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How ``to gather in`` a stomach of

Many, likely, faced a problem of the sticking-out tummy, the problem is not new - after the delivery or an overeating. And many worked on this problem: exercises are known and painted in detail - various twisting, “penknife“ … Only, unfortunately, they did not help also result - despair. It would be desirable to tell about own successful experience of fight against application of a secret weapon - new methods. This experience was given me by long fight, studying of literature, conversations with doctors and fitness - instructors with application and tests on itself.

So, you can do at least million traditional exercises on a stomach, but it and will stick out forward. And the reason here not in the wrong performance, and in simple anatomy. As the doctor explained to me, muscles of a stomach have 2 layers, and exercises we strengthen only a superficial, external layer. The internal muscular layer is more volume and thicker, than superficial muscles so to a thin top layer with stretched lower in any way not to cope, be it though from iron. Let`s aggravate: muscles of the lower layer supports of intestines and, therefore, the most “opposite“ exercises when we develop in a waist due to the movement in basin joints, in principle (hurrah!) play a role are useless.

How to get inside and to pump up the inside layer weakened by an overeating and (or) after the delivery? Not to load excessive information, I will not give serious medical researches here, and I will paint only conclusions which make three secrets of training of an inside layer.

So, the first - it is necessary to breathe! But not simply, and intelligently and on - scientific. This way of breath was repeatedly described in different techniques (Bodifleks, breath across Levshinov, yogovsky exercises) but many do not treat it with due respect, considering too simple, and in the old manner lean on exercises. It is about retraction of a stomach. The additional charm of exercise consists also that its performance does not require the special equipment and time - it is possible to carry out it in a bed in the morning and in the evening, during walk (with the kid in a carriage, for example), during a trip to the subway and though at office in a lunch break! From pluses: this effective exercise, unlike many traditional, can be carried out in the presence of problems with a backbone.

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about technology of execution. At first the powerful exhalation is carried out, at the time of an exhalation it is offered to be bent slightly and then to pull in a stomach from below up (to try to hide it under edges). Be late in this situation though for 4 seconds and inhale. Now about the number of repetitions. For beginners (or young mothers) the number of repetitions equal to number of full years recommend to carry out. If it is difficult to execute it - you divide into two and carry out a half in the morning, a half in the evening, gradually adding. Ideally the quantity has to come nearer to 100. For ladies in good physical shape the maximum number of repetitions can begin with 300 and aspire to 600.

Second - we strain the bringing muscles. These are the muscles passing on an internal surface of a hip from a groin to a knee, they cramp knees. It is necessary to enter important addition into the known stomach exercises which are carried out by you - to densely squeeze knees. For self-checking it is possible to hold clamped between knees any subject (a small ball, a small soft toy and though to bank from - under beers / stakes).

I the last, we make active gluteuses. It is necessary to make one more addition to the carried-out traditional stomach exercises - to keep gluteuses in suspense.

It as for exercises. Still I try to keep muscles in a tone constantly as soon as I remember it. For this purpose it is possible to sit at office on a chair edge, the direct back and visualization of a press in the form of a relief washing board very much promotes. It is possible to hang out as additional incentive and a reminder “to keep a tummy“ in an apartment interior the corresponding pictures of beauties or own in the best time, especially helps - on the refrigerator. Well and it is traditional to p - not to overeat

. Personally I still very much liked experience of a trip “on waters“, though the incomplete course, but effect was tremendous, this year I will try to repeat already full course for fixing of effect.

For persons interested to grow thin a stretching - the real find. The matter is that pain during an extension increases emission of a somatotropin - hormone which possesses strong fat-burning property. It is necessary to stretch so that to hold a pose within 10 - 30 seconds - then gain the necessary effect. It is necessary to last before disappearance of intensity and not to forget to breathe exactly and deeply to supply muscles with oxygen.