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We will clean a face... a sound of

the This is not about deep eels, furuncles and chirye, and also about a rozatse, psoriasis and other especially medical problems against which to fight only at the external level - is useless.

We tell

just about tired skin: couple of not really noticeable heat-spots, black points - the comedones, an easy peeling which became suddenly noticeable wrinkles...

In this case we do not run on doctors, and we prefer to cope by own efforts. Or we go to beauty shops. Everything that we do with the physiognomy, “cleaning“ is called though the concepts which are behind this word - loads!

Mechanical cleaning - expression of spots and comedones

of the House. In principle, many of us carry out this procedure independently. It, of course, risky, but if you have no time or money for beauty shop then consider some obligatory rules:

If you washed up hands hot water with soap, it does not mean yet that now it is possible “to work“ with the person. It is better “to press“, having reeled up on fingers a gauze or bintik, moistened in 1 - percentage solution of salicylic acid.

Face skin also should be disinfected and steamed out. And clean skin and acne rashes should be processed different tampons.

skin should wipe

After cleaning with disinfecting lotion and to apply on it the calming cream.

In salon. Procedure takes about an hour - and independently you would hardly take care of the own life so in detail.

Special illumination allows the cosmetologist to make out and clean those black points which you would not notice.

Some heat-spots can remove

with special “spoon“ - and it is less painful, than expression.


In salons usually use professional cosmetics - as a result both risk less, and the effect remains longer, than at “self-service“.

Advantages. Mechanical cleaning - the most evident and therefore psychologically the most reliable method: at once it is visible how many muck of a vykovyrnula from you. Besides it is the fastest.

Shortcomings. Painfully; directly after procedure skin is covered with red spots, and in couple of days can begin to be shelled; too much depends on diligence and attentiveness of “spinner“, the risk is rather high to bring an infection in a microtrauma and to provoke an inflammation.

the Peeling - peeling of the horny parts of skin

of the House. The most house means - mix of salt, soda and shaving cream or the soaked porridge. Roundabouts you rub any of these “squashes“ in clean and moist face skin, and then you wash away warm water.

Can use ready a peeling - creams (srubs) and masks - films.

Srubs represent mix of the foaming substance, the softening and moisturizing oils and actually peeling parts (as which fine-crushed skorlupk of almonds, peach or apricot stones, and also crystals of sea salt are, as a rule, used). Instruction for application by all means and in Russian (!) it has to be given on packing.

the Mask - a film - jellylike substance which is applied on skin when drying forms a film and then is removed “stocking“ together with the stuck parts of the died-off skin. Perhaps, it is the most reliable and safe of house peelings as will not allow you - from excessive diligence - to pound a physiognomy to a stage of serious irritation.

the peeling is usually offered to

In salon in combination with mechanical cleaning. For this purpose in modern institutions there are special devices which, rotating with a wild speed of a nozzle from a shchetinka or soft pumice, carefully peel a layer of the horny skin.


If in beauty shop to you suggested to make a peeling by means of a srub - refuse: house you will achieve the same effect much cheaper.

of Advantage. Removal of the died-off cages allows skin to breathe. As a result exchange processes become more active and complexion improves. Besides this procedure if to carry out it in salon, is simply pleasant.

Shortcomings. At single application the effect is not too obvious; at house application it is possible to doteret itself to grazes; eels and comedones remain on the places.

Ultrasonic cleaning

the Latest and still not too known method. The face is cleaned by means of mineral water and ultrasonic “rake“. Under the influence of ultrasound water is crushed for microsplashes - they and open a time (without rasparivaniye and in general without any heating that in itself is already good for skin); everything that is thrown out of the revealed time, - skin fat, pus, dirt, century prescription foundation - gathers for a rake without expression and any other rough mechanical influences. The peeling is at the same time carried out: the same microsplashes better than any pumice remove scales of the died-off skin that in itself promotes disclosure and clarification of a time too. Certainly, in house conditions such cleaning cannot be carried out.

of Advantage. Skin is not injured and does not redden, even directly after cleaning complexion absolutely healthy; subsequently skin is not shelled; the ultrasonic rake brings together even those eels who the cosmetics bag will not notice; it is the deepest (from not surgical) the way of cleaning giving not only esthetic effect, but also the general improvement (improves complexion and removes hypostases at the expense of an intensification of exchange processes in skin).

Shortcomings. Quite expensively; as a rule, it is not enough one procedure.