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Timoshka goes to the sea (the village Golubitskaya, the Sea of Azov). Part III

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Falls of the river Zhane, dolmens

, this trip we waited most of all. We with the husband were not on falls long ago, and Timoshka never saw them (I do not consider that in Moscow area). We bought vacation packages in Ekipazh firm, and were very satisfied.

the Way was coming

remote, to the settlement “Renaissance“ (near Gelendzhik), i.e. for 3 hours one way. Therefore we very much were delighted to the spacious bus with the conditioner. (By the way, “Scarlet sails“ in the same day carried excursion to falls too, but by the same small, close bus.)

As soon as we settled more conveniently, it turned out that even Timoshk does not need to hold on a lap - there were excess places. Thus, at our disposal there was all back platform. And already in half an hour of a way of Timoshk slept across three seats, despite the vigorous story of the guide. By the way this time the guide very much was pleasant to us. At it so dexterously it turned out to tell about history of all places which we passed, in passing interweaving local legends into the narration and answering questions of which we only managed to think.

In three hours the bus already stood at an entrance to the wildlife area. To the most distant falls it was planned to go all together, and to come back separately. We were afraid that we will not be in time from - for Timoshki, but the group went slowly, and slowly we passed about two and a half kilometers.

Ah, what in the south remarkable wood: the juniper, thick beeches, stones covered with a moss and the huge roots of trees reminding snakes. Timoshka all road somewhere clambered, strove to approach the edge of a footpath where far below on stones the river ran.

Should tell

that this excursion route quite crowded: we often met other groups, and along the road the tents trading in different souvenirs and tiny ceramic dolmens constantly came across.

I Will explain

that dolmens - ancient Adygei stone constructions (1 - 3 century BC) in which buried rich people. Poor people were just dug in to the earth, it is frequent on several people. From here in the wood - a set of barrows.

When we came to the first dolmen - Timoshka was enraptured. Still: a mysterious stone lodge with a round entrance where besides allow to climb! We were photographed and went further.

our ultimate goal, at falls had a huge number to the people. The falls (as well as several another, seen later), frankly speaking, did not impress - absolutely small. Here, the guide said goodbye to us, having reminded that we meet in the bus in two hours, and also very much recommended to bathe in bowls of health and love always to be favourite and healthy. Where what bowl, we especially did not understand (the crowd had no), but bathed. And Timoshka was not even confused by cold water.

After we have a bite in cafe (imagine, them even a little here), and then slowly went back at walking speed. On one of turns of a footpath our father found the imperceptible short flight of stairs conducting down to the river and as descent was quite abrupt, for an additional insurance attached a rope here.

the Place for bathing turned out

ideal: over small powder small, just for Timoshki, and under it a deep bathtub, just for us. Here we were bought! And Timoshka in plenty played enough pebbles which he threw in water. Of course, my husband is infinitely right: he is not tired to repeat about how badly thoughtlessly to go with crowd.

On the way back we bought

souvenirs, and once again allowed Timoshke to polazit on dolmens. At an exit, already behind the territory of the wildlife area, we found one more falls where bathed already last time.


It is surprising that in the falls little small fishes lapped. Most likely, it were small forelk (the trout floats against the current); probably, having reached falls, they tried to jump up. The father caught to Timosha one small fish, having just held up a hand. Timokh took it in a palm and released to float.

in general, excursion very much was pleasant to us, but, to tell the truth, if we removed housing in Gelendzhik, then unambiguously would arrive here under the own steam, and, of course, early since morning.

Unrealized plans

From those excursions on which we would like to go, but could not, I will mark out two.

In July tourists begins to be carried to the valley of lotuses which blossom once in a year. Speak, very beautifully. Unfortunately, we left earlier, than excursions opened.

Still us was very much intrigued by excursion to the African village (in Sukko`s valley). At first we were in perplexity: at what here Africans? It turned out that it is an initiative of the African students who in summer vacation show to tourists of representation. Excursions two. Night - with erotic show. And we wanted to go on day: to look at the African dances and ceremonies. But, unfortunately, remained to time a little, and it was necessary to choose: either village, or falls. However, once we saw children in Golubitskaya when they went in the dresses on the beach.

a tar Spoon

Rest at us turned out magnificent, but which - that all - spoiled mood. These are mosquitoes. Numerous estuaries - the beautiful place for their reproduction. Therefore we were bitten rather.

Should tell

that Timoshkin an organism very violently reacts to stings: on their place (especially after a rasches) firm cones appear. The reminiscence when Timokh brought to itself thus an infection is still fresh and was hospitalized with an erysipelatous inflammation. Therefore when the child for the third day became covered by cones - we were horrified. Smeared with brilliant green. Gave itch medicine. And then incidentally heard interesting advice which was followed on the TV.

needs to mix a crumb of black bread with small chopped parsley, to make boiled water to a sour cream consistence, and to impose this weight on places of stings for 15 minutes twice a day (not to shift a nashlepka - I put from above pieces of a gauze and closed up with a plaster.) Tiresomely, but after several days of procedures (plus brilliant green after) cones passed and did not appear any more. Though we had a suspicion that the organism just got used to stings.

By the way, though we also took ointment from mosquitoes, but almost did not use it. What sense if constantly you bathe?

To Moscow!

As it was good to h2 to have a rest - but we very much missed the house. We reached Anapa quickly enough, bought to the road of products and got on the train. And as we strongly were surprised when a half of places in the car were empty! Here you and “do not have tickets“! It is good that we did not spend spare cash. We just bought Timoshke an additional set of linen, and he slept one on the lower shelf. However, we for an insurance put the curtailed mattress on a floor.

For the second day we had new acquaintances: family with two little daughters. They spent vacation at Utrishe, just at a camp. We with interest listened to them, and found out the interesting fact: it appears, this year and on the Black Sea (in any case, in Utrishe) to tourists mosquitoes, and also gadflies and a midge prevented to have a rest.

the Epilogue

By and large, in Golubitskaya suited us almost everything. We bought products in the market, but if something could not be found - went to the market to Temryuk (15 - 20 minutes on a minibus or the bus). In the same place there are several fish rows where it is possible to buy any tasty pieces, will tell fish a pelengas of whom locals very much are proud. the Mobile phone it is better for p to pay

too here (to put money for number) since in Golubitskaya it is necessary to buy cards with an overpayment.

When we prepared for holiday - bought a spare memory card for the digital camera, and correctly made because there is no computer hall (to dump photos on a disk) in the village and we found only one club in Temryuk, and that is exclusively entertaining. So for three weeks with a stock 1,3 GB (wrote down also videos), but it were enough for us provided that every evening I looked through finished shooting in a day and at once erased superfluous.

If somebody is going to have a rest in Golubitskaya, I with pleasure will answer all questions by e-mail. At need - I will write Claudia Mikhaylovna`s coordinates. Also there is a photo of the schedule of buses from Temryuk.

I one more moment. We somewhere read that in July - August the Sea of Azov blossoms, and in it it is unpleasant to bathe from - for seaweed and jellyfishes. When we asked locals whether the truth it - we were told:“ It depends. Happens that it is the best of all to bathe in general in September“ If to go in June as we made, then not the fact that it will be warm (we here were lucky). In a word, everyone solves.

Finally I will give some prices which I could remember - suddenly it is useful?

of rest Pleasant to all!

Yes, forgot to tell: Timoshka ceased to cough!

Appendix. Some prices