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If itself not ``àì``, then I give others!

Now I am the happiest person on light! But the road to it was very difficult!

I Gave birth to the child last year in July. Milk began to go already when the sonny sat at me in a tummy therefore I had time mentally to train himself for our joint food. The kid was born healthy and strong, there was enough milk until the age of the kid suited to 5 - ti to months...

the Sonny got sick with

! I do not know how, but very rare bacterium which in the world met only several times got to an organism of the child. This bacterium of FLAVOBAKTERIJA BREVIS was called. Most likely, it got there while did to the kid an inoculation because the place where it was made, began to swell up very quickly, grew of the size of a male palm and was filled with pus. Blood tests showed that the child dies. Numerous operations began until doctors understood in what the reason. Anesthesia, nights in chambers of intensive therapy where even to me, mother, pass was forbidden began.

Ya tried as could, decanted milk, asked for hours medical personnel that took my milk and fed the child. Milk vanished, the child forgot to suck, getting used to a small bottle. Operations became in Riga, and we live in 162 km from the capital of Latvia therefore it was necessary to spend the night in the hostel at hospital that though somehow to feel proximity with my son. The husband was near constantly too.

When the child was placed from “intensive“ chamber in simple, I could be near it, but he was not able to suck a breast any more. I very much tried not to waste all this time milk, drank special teas, tried to be quieter, but for the sake of what? The child weaned from my breast and got used to taste of baby food, refusing to suck even the decanted milk.

I here then I learned that in our office lies 2 - x the week baby who from - for carelessness of drunk mother got terrible burns. It was not necessary to mother, the child lay in chamber one, and the elder medical sister suggested me to try to give a breast to this baby. I made it! She stuck to me as she a hungry kitten, and began to suck. Having taken couple of sips, she fell asleep... I continued to feed the baby all 3 weeks while we with the sonny were in hospital.

Wrote out us in one day. The girl was taken away by mother who, knowing that I brought up her daughter, did not even tell simple human “thanks“! Finally I thrust a small bottle with the decanted milk into a cradle of the baby.

When already arrived home, bringing up of foreign babies became for me natural... I brought up 1,5 - the monthly son of the neigbour from above though before we were not familiar with her. And “the dairy rivers“ were the cause of new acquaintance.

Now to my son year, milk is at me still, and I try to give it to the son at least on a tea spoon, in parallel bringing up the son of the already of the girlfriend - neigbours from above.