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Cesarean section - norm in Yakutsk?

Ya live in Yakutsk. I am very revolted how deliver us. Personally at me passed everything perfectly two years ago. But already then I heard that very many “C-section babies“ without need, special on that. Heard that to medics add for Caesarian to a salary.

this year was given rise by my friend. It still under impression! And I too! Childbirth at it proceeded perfectly, without complications, toxicosis and even anemia. To Caesarian it had no indications. She had to give birth 17 - go then she went to hospital. 18 - go at it already in hospital fights began. When attempts began, delivered it stimulation! It, giving birth to the first time and completely trusting doctors, especially did not resist, just then learned that it was stimulation.

the Child during stimulation changed the situation, and to patrimonial ways laid down a back! Yana suffered from intolerable pain, and agreed to Caesarian. Then doctors brought it papers which she had to sign, having confirmed the consent to Caesarian. After the signature the doctor approached it and whispered: “They waited until you ask it...“.

Besides it was asked at the time of delivery whether she is the addict, the child`s father not the addict? Yana was surprised to such question. After the delivery it with the child was transported in the medical center for further diagnostics. Besides at the child twisted a neck!

a week More Yana lay in the medical center with the child, and then Yana was let out for the weekend. Then the child 2 was in hospital of a week more. Yana was told that it still “got off“ light, usually get children far worse (usually break clavicles, legs, handles, this commonplace!!!).

Somehow Yana the medical book fell of

into hands. She began to read what there is written, and was surprised! At the child, it turns out, 2 (!) minutes heart did not fight! Did massage of heart! And at the time of delivery to Yana put several times some drugs, perhaps... Then also it became clear to it why it is asked whether she is the addict, on it almost did not work!

Yana still said that everything with whom it lay in prenatal office, lay also in the medical center, and all were prokesarit! It some nightmare! And Yana practically did not communicate with the child after the birth 3 more (!) weeks!

Still I will tell

that now Yana needs to do each 3 months encephalograms and other X-rays. And they cost much, from 1500 rubles! And it needs to pass pieces 3 every 3 months. Besides we have in the city 1 orthopedist (as doctors told her) therefore or it is necessary to wait for it (in turn long), or for 1500 rubles the expert “to you will remove a collar“!

Just I had very nasty opinion on our doctors. Not all. I was lucky. But I, apparently, lucky woman simply! Then I thought that childbirth at home with the qualified specialist - the best option.

I Will tell

still that Yana - not a single example. I know the girl in an excellent form (the fitness coach) who quite could give rise without Caesarian, and pregnancy proceeded well too, and too kesarit!


Please, respond to my letter since this subject very much interests me! I am going to give birth to the second child. Also I want that childbirth at me took place on “5“.