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My suntanned kid. Part II

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After the delivery

When I was brought in postnatal, boxing was occupied, and I was placed in four-seater chamber opposite. There defined also Leah. As it became clear later, it was the chamber “for the“ and for “carpenters“. It differed in nothing special from other chambers. Unless contingent. My neigbour - woman already in years, addressed one and all on “you“. In office for newborns her best friend worked.


to me got a window seat from where the first was well visible - burn - the case. On the contrary placed Leah who, having come to be in a bed, fell asleep at once. Near Leah very nice girl as it became clear later, the student of medical institute, future pediatrician lay. Called her Olya.

I remember

From that day a little. I remember, the cook came and brought us with Leah something similar not broth. Anything else after Caesarian was not necessary. Not that locks and other troubles. Then the woman came and arrived on the cart bags, our with Leah. From Liina it is proud the huge thermos stuck out …

of the Neigbour was told that to feed children here brought for the third day if everything is good and to them treatment is not appointed. For now do not bring, every evening, at eight o`clock, it is possible to come to office for newborns, to have a look at the monster. The keyword for me was “to come“ here … I could not go. That there - to turn, without feeling that all interiors fall out on a sheet, it was impossible. On the other hand - and what to do? It was necessary to learn to sit, rise and go. And for term it was only allocated not and much - several hours. At first, under vigilant supervision of neigbours, tried to sit down. For this purpose one of diapers I hardly tied up a stomach that did not fall. And at once understood that the main problem - breath. To breathe in the first attempt it is impossible to sit down or rise. Therefore you fall back, you breathe and you try again. On the second time to breathe it turns out. While I trained, brought to girls babies.

In an hour when children were already carried away (and brought them for half an hour three times in the afternoon and for an hour - at eight in the evening), even relentless Olga told:

- Vick, enough! You already well go, lay down.

But I - that remembered that I should pass all corridor!!! Never earlier I understood that corridors can be long, all of them were for me just corridors … And never I so sympathized with old women, only now having understood as spaces and weights for old and young are unlike. When Natalya with Olga already in two voices began to appeal to my reason, I answered (through clenched teeth because to go and it was heavy to speak - treacherous breath got off again):

- I - want - to see - the - the child!


of the Girl and lagged behind.

A Olga Vladimirovna - the manager came even in the afternoon. children`s office. Olga Vladimirovna addressed one and all “hare“ that was very pleasant. She told me that the baby has high bilirubin - from - for the alfalfa butterfly. And, though, results of analyses did not come yet, in her opinion, the child has no problems from - for my suddenly jumped up a caption. But while bilirubin is not normalized, the girl will lie down in a kyuvezika under an ultraviolet and a dropper with glucose. Liina the baby lay in a kyuvezika from too - for small hypoxias … fortunately, Leah understood this word, and it was not necessary to explain its value to me.

I here without ten eight.

- Everything, go, - Olga told, - I will call the nurse now - let will see off you. There those who right after Caesarian let out of turn …

But the nurse was not. It was necessary to go one. Though, went not that word … it was dragged? Around everything foully shivered, and walls were surprisingly smooth and slippery. Having reached wide doors of office of newborns, I found impressive crowd. It was difficult to stand already and I leaned on a wall, understanding that I, apparently, on it move down … Here the door opened and the full blonde asked:

- Who after Caesarian?

Ya something peeped and I was let out of turn among two more young ladies who, however, went vigorously - Caesarian by it made day two - three back.

I do not know

that there operates our organism - the head, mentality or still that, but, having hardly crossed a threshold, I became the normal person. Nothing at me shivered and around shook. Only heart faded. Near a door there was a table, at it the sister was located. I called the surname, and it showed a hand:

- the First chamber.

of Chamber were on both sides from a corridor. Pieces six, it seems. And the first, of course, the latest!! But what before if I already caught this smell - dairy mix, children`s powder and still some hard to determine - can be clean children`s skin? Entered into small chamber. On both sides there are transparent trays on high supports. In trays - white parcels. Near a door and at a window two big aquariums. Only instead of water in them air, and instead of fishes - on the child.

- yours - in that kyuvezik, - said the sister in low tones and showed on an aquarium at a window.


Ya. Inside the golenky child lay, only in the eyes for protection against an ultraviolet there was a gauze bandage.


of Any coherent thought in the head of me it was not observed. Only some amazement, because that I see not imagined image which drew to herself 9 months, and the real person. When the condition of prostration receded a little, I was struck by three things. The first - long fingers on hands, the second - big a foot, and the third - independent, even haughty look. About newborns I judged by movies, - krasnenky, wrinkled with senseless expression of persons. And at this … The nose is hitched up, the chin is lifted up, lips are slightly bent. As if not the baby in the couveuse, and a miracle on the beach. And from this combination - a naked little body and an independent attractive face the daughter looked somehow especially vulnerable.

Ya bent - in the couveuse there were round openings sideways, smiled and whispered:

- Well, hi!

Creation on that side of a transparent wall did not react with

in any way, continuing to look the ultra-violet dreams.

I very much wanted to touch with

it, but nevertheless I was glad that it, probably, cannot be done, - it is necessary to get used to thought that it exists out of me now still.

it is good to p to go I became for the second day after operation. Only the diaper which I tied up a stomach and elastic bandage on the left leg which to me tied up the veins which are torn outside irritated. Therefore I asked the husband to buy a postnatal bandage and special stockings for having varicosity. Denis brought all this to me on Saturday. Having put on a black lacy bandage - a corset and the same stockings, I felt not only more comfortably, but also in general … very much it is even healthy.: Still it is useful to have at itself prunes or plum - to avoid an enema when after operation intestines idle also day three pretends to be ill. Also it was worth buying disposable shorts - neither to erase, nor to dry …

I Remember

, in the night of Saturday on revival I lay, looked out of the window on the next case and remembered the postnatal exit from an anesthesia. Whether thanks to an extreme situation (and childbirth, especially the first, it also is), whether some mechanisms which are letting out outside new life, I with surprise found obvious sense in the simple phenomena. That night in the head all some thought jumped, jumped, fought and jumped out outside as revelation for me and as banality for yet not experienced it. I tried to formulate it unconventionally and beautifully. But nothing was impossible to me. And now, a year later, I can put it only the same into words what came to my mind in the night of November 7, 2004: on light there is nothing more expensively than compassion.

That state at an exit from an anesthesia I will never forget

, probably. Not from - for pains - it is that just you forget quickly, and from - that at several o`clock I ceased to exist as the personality. Everything that till that time made my consciousness: thoughts, feelings, pride, desires - all this left. And all that else from me remained was very easy to be destroyed by one rough hail or just silence. I was absolutely defenseless. But in response to infinite “to me it is painful“ I heard patient, tender words:“ Suffer, everything will pass. Now I will give an injection“. I did not pay that night nurse in reanimation money, from - for chaotic an extract did not bring it flowers or candies. I do not even know her name …

U us can be justified an inattention and callousness with financial position. Everywhere - in municipal policlinics, schools … But unless the doctor shouting at patients will stop being the boor if suddenly begin to pay him well? No. Here, for example, in the afternoon Leah who slowly started walking cried from - for the fact that in children`s office of the nurse demand from her 300 rubles in those three minutes in the evening when it comes to the child … And several floors is higher in reanimation the night sister does not consider that her care has to cost something to those for whom she cares.

By the way, with Leah we understood each other much better. So, she told that according to their Chinese traditions, the given rise woman within a month should not brush teeth, wash the head, take a shower, open windows, watch TV, read. What it is connected with, I could not understand any more though Leah tried to explain something with gestures …

Lafa ended with

in the night of revival on Monday. Going to bed, I felt a pricking in a breast. And hour through two woke up from wild pain. The feeling was it that both breasts of an izzhalena at me wasps. The breast became firm with the sticking-out streaks. Milk came …

For the fifth day me was led on ultrasonography. With it in 36 - ohm strictly. If the uterus was not cleared of blood clots yet, appoint a dropper with the medicine forcing a uterus to be reduced.

Leah left home in five days after the delivery. Her girl whom she called Li still remained in hospital.

here, at last, for the fifth day of my stay in maternity hospital of the chief of department of newborns told

I that bilirubin at the child is normal. It was got from a kyuvezik and tomorrow to me brought …

still I remember

Ya how the doors were opened huge, and, pushed by the nurse, along a corridor the wheelchair with the white parcels laid by a row as testicles floated. My hands still remember the weight, a smooth diaper and the little body which is warmly hidden under it...

Should tell

that for the first time the daughter sucked at most minute and fell asleep - probably, it was full. And I examined it. Now it was visible as far as she smuglenky - sunbathed under an ultraviolet. Hair were the husband, though is more dark - almost black, but too slightly curling, unlike my absolutely direct. I called Denis and allowed to listen as our child … snuffles in a dream

after Alenka`s birth we stayed In maternity hospital 10 days. On the one hand, I already got used to its schedule. With another … it was almost physically sick every time after feeding to give me the daughter the nurse. By the way, about nurses. In 36 - the ohm maternity hospital practices the following piece. During week-end, when there is no chief of department, the sister from office for newborns, taking away kids after feeding, ask their mothers to come into office. There tragically question:

- And how many you still plan to lie here?

are followed Further by charges to the chief of department that she likes to send kids to hospitals, to take from mothers money, and also assurances of what with the kid everything is all right and is possible though now to leave home on receipt. These revelations pursue two aims. In - the first, the there are less children, the it is simpler to sisters. In - the second, at an extract it is necessary to give them 500 rub. Well I remember how on November 7 when on receipt the office was left by several little girls at once, from a room of nurses laughter peals reached, smelled of wine and tobacco …

But all of us waited for an official extract with all its happy commotion.

the Daughter was named by Alyona.: Hair at it brightened - now they are fair-haired.

A here swarty it remained the first six months as a kitaychonok. As reminder on Liye. Which, by the way, called recently - still in Moscow, and little Li feels normally - everything I managed that ponyat:.

A still I precisely know now that such happiness. I saw what is not present on light more perfectly - the first smile of the child. We with the husband for the first time felt as part something bigger, than ourselves, the present, without “but“ and “if“ when we saw as gradually “the child wakes up to life“ - at first there is intelligent a look, then reactions. Our person grows. Tomorrow he will return from giving and, by hearsay, will show to parents what is told by a cow and as talks kukushka:.