sphere“ is provided. In the territory of an aquapark the restaurant and several cafe works.

the Cozy aquapark of “Zurbagan“ settled down in Victory park of Sevastopol. Here entertainments for kids of any age will be found. The least swimmers “Rabbit“, “Octopus“, “Snake“ and “Elephant“ wait for “animation“ hills. Depth of paddling pools of 25 and 40 cm. Children should not miss is more senior also the adult. In an aquapark there is several cafe including nurseries, and the prices please with the moderation.


this year conducts active construction of two more aquaparks: in the Crystal bay of Sevastopol and on the Gold beach of Feodosiya.

the Flying water

But, perhaps, the most interesting in the Crimea - all this is unique beauty of its nature: mountains and steppes, falls and caves, canyons and lakes.

I first that deserves attention - the Crimean falls. To arrange small travel to two of them you will be able even with the one-year-old peanut. Falls Dzhur - Dzhur who is (eternally murmuring) - perhaps, the most beautiful falls of the Crimea. It is small, about 15 meters in height, but always deep. The falls near page are located. General (district of Big Alushta). From the parking where excursion buses stop (or where you will leave the car), it is necessary to pass about a kilometer on rather sloping rise through the dense reserved wood. But it is worth it! The majestic nature, the rough mountain river, the murmuring falls streams just bewitch children. The wood here gloomy and gloomy, crowns are weaved and completely close the sun. Beeches, huge in the diameter as though left the fairy tale. It seems that in a hollow the wood goblin hid. Yes he also was here. Many movies - fairy tales were shot in these parts. Here, in the gorge Hapkhal, it is possible to see the nature in original state which almost is not touched by human presence. Old beeches with huge hollows where will be able easily to get not only the kid, but also the adult, will become a fine background for unusual photos. And if you pass upstream the rivers Ullah - Uzen about a kilometer, you are waited by a surprise: the whole series of thresholds - cascades. And all this against gloomy rocks, green pillows of a moss and trees which age contains not one century.

the Second falls are Wuchang - SU (the flying water). It is simple to reach it too. It is located in 7 km from Yalta. Wuchang - SU - the biggest falls of the Crimea. Its water falls from height of 98 meters. However, deep the falls happen only in the early spring, during thawing of snow and after heavy rains. But greatness of this natural monument will not leave you indifferent. If there is a desire, walk on a track up from falls. Even more gripping show is the river Wuchang - SU and a source of falls in the picturesque gorge. The cool mountain rivulet murmurs on stones and flies noisy, scintillating splashes down. You should not approach an edge of steep with the kid. But adults will be able to enjoy this show fully.

the Underground world

Not less fascinating will become also travel to caves. The most known and visited from them - Marble, Red and Emin - Bair - Hosar. Well, unless not a miracle: to see own eyes the mysterious underground world, such unlike on our, habitual, to admire huge stalactites of 1 and stalagmites 2 , surprising crystals and stone flowers. Tell the kid that stalactites are stone “icicles“ which hang down from a ceiling of caves. And stalagmites - too “icicles“, but “grow“ they up from a floor and form the real columns. Excellent training of children`s imagination - to make out in them outlines of fancy animals or fairy tale characters. The kid will forget such adventure not soon. Only take warm clothes for the little cave explorer. In caves it is cold.

the Marble cave by right enters the five of the most beautiful caves of the planet. Extent of excursion routes - about 1,5 km. They passes on one of the most spectacular galleries. The cave is well equipped for visit: convenient paths, handrail, modern lighting. There is it near the village of Perevalnoye, on turn from the route Simferopol - Yalta stands well noticeable index. Emin - Bair - Hosar which is included into speleokompleks “Marble cave“ strikes with the huge halls. Everyone has the surprising name: Tiger, Monomakh`s Cap, etc. In a cave it is possible to admire transparent underground lakes and even to visit the museum of paleontology. Here the different paleontologic and geological finds collected in different caves of the Crimea are presented.

the Excursion route on the Red cave (the Cornel - Coba) is slightly shorter (slightly more than a kilometer), but the cave is very big and does not concede on beauty Marble at all. Besides, it is more convenient for visit by the least travelers: not too long excursion, convenient excursion paths with a handrail.

Well, and after such surprising excursion it is a high time to remember with the kid fantastic Ali - the woman and a cave with treasures, piracy treasures and wizards - genies...

of the Mountain Mountain walks - a remarkable component of rest on the Southern coast of the Crimea call

. Of course, many routes, simple for the adult, will be difficult for the kid. But which - what it is possible to think up everything-. If you have a rest near the New World (Pike perch), by all means walk all family on the well-known track of Golitsyno. It lasts along the sea, has no big descents and rises and is rather well equipped: on dangerous sites there are a border and a handrail. But mountains are mountains. So sports shoes both for you and for the kid - are very desirable. More beautiful corner of the nature, than the New World will it is unlikely be found. Mountains and capes, bays and grottoes here unusual and fancy, blowing the mind. It is difficult to believe that they are created by the nature, but are not cut from a stone by some fantastic giant with the violent imagination. Only standard excursion with the guide will hardly suit you. Walk independently better, without hurrying, adapting to the child and having a rest if necessary. The huge grotto of Shalyapin and the Through grotto where if to look narrowly, it is possible to see above hundreds of bats by all means will make impression on the kid. And unless it is not interesting to bathe and have a rest in a bay with the name Predatory? They say that once here the piracy ships really disappeared.


, the most beautiful of the Crimean Mountains - the Southern Demerdzhi (near Alushta). You will storm its top later when the kid grows up. For now it is possible to rise to the Valley of ghosts - to the place mysterious and very picturesque. From the village Radiant the good track conducts there. The legend is connected with the Valley of ghosts. Once, at mountain top - Funn`s volcano (smoking, so Demerdzhi), the black-bearded smith was called before - the sorcerer suited a smithy where the weapon for enemies - nomads was forged. It drove there for work of men from neighboring villages, and soon they perished from back-breaking toil. Springs ran low around, grapes ceased to fructify, trees withered. The brave girl Maria decided to talk to the master of fire, to ask it to leave, not to ruin people. But also it was not regretted by the angry smith. The old mountain did not sustain such villainy, began to tremble, opened more widely a muzzle and absorbed the smith and his assistants - newcomers. And when the flame ceased, and dust settled, on a slope of the mountain there were stone sculptures - figures of the smith, his helpers and Maria. The ancient volcano went out, and the mountain began to call Demerdzhi that “smith“ means. And it is valid, many boulders remind figures of people, fancy animals, fantastic beings here. There is both a smith, and Maria, and the Knight, and the Monk, and the Devil`s finger. Stay with the kid longer at this surprisingly live mountain and try to find together outlines of figures, to look for new images in centuries-old boulders...

the Fascinating adventure for the kid (the kanatki station is located in the settlement of Miskhor). Height here solid: 1230 meters over level a pestilenceI. Unimaginable “flight“ over an abyss, a huge plateau (yayl), observation decks from which the panorama of all yuzhnoberezhya opens, the earth from height of bird`s flight, driving on a horse or a camel, packs of lizards from - under legs - here not a full set of possible children`s impressions. And slightly away from station of a ropeway there is also one more miracle - an ice cave of Trekhglazk. Glance - you will not regret. Ice does not thaw all the year round here. Hoarfrost sparkles and flashes under a lamp beam in thousands of bright splashes. From a ceiling and walls the surprising ice icicles reminding the gnome, still something fancy hang down. For the baby visit of a cave will become the real travel from summer at winter.

of Walk in parks

If mountain walks to you not to liking, it is possible to have a rest with the kid and it is less extreme. Practically in any seaside town or the settlement there are beautiful shady parks, many of which are the real work of art and sadovo - park architecture. On their paths and alleyka it is possible to walk for hours even with the smallest children in a carriage. So, first of all, it is worth visiting the Nikitsky botanical garden (Yalta, pgt. Nikita). Cool avenues, exotic trees, a bamboo grove, collections of roses and cactuses, ponds with lilies and lotuses, delicate aromas of unknown flowers, arbors and observation decks - walk will leave at you a set of pleasant impressions. Glance in a tasting room on tasting “Wines and fruit“. Mother with the father will taste the Crimean wines, and the kid - the exotic fruit which are grown up here in a botanical garden.

the Favourite place of walks of vacationers of Gurzuf - park of Gurzufsky Military sanatorium. It is pleasant to take a walk in shady cool avenues, to admire ancient fountains “Nights“ and “Rakhil“, and the kid for certain will be interested in the fountain with a she-bear and bear cubs. Beautiful parks are also in Miskhore: long cypress avenue, cedars, pines, magnolias, almonds, arbors, quiet, lonely places...

wants to distinguish Vorontsovsky and Livadiysky palaces From a set of palaces and manors of the Crimea especially. The first is in Alupka (Dvortsovoye Highway, 10), the second - near Yalta - in Livadiya (Yalta, pgt. Livadiya). Excursions on palaces will be interesting to adults and to children is more senior. And kids are waited by magnificent parks. Stone lions and a pond with swans, pass - falls and exotic palm trees - to the baby will be where to clear up and what to look in park of Vorontsov Palace at. And at the Livadiysky palace the well-known Solar track originates. It winds over sanatoria on a mountain slope, extended, shady, practically without descents and rises. Family walk on it, no doubt, will be pleasant.

Not dull museums

Together with the kid can visit also any museum. But absolutely small the crumb will be more likely a passive viewer. For it excursion - only walk to the new, unusual place. And here for two - the three-year-old child such travel already rather conscious and interesting if to exercise in this question judgment. For the sake of the kid you should offer the fascinating story of the guide (let it will be listened by the father and the senior children). And arrange own excursion, considering better what will interest the young tourist. So, the kid is a lot of interesting will be able to see in art gallery of I. K. Ayvazovsky in Feodosiya (Galereynaya St., 2). The sea quiet and tender, storming and terrible, morning and night, sea declines and risings, the ships and boats - all greatness of sea elements you will be able to consider together with the kid in pictures of the unsurpassed marine painter.


of Future seamen (and little princesses, perhaps, too) the Museum of defense of Sevastopol for certain will interest (Sevastopol, Lenin St., 11). Here the big collection of the ancient and modern weapon, models of the ships, military regimentals is collected. And it is even possible to visit the operating ship of the Black Sea fleet. And in the capital of the Crimea, Simferopol, there is one of the Zoological museums, best in Ukraine, located at Taurian national university (Yaltinskaya St., 4). Pride of its collection - marine animals, mollusks and fishes.

Well, and the most important sights of summer holiday are, of course, the sea and splashes of waves, a genial sunshine and a sea breeze, multi-colored pebble and sandy locks, scatterings of cockleshells, seagulls, jellyfishes... In a word, all those surprising, fascinating memoirs which recur bright images to the memory at the words “summer, childhood, Crimea“...