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fish soup

Summer days off

for vacation to the settlement of Temir - Tau comes Every year to us the grandson Vova. The nature at us beautiful, around the wood, a taiga. It is possible both for mushrooms, and for berries, and behind pine nuts to descend. However, the next small river from us it is far, kilometers 18 will be. And that narrow and superficial. And in her it is not enough fish. Mainly, gudgeons and chebak. But is enough for fish soup.

On this small river we go on the days off. Carefully we gather, we gather products for three, we take with ourselves small fishing tackles - rods and a korchazhka and we go there for the whole day.

Having arrived, I throw a korchazhka in water and I prepare firewood, the grandson a rod catches fish, and at this time the grandmother peels potatoes for fish soup. Gudgeons fish soup turns out excellent, but I never looked narrowly as it is cooked by our granny.

to the People on the river much. Have a rest, bathe, sunbathe. The grandson my Volodya learned to swim when to him was years 8. He will put on a mask with a tube, dives and collects different pebbles and cockleshells from a bottom. The grandmother swears that did not dive much. The head, speaks, will hurt, and water in ears can be gathered. But he does not obey, is in water much and if gets out, then will grab in a hand something tasty and again in water.


Once I tell

to the grandson “Volodya, we will go to fishing with spending the night on the distant river“. And this river flows in a taiga, in 30 km from us. The grandson so lit up idea that did not give me to pass, asked everything when we go. Asked, where this small river, whether big it, deep whether there is a lot of in it fish. Every day we carried on conversation on our future fishing.

Volodya me asked

whether we will take with ourselves salt, and suddenly we will catch that much fishes that was not gone. I answered that we will take surely though knew that with our fishing tackles you will not catch much.

the Granny us listened to

and spoke:“ You will have enough grandfather to chatter, you did not go on fishing yet, and there is already a lot of fish, as there is no place to put. Is fresher much, salty there is a lot of, dried and that it is more“.

But the grandson did not listen to the grandmother, he listened only to what was told by me...


I long-awaited day here came. Weather was given for our happiness good. Of course, I was going to the small river not to catch fish, wanted to show to the grandson the river and as spend the night in a taiga that he knew and understood all these difficulties.

we Gathered for hour to Volodya I put a small korchazhka, a porolonovy laying and two wooden spoons in a backpack. I put all the rest to myself: a small hatchet, a pocket small lamp, a small blanket, the receiver, a candle, matches, to bank of jam and everything that is necessary for fish soup. Then took two knives - one big, another small, a copper wire for fastening of a tent and to a twine just in case. Worms were decided to be dug out on the place, however, then it turned out that it was our mistake.

We could take

more things for a lodging for the night and it is heavy to bear all this in hot day. Tied backpacks, raised them from a floor to look as far as they are heavy. Volodya asked to weigh our knapsacks on spring scales on which it is possible to weigh freight only to 6 kg. The first backpack was weighed Volodin, it pulled 3 kg. When began to lift my backpack on scales, the hook came off. All right, I speak, we will not weigh, here, probably, there will be more than 6 kg.

Everything is ready

to a campaign. Sat down, however, not on backpacks, and on chairs not to rumple products.

the Road

our Way lay on a narrow taiga footpath. Weather stood hot, it was heavy to go. We go on a taiga and we see only one sky, and around the wood and a grass high. A hilly terrain, we climb up uphill, we go down from it. When we get highly, to our look the set of the mountains covered with the wood, a bush and a grass in human height opens.

is Sent in addition to the small settlement, removed backpacks and mudflows near a small streamlet. The settlement extends along the ravine of kilometer on two. There live in it generally old men pensioners. They are engaged in bees and contain cattle. Part of houses are empty, many of them already collapsed. There is no electricity in the settlement. Locals carry surplus of products to the neighboring cities or larger settlements and exchange for salt, matches, flour, soap, clothes.

did not begin to Have a rest much, it is unknown, in how many we will come to the place. Have a bite, waters got drunk, also gathered with themselves. Though I approximately knew the road, but nevertheless decided to ask at passing by the person how to reach the river. The passerby explained to us that it is necessary to rise uphill, and there on ridge of the mountain there is a road trodden by fishermen, it also will bring to the river.

Rise uphill turned out

difficult. Did stops every 20 minutes. At top we were in 2 hours. When went on the mountain, we were stolen a march by a red fox. I cried:“ Volodya, look, a fox“. But, when he turned, managed to see only a fox tail.

hares, foxes, proteins, columns, bears are found In our taiga. It would be possible to take the gun, but it is additional freight though for safety it would be advisable.

the Parking

Stopped at the river. On the opposite coast, we saw an izba and several broken sheds. Earlier there was a small settlement, and now in an izba, probably, fishermen and hunters spend the night, and sheds break for heating of an izba.

was decided to remain

on this coast as so far we will pass the river, we will approach an izba, proyodyot there is a lot of time. Besides, maybe, there who is. The sun is already low over the horizon. And though we very much were tired, it is necessary to hurry to catch fish and to make some tent. Around the silence, only a cuckoo occasionally cuckooes. Where do not look - mountains. Around do not smother, only one we. We decided to throw at first a korchazhka to catch a little fish for fish soup. And after that to be accepted to construction of a tent.

Suddenly we noticed the person on a horse who went directly to us. Having approached, he asked where it is possible to be transported through the river. We, of course, did not know in what place deeply and where small. When put a korchazhka, in one place saw a rift where water went quickly - perhaps there superficially. We also told it about it. The person went to the river, and behind him the small red doggie ran. And we looked them following, watching a crossing. Horses of water was knee-deep. The doggie floated behind...

Cut branches for a tent. I cut, and the grandson dragged them into place. Now it was necessary to prepare firewood for a fire. The sun is already absolutely low, and works a lot. Went to the river for a korchazhka. Wuhu, of course, could and be not cooked, we still had a sausage and bank of jam, but we nevertheless decided to cook a fish soup from fresh fish. When we pulled out a korchazhka, in it was full of fish, though small.

All necessary for preparation of fish soup at us was. The grandmother providently gave us potatoes, to onions, black pepper and even bay leaf. But... at us nothing turned out. Earlier I never cooked a fish soup, our granny cooked always, and I also never looked narrowly in what order cook all components.

everything cleaned

Ya, washed. And at once put in a kettle potato, fish, onions, pepper, salt, bay leaf and put to cook. When potato uvaritsya, I removed a kettle from fire and called the grandson to eat. Took out wooden spoons from a backpack, cut some bread, and we began to sup fish soup. Fish soup as fish soup, is cooked on a fire and fishes in it much, and something not tasty, color green and tastes bitter. The grandson ate a little did not begin to eat more. I too.

Of course, I guessed that cooked incorrectly, but definitely did not know why fish soup bitter. When we already returned from fishing, our granny told that fish, onions and seasoning are put when potato prepares. When fish cooks, fish soup is removed - it is ready. Our fish soup turned out bitter because we long cooked potato with onions.

the Lodging for the night

Time goes quickly. Already 9 o`clock in the evening. Darkens. Over the river fog began to rise, on a grass dew appeared. We put a korchazhka for the night and went to a tent finally to settle down on a lodging for the night. Enclosed firewood in a fire that it at a distant day went out. Fog became such dense that even at a fire it is badly visible. Around silence, it is only heard as somewhere on a rift the river rustles and some birdie chirps without umolka.

Mosquitoes attacked us since the evening, but it to us is not terrible any more. We had excellent ointment from mosquitoes “Taiga“. You will be smeared with it, mosquitoes buzz, but do not sit down. It is a pity that its action lasts only for 3 hours, and then it is necessary to be smeared again.

Lit a candle in a tent, turned on the transistor, talked a little and went to bed, having taken cover a sheet. For fatigue for the whole day we fell asleep instantly. But approximately in an hour I woke up, woke up also the grandson. Says that at it legs froze. I found spare socks, and it changed clothes of them. But also after that the dream was short. Through tent branches the cold climbs, as through a sieve. In the apartment you sleep 8 hours as one moment. And here it is difficult to oversleep one hour.

When Volodya woke up, I enclosed firewood in a fire at this time. He called to me, and I called him to be heated to a fire. We took seat about a fire. Around utter darkness from which it becomes unpleasant and it is even terrible. Firewood came to an end, and till the morning not less than 3 more hours. I took a hatchet and a lamp, and wanted, was, to follow firewood, but Volodya was afraid to remain near a fire one. I took it with myself and told to shine the road and to watch where there is dry firewood.

is Sent meters on 30 from a fire and began to cut branches. I cut, and Volodya shone with a small lamp that I could get on a knot. I see, light leaves from that place where I stand, and my grandson sleeps, sitting. If we were at home, I would abuse him for such help. And here it is impossible to abuse, night, the person has to sleep. Kindled properly a fire and again in a tent.


Began to dawn, but fog still dense. I enclosed a little firewood in a fire and went to the river to pull out a korchazhka. Fish also several gudgeons got to her a little, chebak of pieces 5. I placed them in a can with water.

Volodya Woke up. We put potato in a fire to be concerned - at us the breakfast will be such. Now our task - to dig out worms, will catch differently fish there is nothing. Long dug a stick, but found only several pieces.

went So far, had wet feet. Thrust closer to a fire four sticks, put on them socks that they as soon as possible dried. We see, our socks something turn as live. When we began to take their in hand, they were scattered. It was necessary to throw them together with sticks into a fire.

the Sun rose a little, visibility became good. Again threw a korchazhka, and began to catch fish rods. But the bait quickly came to an end, and the river had no worms at all. On our happiness near us the motorcyclist with a rod stopped. On our request to help with worms he responded willingly and as, baits at it was much, shared it with us.

the Mood was lightened

. The first Volodya caught a perch of grams on 200. It had no pleasure of the end, runs and shows me the catch. Catching went more cheerfully...


Day was warm. The sun heated well. It was possible to catch fish still, but time goes quickly, and it is necessary to gather in a way back. Ahead of 12 km. If we are late for the last bus, then it is necessary to go 18 more km.

Packed backpacks, fish put in a can and went uphill to come to the road. I told Volodya to go quicker as to the bus-stop we have to arrive on time.

the Way back seemed to

heavier from - for what was very hot. On the road absolutely near us we saw a ryabchikha with the small ryabchata. Suddenly the ryabchikha rose in air, and behind it all her family flew from the place also.

At a spring we stopped. Backs hurt from backpacks, and we suited a halt. I got wooden spoons, and we began by them to drink water. Have a little a bite, and at way. We approached the bus-stop in 10 minutes prior to departure of the bus. Only having sat down on a seat, my grandson instantly fell asleep.

Having driven up to our settlement, I woke Volodya, and he half asleep also did not understand why he is awoken and where it is.

the Granny to us cooked

to a fish soup in due form. This there was the real fish soup! The remained fish of a prisolila, strung on a thread and hung up to dry. When it dried up, was very tasty. I tried a little, and gave other fish to the grandson.

the Granny us abused

for this fishing. Said that it is dangerous to spend the night in a taiga. In - the first, animals. And in - the second, in summertime many people run from camps, and disappear in a taiga.

After this a case Volodya did not ask on fishing with spending the night any more. He understood that in a taiga to spend the night not easy, and it is better to fish in the afternoon.

So we also did

after that. Fished only in the afternoon and near our settlement.