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Timoshka goes to the sea (the village Golubitskaya, the Sea of Azov). Part II

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the Economy at the grandmother Klava and the grandfather Mischa was big: cow, young bull and absolutely little bull-calf, and also several hens and rooster. Outside peacefully a cat Kesha and a dog Caesar adjoined (the grandfather told that in the winter when it is cold, they even heat each other in the box). Timosha constantly felt need someone to stroke: cat, dog. And when he the first time decided to stroke a bull (under supervision, of course) - that in gratitude licked Timoshka in a cheek.

It is great that at last an opportunity to show to the child as potato, tomatoes, grapes grow was presented. As the wash basin is arranged as the real doghouse looks (which he saw only in animated cartoons) as the spider spins a web as in twilight on the road frogs as chickens jump out bear testicles as milk a cow and much - much everything...


gradually got used to drink pair milk, though not really it favored. But with interest watched how milk a cow. Every morning the cow family was taken away to be grazed. During the lunchtime cow (!) came that she was milked, again left, and in the evening the grandfather brought all back.

there came by the car several men Once, some Tazy shipped in a luggage carrier, and left.

- Any more we will not see our bull - sighed at me the woman Klava and complained: it became heavy to contain in the winter of cows. The grandfather old became - cannot prepare already so much hay. Therefore I do not know whether we will leave a bull-calf.

in the Evening of a bull we did not see

any more. Next day the cow did not come during the lunchtime. Speak, everything smelled traces - looked for the eldest son. And in the evening when the grandfather drove it home, all saw that on cow cheeks tears flow.

were run By by children.

- Mother, - Timosha asked, - and where a bull?

- the Bull... You know, it was lost. In general, it seems to me that someone stole it - very much it was good.

We with the husband looked at

once again on the crying cow, exchanged glances and nearly burst out crying. Well here you will do?

Once Timoshka thrust with

in a hen house and when came inside - wanted to touch chickens. And I, having opened a mouth, observed how chicken stands still and gives itself to iron. And then the grandmother Klava gave to Timosha testicles, and he right there asked them to weld. It especially for it - at all not such, how in shop, the truth?


Bathing in dirt

Somehow on the beach us approached the man and suggested to take us on mud baths. At once I will explain that in Temryuksky district a set of places with curative dirt which what only do not treat. But if you arrived here - that surely bathe in the well-known mud volcano (width of a crater of 50 m, depth more than 3 km). We planned it to visit, however it turned out that the volcano is temporarily closed for visits (this year imposed some special requirements to its equipment). But there was a wish for exotic therefore we with pleasure agreed to a trip.

of the Bathtub are represented by the pools filled with dirt with steps and hand-rail not to slip. The first the father with Timosha went down. Having looked at them, absolutely black, I grudged at once my new bathing suit therefore I sighed, and got to bathe without it (what difference - all the same nothing is visible!)

Of course, feelings during bathing unusual! All focus that dirt does not allow to drown. Therefore the person who is not able to swim can lie just quietly on a back and have a rest. Timoshka, however, did not risk to swim for a while one.


rinsed us in the sea - well that it is absolutely close. However, before it Timoshka did not miss an opportunity to strew me with cockleshells. And I became similar to the candy sprinkled with wafer crumbs at once. And then we, happy and full of impressions, went home and discussed where we will go next time.

the Amusement park

Someone from residents of the grandmother Klava recommended to us to visit the children`s attractions located in the territory of recreation facility “Lada“ (on other region of the village).

the Road by a taxi took with

fifteen minutes, but it became clear that attractions open at 11 o`clock therefore we had to take a walk a little bit. The recreation facility was very beautiful place: between wooden lodges - smart lawns with a set of red roses. All benches and a swing are decorated with fantastic wooden sculptures. Everywhere - nice fountainlets.

Attractions take very many place here, but generally from - for the fact that between them - big green lawns. And visitors - one - two persons. The pleasure was cheap therefore we decided to buy tickets for everything, and at desire to repeat. After driving on “Autodrome“ and “Orbit“ (with which the child was delighted simply), we began to bypass children`s attractions with Timoshkaya. (“Sun“, “Ship`s boy“, “Hand bell“, “Railroad“).

When put Timoshka on an engine, offered us:

- And you sit down all together!

- Well, thanks. Especially as we bought only one ticket...

- That you! We do not roll adults for money!

Thus though not especially we wanted, but very much wanted Timokhe - we with the husband were free of charge taken for a drive on all children`s attractions.

On it miracles did not come to an end in

. In a lodge with cash desk, in two big rooms were found old (but working!) the Soviet gaming machines (on 15 kopeks, you remember?) “A light shooting gallery“, “Towns“, “Sea battle“, “Interceptor“... you will not remember everything. We shed a few tears from affection. And then played, played, and told: “Here, the sonny, earlier, when there were no computers...“ . Timoshke especially was pleasant small basketball. We played against the father. When began to lose, Timoshka very much was nervous. Besides, while he does not know figures, it was necessary to prompt, where to press, and the father, of course, gave in. Eh, nostalgia...

among attractions we found

A a spiral water hill which was just included a put ago. We changed clothes in the room with gaming machines, and went to ride. It was pleasant to all, except Timoshka. He once moved down together with the father, but on bends had a terrible fright, and then when flopped to the pool - in general was horrified. But then it just with pleasure wetted in the pool of a leg, and we in turn rode. This day was the real holiday for all of us.

the Aquapark

Practically near “Lada“ is located

an aquapark. The entrance ticket expensive, but visit - without restriction on time. Here everything is under the open sky. Therefore, being afraid that the child will burn, we put on him a t-shirt.

First of all we showed to Timosha a paddling pool where the set of multi-colored balls and rubber rings floated. In the middle - multi-colored fountainlet with three small hills. At first Timoshka very much was afraid to move down in water, but then began to enjoy, and even several times slid from a hill for children is more senior, and we caught him.

A near a paddling pool we found a big figure of the clown with three unclear buttons. It turned out that they include water which a shower flows from clownish hands and a nose. Kids this attraction delighted.

For adults in an aquapark - five hills. We with the husband went to ride in turn, but then, having discussed, estimated entertainment on the firm three. The first minus - badly processed joints, each of which enough noticeably beats a back. The second - not adjusted water flow and an unsuccessful configuration of hills. That is, it would seem: you have to fly from above, survey the opening panorama and tremble, looking from height... And in practice - nothing because in a face water whips is visible in general, and you land to the pool in such a way that, forgive for details, water is filled in where it is only possible. (Here we also spoke well of an old water hill in children`s park.)


Very much liked a long screw hill for descent on circles. But there, unfortunately, the huge turn was built. Therefore rolled down all on time.

Coming back from hills to a paddling pool, I incidentally saw a sandbox with toys. And of course, brought Timosha there. It is interesting what is felt by the child when provide him a huge sandbox, (in which nobody plays), filled up with huge dump trucks, trailers, tractors, without speaking about sovochka - buckets? We with the husband long watched rough activity in sand, and, of course, left from there almost with scandal.

Finally we have a bite

in cafe and gathered home.

- Timosha, and all - that you liked most of all: hills, clown or balls? - I asked already behind gate.

- the Sandbox! - Timosha answered. - Give tomorrow again there we will go!


Utrish dolphinarium

In Golubitskaya several excursion firms work. In different crowded places (near shops or the market) aunts at whom it is possible to register in various excursions sit at little tables and to watch photos. Of course, we chose excursions with that calculation that it was interesting to Timosha and that it is not strong to exhaust him the road.


Frankly speaking, me it became a shame that I promised long ago, but did not take the son in the Moscow dolphinarium. Why not to make up for lost time?

Excursion we ordered

in Scarlet sails firm. I will not tell that the road especially was pleasant to us. The bus was sent small, close. The woman - the guide tried to tell something about history of Taman Peninsula, but constantly sighed and was confused so it was better not to listen at all.

On the road it was interesting to p to read inscriptions on billboards: “The driver, you were a child! Be more attentive on the road!“ “the traffic police of Anapa welcomes the disciplined drivers!“, “Health of children - the future of Russia!“ or just sincere “Hi, summer!“ . Timoshka behaved well so reached without adventures.

In Utrishe before representation to us were given hour of time. We managed to swim in the Black Sea and to visit a terrarium. So an opportunity to show to the child of slopes, a flounder and sea horses was in passing presented. The sea in Utrishe the purest. By the way, on the mountain the big camp is located. Many come with children here.

Still we were told that future mothers attending Dragotsennost school give birth to kids in water here (in the sea). And sometimes dolphins to the aid come - help to push out the kid on air (dolphins treat the cubs also, they cannot live without air too).

In a dolphinarium to us very much it was pleasant to p (except for that here everything is unfairly expensive). Dolphins live in habitat here - just the part of the sea is fenced off by grids. Stands are convenient, high - it is well visible to all.

performance took place

on one breath. Dolphins jumped through obstacles, juggled with balls, twisted rings, danced and even drew. But especially skillfully the female of a sea lion acted. What was cost at least by a rack on one fin! Once its, absolutely small, found cast ashore (most likely, her mother died). And at sea lions it is not accepted to nurse foreign cubs. So employees of a dolphinarium saved it life. And she answers with mutual love to the trainers.


, though looked with interest, all the same endlessly turned and asked when it is possible to touch a dolphin. In due time I told it about dolphins much: what they kind that they rescue people and love children. And, of course promised that when we go to a dolphinarium, to us will allow to touch a dolphin and even with it to be photographed.

At first I paid

in cash desk of a photo “jump to a hand“, but then imagined Timoshkino disappointment when the dolphin touches a hand, and again will jump in water. Therefore, having bethought, paid in addition “an exit to a scaffold“ for a photo a little - when the dolphin jumps out on a scene and is photographed near the child. It was necessary to see Timokhino affection when at his legs two dolphins lay at once, and he ironed them... Frankly speaking, at me even language did not turn to ask it to look in a lens, time we were given - only several seconds, and behind us there was the longest turn.

Finally we once again swam in the sea and showed to Timosha a krabik. Then bought any delicacies and ran to the bus. Still on the way here the guide warned that late for five minutes she - sings for all bus, late for ten minutes - dances for all bus, and late for fifteen minutes - sings and dances after the leaving bus.

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