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Soft completion of breastfeeding

If breastfeeding - natural process, then and its end can naturally happen too. So I solved, and answered the questions concerning Sashki`s excommunication from a breast that the excommunication will not be: she will stop being fed when to it it is ready. “Well, feed, feed to school, - encouraged me, - from what to her to finish?“

I was ready

of the First to the feeding termination by a breast. Sashka sucked often and many, it exhausted me (add the younger child who is fed on demand here, and it will become clearer why to me it was heavy), and I began to think how I can change a situation. Despite fatigue, I still did not want to separate - it was clear that Sashke from it it will be bad, and in general, everything will become complicated - the jealousy, laying to sleep etc. I decided what quite would suit me if Sasha continued to suck, but not so often and not so long.

By that moment of Sashke was two and four, and I tried to agree with it. At first I experimentally found out in what cases she needs to suck a breast by all means and in what it is simple to it to distract. It turned out that she needs to be fed before falling asleep, after awakening and at night. 5 - 6 times turned out, and it quite suited me.

Ya was told by Sashke:“ Sashun, I very much am tired and I manage to do nothing. You could help me if sucked not so often. Let me nurse you after a dream, before going to bed and at night, well?“ Sashka agreed. Of course, it continued some time on a habit to ask a breast more often, but in such cases I reminded her our arrangement, and always said when I feed her next time. It was not required to make concessions though I was ready to it. Sashka agreed and waited for the moment on which we agreed with her. In few weeks she did not remember about sucking of a breast any more if it was not on a dream or after awakening.

sucking Duration decreased too. And Sashka learned to fall asleep without breast. Before going to bed she sucked a breast a couple of minutes, and then we talked to it, read, sometimes sang songs, sometimes I ironed it. And she fell asleep. Sashke was two and a half years old.

I was ready to continue to feed with

In such mode for a long time, and assumed that Sashka will cease to suck somewhere after three.

Gradually it began to forget to suck a breast before going to bed, both before night, and before day. Then feeding after a day dream was gone - Sashka herself got up and came to have an afternoon snack.

Still some time she woke up at night, came to me to a bed and asked a breast. Then began to pass to me and just went to bed nearby, the breast did not suck at night any more. And at some moment I suddenly understood that Sashka sucks a breast only once a day, since morning for a long time. Sashke was two years old and eight months.

the summer season Soon began

, and at the dacha Sashka began to forget to suck in the mornings. In two years and nine it already did breaks till several days. And when by Sashke it was executed two and ten, I understood that I do not remember any more day when she sucked the last time...

Here this stage also ended with

. We were fed long and with pleasure, and finished without chagrin. I am glad that made the decision to wait for the moment when Sasha herself is ready to cease to suck a breast.

And now at a breast Leshik, and I think, he will be fed a years more one and a half - two.:-)

of PS: perhaps, will seem to you that this soft, but nevertheless an excommunication. I will object to it:

  1. I had no purpose to stop GV;
  2. I slightly ordered feeding by a breast, at the same time continuing to satisfy need of the child for sucking of a breast and contact with me. In my opinion, mother has the right to it.:-)