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My suntanned kid. Part I


On the Second of November, 2004 we with the husband entered a door of a reception 36 - go maternity hospitals. This maternity hospital at the 36th hospital infectious. And, as the woman - the doctor from regional consultation fairly noticed, here among other will take pregnant women without prenatal records and passports, and also with infectious diseases. However, the personnel of maternity hospital try to place such citizens separately, but a toilet (if you lie not in the box) and a shower the general... The social status of women in labor influences number of refusals of children in this maternity hospital. According to journalists from Author`s television - from 70 to 90 percent.

the friend of our family managing one of children`s neurologic clinics advised to Give birth here. Vladimir Anatolyevich told my mother that doctors in this maternity hospital daily deal with very hard cases - for example, exactly here bring women with a dead fruit. And if suddenly something goes not so, nobody will send me to other maternity hospital. And the child too - in 36 - the ohm maternity hospital is children`s reanimation.

of the Doctor which watched me during pregnancy and then conducted childbirth, called Tatyana Andronnikovna. Here at once I will notice - both it was observed and I gave birth for a fee (that is, paid the doctor). Was registered in a maternity welfare unit only for the sake of the official reference for work, well and to make tests. Coming to Tatyana to maternity hospital, I showed results of analyses and gave a doctor`s advice from consultation. As a rule, Tatyana Andronnikovna spoke:“ Do not drink it, about it forget, and it is in general heresy“.

As sight at me disgusting, - 7. 5, practically at once it became clear - to me will make Caesarian. Before laying down in maternity hospital, I asked Tatyana Andronnikovna how many it is necessary money. She answered that how many I will be able, there is so much and I will give. On term three months I already lay in this maternity hospital on preservation and from the neigbour in boxing knew that she paid 500 dollars. And was also aware that money shares between all crew delivering. But I had still a condition - that was enough also for the children`s doctor. Therefore I offered more, than 500 killed of raccoons.

I here the second the husband brought me to maternity hospital. Tatyana with pleasure inspected my stomach.“ Well, we will see your guerrilla soon“, - she smiled.

Who there, in me, did not know to science. In sense, doctors did not know, I should give birth to the boy or the girl. The child to the last turned on ultrasonography by buttocks, and last time for fidelity also hid the face in a hand.

- He constantly runs, - I complained to Tatyana when we with it rose in the elevator by the second floor in office “Pregnancy pathology“. - Perhaps it lacks oxygen?

- do not worry, there is no hypoxia, - it calmed me, - in your case more likely your Skorpionchik`s character affects.

Lodged me in the box. Boxing is the two rooms on two people everyone united by the general waiting room with a wash basin and a toilet. Together with me in chamber there was a Chinese woman. All foreigners give birth for a fee, for 500 dollars. And therefore they are tried to be lodged in chambers better as other carpenters and ““. In boxing it was pure. At one wall - a table. On it a huge Chinese thermos. Along another - two beds, at everyone a bedside table. I got a bed closer to a door.

Evening we with the Chinese neigbour carried out

, adjusting international dialogue. My interlocutor - small, with a low voice and a timid smile. Went in the Chinese, respectively, pajamas. For a start the neigbour pointed a finger to herself at a breast and told:

- Leah.

- Vika, - was not I in debt.

- the Baby... girl? - Leah asked, having put an accent on the second syllable in the last word.

- E - e - e... du yu Speke English?

Leah pomotat

the head. A little later I understood that Leah asks about a sex of my future child. At her “girl“ - the girl had to be born. As a result of a wild mash of the Russian and public English words, and also handles and papers, I learned the following. Leah`s husband trades in the market and knows Russian. Leah reads in the newspaper article about murder some Chinese whether the cook, whether the actor.


It is interesting that Leah took out from that conversation? She could not understand the word “computer“ that, of course, it is strange, and, in my opinion, decided that my husband works as the typist - it is when I tried to represent typing on the keyboard. And how still it is possible to show the system administrator? Not to creep on a floor with a wire in hands, muttering unclear words under a nose? She and so understood me a little.

the Dinner I missed

, but it does not matter - with myself I had the whole bag of food. Having opened a boxing door, I found a classical situation - Chinese became more. Her girlfriend from other chamber joined League. They had supper. The huge thermos which till that time was innocently standing on a table was open now and extorted some is filched - spicy aroma. On a table the untied cellophane bags flaunted. And all of them smelled. The recycle bin in chamber was not - only in a toilet. And Leah adapted for a wastebasket one more package more. It hung on the battery and too smelled. Leah began to treat me with something vaguely similar to chicken, but I only politely swung the head.

Filling up

, I looked at a high fir-tree after a window, and smiled. My child of a floor unknown so far as usual conducted in the evenings in me active, self-sufficient life. I will see his face soon, I thought. Also fell asleep with that.

When took

blood from me in the morning, along a corridor the brisk old woman ran. She opened doors of chambers and shouted:

- Girls, for breakfast!

For breakfast. From all this I was tempted only with cheese and went to have breakfast to chamber. Leah ate too... Fortunately, during pregnancy I had a brutal appetite and smells of Chinese cuisine could not kill it. Leah told showed, more precisely, that tomorrow (on November 4), her will do Caesarian.

- have not enough waters, - she told.

It is visible to

this term she learned well.

my Tatyana Came and told:

- Well, Vikochka, choose day of childbirth.


Tomorrow I did not want to give birth - did not love all life Thursdays. And they me too. For some reason they concentrated in themselves the most part of mucks. I loved numbers 5 and 7. But to give birth on November 7 was stremno, both Tatyana and her crew, of course, will be on my childbirth. And here other doctors for holidays, most likely, will get away home.

- It is possible for

the fifth, the day after tomorrow? - I asked.

- Give the fifth, - Tatyana agreed. - Now the anesthesiologist will come and will explain to you with Leah as as he will do.

I ask

Ya that after the delivery surely showed me the child. In maternity hospital, from - for its specifics, orders draconian. The child is carried away on inspection at once. But Tatyana promised that I will see the baby as soon as I regain consciousness from an anesthesia.


of the Anaesthesiologist if I am not mistaken, Galina Borisovna. She examined my neck and nodded:

- it is good

, long. The anesthesia will be the general and therefore I will place in a throat to you a tube. Be not frightened, it sounds terribly, but by then you will sleep with pleasure, and will wake up already mother, - she smiled. - And now, remember Vick, - she has hypnotically a look to me in eyes, - when you regain consciousness, you will hear my voice and everything that he will tell you, you have to do. Surely! I will tell: “Squeeze to me a hand“ - you will squeeze, I will tell:“ Raise a hand“ - you will lift. Understood?


Ya. Galina Borisovna extinguished the look and again became the ordinary lovely woman. Turned to Liye and has a snack a lip.

- you have an allergy to drugs? - somehow uncertainly she asked my neigbour. As one would expect, Leah did not understand and only perplexed smiled.

- Leah, - I told, - look.


I as if I give an injection to myself in a hand. Then seized herself by a throat and began to wheeze. It is the most surprising what Leah understood. It shook the head. To show what understands, she took from a bedside table a jar with tablets which was put there in the morning, pretended that she swallows of them and scratched a hand.

- Is not present

, - it pomotat the head.

Further dialogue was based so. Galina Borisovna told to Liye everything that told me, and I showed it.


my sweet dream in the morning of Thursday November 4 was broken by Tatyana.

- Vikochka, wake up, - she whispered.

- And?

- You definitely did not do abortions? Or operations? Precisely?

- Precisely, - waking up, I told.

Behind a window was gray hmar November morning. On the next bed Leah snuffled, having put out from - under blankets a leg.

“And she sleeps in the same pajamas in which she goes“, - I absolutely out of place thought.

Here I finally was frightened of

, breakthrough of the village and asked:

- And that?

- you have in blood some mad caption, - Tatyana told, - in other words, a Rhesus factor - antibodies. Therefore I also asked about operations. Get up, the sun, and quickly on analyses. Then to me. Let`s go to do ultrasonography.

Frankly speaking, all the rest I remember vaguely. Still yesterday I treated the forthcoming operation with some joyful curiosity. And as, all under control. And date of childbirth was appointed by me... Now shook me, and I thought only of what happens to the child inside.

No problems with antibodies at me existed before. All analyses - pure. Ours with the husband a Rhesus factor - factors favourably coincided - negative. From where this crap undertook?!

On ultrasonography me was led by Tatyana`s probationer. All road she tried to occupy me with polite conversation. Obviously, I looked not important. And that the truth, in a throat the lump got stuck.

- Who at you will be?

- I do not know. Ultrasonography does not show...

- And whom you want?

- Me all the same. If only healthy.

Here I faltered and tried to push

in a stomach of a prickly hedgehog from a throat.

- the Boy, probably, - the probationer authoritatively noticed, - judging by a stomach...

Ya laid down on a couch and closed eyes. The probationer was inclined to the doctor and quietly asked:

- Perhaps it has a hemophilia? Or … - here she called still some illness, on “c“, it seems.

the doctor did not allow to Choke to me.

- That for nonsense? - it sniffed. - Still last time it was clear, the healthy, normal child will be born. I do not know that they found in analyses there, everything is normal!

after that some part of reason returned to me. And I went for hygienic treatment quite vigorously.

From the room where gave enemas, I reached the boxing and, hardly pushed a latch in a toilet, the husband called.

- What are you doing?

- I Get ready for childbirth. I will call back to you minutes through ten.

- As to childbirth?! They tomorrow! Where are you?

- Where think of eternal! I will call back.

my acquaintance somehow said that she after an enema felt such sense of relief as if she already gave rise. I could not brag of the same.

two nurses came running Then. Dark was called Lena - the favourite of all office of pathology. She was always vigorous, cheerful and in the mornings itself went to give injections that little girls could have a sleep a little then on chambers. The second - the blonde. One eye at it mowed a little. It I do not remember a name. With themselves they brought a wheelchair.

- Undress and get on a wheelchair, - ordered me.

Ya pulled out contact lenses from eyes, put the container in a bag. Having removed a cross from a neck, slightly clamped it in a palm, and too lowered in a package. Put a dressing gown from above on a thing and it was absolutely naked. In such look it was necessary to leave in a corridor. And there the whole crowd of future mothers already gathered. All of them greedy watched the events. Unpleasantly, no more. The shame remains somewhere behind doors after the first day in maternity hospital.

Laid down.

Ya it is not ready, is not ready!

the Way on operation at all one. You give birth independently, do to you Caesarian or other operation, judging by responses, all of us remember one and too. The clicking elevator doors, a wheelchair roar, a corridor, a ceiling and, for some reason, hours.

the Operating room was on the last - the seventh floor. Sisters helped me to move on some folding as it seemed to me, a table. With searchlights I tried not to look at a round lamp, and it is so terrible. Everything that you saw in movies, right there occurs and snatches on sluggish consciousness.

the Most painful is when put a catheter. Girls who brought me already left, and instead of them two elderly nurses appeared.

- As you feel? - friendly one asked.


- It is very sick from - for a catheter.

- Yes, - she nodded, is because the pregnant uterus presses. At me too so was. When you give rise, you will not feel it at all.

Oh my God how many this piece will stay in me?!

Galina Borisovna Came.

the Nurse fitted to my hand one more catheter, with an anesthesia. To distract me, Galina Borisovna asked:

- you have an interesting surname. It is whose?

- Swedish, - I mechanically answered, - the great-grandfather of my husband was Swede.

Here the doors were opened by

, and I heard Tatyana`s voice.

- Well, Vikulya, you will see the firstborn soon!

my stomach with something was smeared At this time. It seems, alcohol.

Everything that I remember chamber - it is this world. It flew from a window opposite and settled on white walls. I almost did not see people in the operating room, they were as though part of this light.

- I Start up an anesthesia, - the nurse warned.

to me were fastened by hands and legs. Not the most pleasant moment, of course...

I suddenly - time! The muscles of shoulders cramped from tension became soft. Pain from a catheter disappeared, ceased to pinch a stomach. And, above all - the fear as did not happen. Precisely, someone quickly and accurately from me took out it.

- What you feel? - Tatyana asked, and I saw her very distinctly. A voluminous hair is taken away upward. Full lips smile. I closed eyes:

- I Want to be the addict, - I told to all audience, - as it is exciting to be the addict! I feel nothing, to me it is so good and is not sick...

- Well - well, - Tatyana laughed, - you not...

Again light. Only it is tangible. It is cotton wool. In total around - cotton wool. It seems, in it someone is. Someone potters about. Through vatu reaches:

- you have a girl!

- the Daughter at you!

For some reason should raise a hand. It seems, I lifted it.

A here again light. And anything except it. Only someone bothers me.

- do not sleep - and - and, - this hoots someone, - do not sleep - and - and - and...

It is dark.

Is not present

, nevertheless something is. Something pulls down all around. Shakes me, and pain returns surrounding reality. I already in other chamber. At a window. Dropper nearby. On a stomach presses something cold. And even from the slightest movement by a little finger in the head the fountain of hot splashes explodes. The shiver accrues, shakes all me, I cannot stop it. Spasms pain beat out from me for a while the found reality. Everything is erased.

It is dark.

Again breakthrough the world comes back. In it the figure, apparently, was weaved I know it. Anesthesiologist.

- Look at

to what miracle you gave rise!

She smiles to

and looks is very proud. I shchuryu the blind people without lenses of an eye and through some milk of not departed anesthesia see at it on hands of the child wrapped in a woolen blanket. It is necessary to close the eyes partly still... Face heart. Eyes are closed. Sleeps.

- Thanks, - I whisper. Bawls.

Again darkness.

When it recedes I, apparently, endlessly I repeat a little:

- to me it is sick, sick, painful...


I somewhere in me it is distributed:

- Suffer

, now it will be easier. Made anesthetic.

of the Spasm is not passed, shakes, shakes... And from it it is impossible to suffer from pain. I fail again.

- And somewhere the London rain, to pain before shout

I Congratulate you and on each card,

I write

Ya with love - happy birthday, Vika!

It seems to

, I can hear. And to think. It behind a wall plays radio. I open eyes. There is no light any more. I can see. Behind a window, aside Cherkizovskoy, it is full of fires. There are no spasms and pain too. I lie on beds near a window. The transparent cord of a dropper reaches for a hand. The chamber is fenced off from a corridor by big glasses. Along a corridor some aunty ran and shouted:

- do not have Forces, want tea with a lemon!

I want

Ya too!

Still a little unsteady, but I understand who I am such. Here with noise someone rushes into chamber - recent nurses from office of pathology.

- we Congratulate! Here, hold, the husband gave it to you - elastic bandage and here...

U me before a nose the huge bouquet of large claret roses came to be. I understand that it as in the ladies` novel, but and was - hardly I inhaled their aroma, the room gained sharpness, as at control of opera glasses. I saw faces of sisters and one more person. I knew, this is the woman whose voice I took for a hallucination. She persuaded me to suffer it. Later in the Zdorovye magazine I read that the smell of roses has soothing effect. I think, here understanding that remember you still played a role and worry.


C recovery - also came from songs, someone`s tea with a lemon and with roses from the husband.

to Keep flowers in the intensive care unit or as it is called still - the room of intensive therapy, it is impossible. Therefore they were taken out in a corridor and put before a window so that I saw them. At this time along a corridor there was a doctor and exclaimed:

- What charm! It to whom?

our nurse answered

with it:

- And the husband brought it to my patient. It at it the Swede.

- Well of course, unless the Russian man would guess to bring to the wife of a rose?!

Here myths so are born

! I sprinkled, was twisted from sharp belly-ache, and understood that I finally recovered. Hours showed seven. I departed from an anesthesia five hours.

Tatyana with some doctor came Then. He felt my stomach, and Tatyana persuaded me to suffer... As though I had a choice! The stomach was pleasant to the doctor the softness and, having stopped tormenting him, the doctor returned on it a bubble with ice.

Tatyana told that if everything is also good, I will be transferred to postnatal office tomorrow.

- You though could see the daughter? The weight 3300, height is 52 centimeters. Everything, lie, have a rest.

- With it everything is all right?

- it is normal, now doctors examine it, do not worry, and it is necessary. Probably, will lie down in a kyuvezika under an ultraviolet - so will a little sunbathe. And you try to turn over sideways from time to time. At first it will not turn out, but try. And tomorrow begin to rise and go … By the way, today day of the Kazan Mother of God. So you on a big holiday gave rise. And here in the State Duma want to make a holiday of the fourth of November …

When they left, I honestly tried to turn. But the feeling was it that the seam disperses, and the stomach rolls over on a bed. Tatyana, probably, was mistaken when she ordered to get up for the next day … Happens.

Ya looked round. On the contrary, at a window too someone lay, invisible behind a blanket.

- the Most awful that I do not understand it, - the nurse complained to me, having noticed my look. It fitted to my dropper an ampoule with an antibiotic.

- And who there?

- the Chinese woman. It directly before you was brought. Sometimes postanyvat and something whispers, and I will not understand!

- Leah! - I called, - Leah, it you?!

- And, - the familiar voice reached.

- Leah, how you there?

in reply Leah something moaned. My God, as it was heavy it! I - that, though in semi-nonsense, but heard how I am consoled. Heard what is told by doctors, and she did not understand anything. It lay, having curled up, and even could not raise the head from a pillow. I asked the nurse to give her waters, having decided what at it bawls as well as at me is after a tube through which we breathed. And having felt thirsty terribly. It was necessary to take with itself or tea with a lemon a thermos, or mineral water without gas … but who knew?

I Woke up in an hour. Drank waters, extended over the hand head - the only movement which was not causing pain. Listened to herself. From me something poured out from time to time - blood clots as then it became clear departed. A catheter I, really, any more did not feel. But to pinch a throat it became stronger. And there was a strong wish to clear the throat properly. Still - forty minutes under anesthetic, with a tube in a throat.

the Chamber was lit with the muffled light of a night lamp. Behind a little table at a door something was written by the nurse. Behind a window far fires burned. And me it became so quiet! I took out the kid, gave birth to him, more precisely it and though everything only begins, now it is possible to lie with feeling of the fulfilled duty. Care for me, here - covered with a warm blanket, and, probably, this night I will remember well. And, of course, till the morning I will not be able to sleep. And right there fell asleep.

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