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Timoshka goes to the sea (the village Golubitskaya, the Sea of Azov). Part I

U us two children: Timosha is three years old, Ilyushe one and a half. And the last several years we with the husband continually postponed normal rest - that because of pregnancy and childbirth, children were too small.

in the Fall Timoshka went to a garden, and from this point began to be ill constantly, and his cough became chronic, from time to time becoming aggravated. And once passed into heavy bronchitis, and we rang out in hospital. Infinite inspections gave nothing, and the doctor advised to take out the child on clean air.


Till the last moment it was not believed that we will go somewhere. We already had once a case when the most interesting trip broke from - for Timoshkina of an illness, and we who already trumpeted about our plans to all friends - sighing, returned tickets.


Choosing the vacation spot according to reviews on the Internet, we output for ourselves several criteria by which made a final choice.

Small to Ilyush is decided to be left with the grandmother.

the Train Moscow - Anapa

Tickets we at first thought to take in a compartment, but then all - bought reserved seats since at the price they differ exactly twice. On Timoshka bought the free ticket without place, being afraid that one it can fall down in a dream from the shelf. We got neighbors remarkable: mother and nine-year-old son. And though children together especially did not play, but shared with each other toys.


for the first time had to go happiness by the real train therefore it endlessly joyfully jumped on the top shelf and back. At first was a big problem to pull down it down on a dream, but then I remembered a valuable advice from the children`s magazine, and built between two regiments a cave from two sheets, having tucked in them under both mattresses. Well, who will refuse such dwelling?

the Road took with

two nights and one day. Decided to sleep with Timoshka “valetiky“ in turn - it appeared hard. It span and pushed all the time - aimed to push off on a floor. After such torture all - decided to buy on arrival to Anapa one more return ticket with the place.

During the day. Timosha with the father left to walk, and at the same time bought something tasty. In general, we to a disgrace there is a lot of fir-tree - and what else to do? And still I laid up before departure several new books and magazines with pictures, and we from Timoshkaya read.


several hours prior to arrival on the train the people offering housing began to scurry about. Did not see that there were persons interested - to whom hunting to overpay? The arrived passengers were attacked literally by crowd of taxi drivers and persons interested to lease housing. And if at the beginning we politely went on:“ No, thanks“, then just squeezed, looking to the earth.

- Why such impolite? - reached behind. - I ask where to carry, and you are silent!

In cash desk where we were put in hope to buy the additional return ticket, we were told that all tickets were booked by Moscow. It`s all right.

to us needed to be reached Now to bus station (the railway station is in Anapa outside the city), to Temryuk from there, and then to Golubitskaya. However, having come to the road, and having staid twenty at a stop of minutes, we understood that buses, probably, do not go yet (to a floor - the seventh morning), and it is good to catch the car. But as we were surprised when any of them did not want to stop. For Moscow a situation atypical, and here in Anapa, most likely, fine for private carrying. As a result, us all - took the taxi passing by. it became clear

On bus station by p that our bus left just, and following will be only in two hours. Having reconciled, we were already going to wait, but there was a man - the taxi driver suggesting to reach to Temryuk or to Golubitskaya. We agreed. Especially, in the beginning it seemed that at us there is a lot of money. (I wrote out all local prices which could remember separately: see the appendix below.)

All short road (hour one and a half) the driver occupied us with stories about history of the edge (not worse than the guide), and in the village unostentatiously advised housing where very much it was pleasant to us. (By the way, then learned that owners of houses pay taxi drivers if those bring to them residents.)

the Hostess the remarkable grandmother, Claudia Mikhaelovna was p>

. On its site three lodges, one of which - two-storeyed, went in even. Just on the second floor we removed a small room with two beds which shifted then to find room three together. In an adjacent, communicating room played with chairs and Timoshk`s TV and watched animated cartoons before going to bed. A toilet - on the street, but it did not become a problem as we took Timoshke a pot. The iron, a shower, a summer kitchen, the refrigerator - the word, everything that is necessary. And especially I was bribed by tables and benches in the yard under a canopy where it appeared to have dinner so fine in the fresh air.

Having abandoned things and having hastily had a bite, ran at the sea. By the way, paid attention that “I hand over“ plates hang nearly on each lodge - so was nonsense to reserve housing on the Internet (imagine, there is such website).

Sea... ah! There were no six at the sea of years, and Timoshka at all never saw it. And I never was on shelly beaches. To ridiculously remember how once on the Black Sea I tried to discover cockleshells among stones when here all coast is filled up with them. Here it is maiden happiness! (And as it was ridiculous to see the serious aunties with bags collecting cockleshells!)

to us was lucky

With weather, we at once bathed, and Timoshka looked at waves: at first cautiously, then with delight, and then laid down on sand at all, “that the wave licked“.

Three-week happiness

Should explain


that at the time of departure the state, our with the husband, could be described as semi-unconscious. It has a work, I have a bustle with children who sleep - that in the afternoon not always in at one time, if at all sleep. By the evening you feel a squeezed orange. Besides, when all are laid - there is a wish to work the affairs too - to make something as a hobby. Here also left for 5 - 6 hours of a dream a day.

Therefore the day regimen at us left remarkable. Every day we got up at 6 - 7 o`clock (after Timohui), had breakfast and ran at the sea. Then, when the heat began, came back home to have dinner, and went to bed for about three hours, and in the evening walked again.

Along the sea in Golubitskaya unostentatiously located several recreation facilities, but differentiation of the coast on someone`s beaches does not exist, except for one children`s camp. Therefore for a change we tried to walk in different places. Very much the central beach was pleasant. Along the coast - the nice umbrellas covered with straw and open bar in the same style. And also several cafes, hire of plank beds and any inflatable accessories. Counters with souvenirs, and, at last, children`s attractions. Timoshka periodically rode a roundabout and jumped on a trampoline.

also: driving on “banana“, also weeds on the parachute fastened to the boat. I became thoughtful was about a parachute, but then we together estimated how much good it is possible to buy here on this money and waved a hand.

Special sight of the central beach for Timosha were two drinking fountainlets - he at once noticed them. Accurate, laid out by pebbles and surrounded with benches - it was impossible to pass by. Therefore on the way to the beach Timoshka had to be undressed. He ran to fountainlet, opened the confidential gate sideways, and, joyfully squealing, began to splash. And then already we went to the sea.

Bathing in the Sea of Azov for children - is a pleasure to

: superficially and sandy bottom. However Timoshka was afraid to come into water one in the beginning, and bathed only at the father on handles. Then gradually grew bolder, besides we bought a rubber ring in the form of a car tire (and tires and wheels - our weakness) and a children`s saving vest. When the child understood that he floats - he so was delighted that just pushed away our hands.

we bought

For games with sand a set of toys too: bucket, molds, sovochek and water melenka: when on it from above you pour water - multi-colored castors turn. At first she was favourite Timoshina a toy. Still the father helped Timoshke to dig out lagoons and tunnels for machines. Well and of course we could not but dig Timoshka in warm sand - it very much liked such entertainment.

On the Sea of Azov the tea is a lot of

. They constantly soared over the heads of vacationers, but it was worth getting the camera - right there departed, as if on purpose. And after a rain when the sea was still restless, they rushed to waves and dexterously were enough small fishes.

Several times we found

the small fishes of a strange look cast ashore: narrow and long, and mouths - as at sea horses. It appears, such small fish for the shape of a body is called “fish - a needle“. And we dried to ourselves a couple for memory.


It is surprising, but on Golubitskaya`s streets trishaws ply. Their bicycles are arranged so: one wheel behind, and two in front, between which - sitting for passengers. Once we three together swept on such piece to the beach. Feelings unusual (you sit on a shop and you go), but all the same it was somehow awkward before the young man. I represent how it is heavy to carry three at once (me, for example, with one - that the child in a cycle chair hardly).

If you since morning came to the sea, having forgotten to have breakfast - be not upset: hungry definitely you will not leave. Hours from nine along the coast grandmothers - aunts with food begin to run. Pies, tubules with condensed milk, baklava, churchkhela, donuts, and also boiled crayfish. So the main thing - to take to drink with itself.

When we the first time bought by

pies, and the grandmother called to me the price - was thought somehow that even at us in Moscow is twice cheaper. But then, when to us they were got - of the size of half-long loaf, and as then it became clear, with a continuous stuffing - I somehow was ashamed of the thoughts.

we bought

of Cancers too (to beer), but I will not tell that we strongly gorged on, tried rather. Only you will clean - Timoshka right there opens a mouth.

Opposite to the central beach one more good vacation spot - small ozerko where on several meters from the coast depth - below a knee was found. Once the sun rose above - and water got warm instantly. Parents with small children had a rest exactly here. Right there was a hire of catamarans. Once we drove, but it was not pleasant to us. What pleasure to bask in the sun when others bathe?

Several times we got on the mountain with which, as in a picture, the sea, beaches and ozerko was visible. Especially beautiful look opened at sunset. And on the mountain we found which too - that interesting: two wine casks, height, probably, in two human growth (certainly, empty:-)). Never would think that they are such huge.

In general, cultivation of grapes - here one of primary activities (on an equal basis with fishery) therefore wine is sold practically everywhere, but is also specialized little shops where it is possible to taste at first, and then to buy.

I, if the speech came about shops, I will tell that else we very much liked glazed cheese curds of local dairy plant (its company booths are painted with camomiles on a green background). They are to different fillers, but the most tasty - with biskvitiky inside. And curd cake tastes like the most delicate souffle! It is a pity what at us is so fine not done.

of the House

there Passed some time, and we, at last, quite accustomed to our new house, and, above all - got acquainted with all. It turned out that to the grandmother Klava for the summer from the different cities all her huge family gathers: children, grandsons and two-year-old great-granddaughter Nastya. And also some families which go with children several years in a row here.

Timosha could not pick up to himself the company in any way for age therefore most of all communicated with Nastya, the same prankish as he. At first they together played, then fought from - for toys, ran up, and again went each other to look for.

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