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Bulgaria - the country of the sea, mountains and excellent mood of

26. 06. 06 - 10. 07. 06

So it was moved that as soon as the next holiday comes to an end, I begin to plan following. As following it was expected in the summer, I began to think of rest option with the child on the sea. There was no wish to go to our coast, there we will always be in time;-), therefore on our means a choice for Bulgaria was made.

Having read responses on various websites, I came to a conclusion that it is necessary to us in the private sector of Bulgaria and where - nibud is closer to Sozopl. On the advice of forumites chose Ravda as economical option, and even reserved hotel. It, of course, not near Sozopl, but is too tempting at the prices.

So, all this lyrics, were followed further by resolute actions. I began to look for travel agency which is engaged in registration of visas and air tickets at reasonable prices. Let`s consider that I live in 450 km from Moscow therefore the option of independent registration of visas was not even considered. On my happiness I found firm where agreed to make all documents.

So, having agreed about my arrival to Moscow for 1 day, and it was Saturday (of firm I was convincingly assured that they work on Saturdays), I stood at this firm through passage. No signs that in this building there is a NTA - a Travel firm existed. Neither in 10, nor in 11, nor in the 12th any employee of firm did not appear, and I sadly shared the thoughts with the man - the security guard on a checkpoint. Means, “not on the cards“, I solved and went in “Solveks“. And, without hesitation, having that money that were available, got round in “Blue Sky“ on Gold Dust.

When I arrived home, never before in my life the husband on me so swore, told everything up to that Gold Dust is a garbage can that the beach awful, and people sunbathe nearly the friend on the friend … BUT! It`s done and, having wiped tears, we began to wait for long-awaited holiday.


Lowering details are expensive, I will begin the story about hotel. The Blue Sky hotel which was estimated at “Solveks“ as 2+ ** was very worthy for the stars: after capital repairs, with conveniences in number (the shower and a toilet are combined), but not on the floor as foretold to me my blessed, with the refrigerator and the TV (all this is free), on a floor a carpet, but not a cement tile, furniture new, bed linen new, but not washed off to holes (it I all about forecasts of the husband). Personnel of hotel very benevolent! For example, the daughter who was running away always forward us constantly came back with a candy.

of the Window of number left on Liski, and it was very silent at night, except for night after a match Germany - Portugal of the FIFA World Cup when the Germans pleased with the third place living in the next hotel sang football tunes, but also that was short, probably, they were calmed. For breakfast we went to the next hotel “Holiday park“. The breakfast represented a buffet, but any dish in 2 weeks of our stay was not changed. From such monotony to have breakfast it was ceased to want for the third day. Also it was possible to use free of charge the pool of this hotel, including umbrellas, plank beds and mattresses.

the Beach

By the way, about plank beds on the beach. Really, there is a paid zone fenced with a string, and here for / before a string it is possible to lie quietly on the towel. We preferred to sunbathe by the sea at once. Neither Germans, nor Poles, nor Romanians disdained it. All had enough place, and the friend on the friend lay nobody. It was convenient. You Pleskatsya with the child to the sea, bags on a look, or you swim near the coast, and the child on a look digs in sand. In general, tried to alternate to the husband supervision for the daughter.

we Learn Bulgaria

As we like to combine passive rest with excursion, we went to learn this generous country.

I learned

Shortly before departure to Bulgaria about Teo who though the businessman, but with pleasure goes on tours by the car. As ourselves “horseless“ moreover and with the small child 4 - x years, it was for us that! (P. S. It is possible to find it at hotel of “Malines“.)

I Want to tell

many thanks to Todor Varshilov (Teo) for patience, for interesting stories, for human qualities. Earlier it worked as the guide for “Neva“, but now it has other business, and excursions and there were its hobbies. Thanks to it, we saw Bulgaria, stopped by in secluded corners of this generous country. At first we went along a route the Monastery Aladzha - a potter`s workshop - Balchik (a botanical garden, residence of the Romanian queen, tasting of wine) - Cape Kaliakra - ancient Bulgarian restaurant of Chiflik Chukurovo.

So far Natashka caught butterflies before the monastery, we with the husband quietly looked at Aladzhu. Very unusual, quiet and beautiful show!

looked at

In a potter`s workshop how do the things recognized by all of a clay piece. At us the master molded a jug. It appears, paint is applied on even crude product. For me it was some kind of opening.

Balchik. If you were in Yalta to Nikitskom, then this botanical garden you will not impress though my husband liked huge cactuses. The residence of the Romanian queen, on the contrary, was pleasant to me. The interesting architectural style which lovely fitted into a natural landscape and not less interesting story about the queen Maria.

Cape Kaliakra. Very beautiful look. It should be seen! Though dolphins did not consider necessary to see us, but we did not take offense at them.

Chiflik Chukurovo`s

. Ancient Bulgarian restaurant with tercentenary history. It is restaurant - the museum. Here original details of life of Bulgarians, ancient family photos are kept. And prices just ridiculous. Unfortunately, it did not manage to us to get on the program of “the Bulgarian wedding“. At the last minute it was cancelled. It also is clear: Germany played with Argentina, and generally organized excursions carry only Germans here.

our Following route was the Beaten stones - Shumen - Arbanasi - Is big Tyrnovo - the Dryanovsky monastery - Shipka .

As distance in one party of 370 km, we left at 6 o`clock in the morning, and in 7 already were in the Stone wood.

the Beaten stones. The mysterious such place shrouded in a peculiar aura. As we were there early in the morning, quietly without crowd of the people resembled there, were photographed. Place really very mysterious. Natural phenomenon.

Shumen. Monument to liberation of Bulgaria. The monumental such construction from concrete which is on the mountain. A magnificent panorama of the city and 1367 steps to the bottom. Also in Shumen we went to the operating mosque Tombul - Dzhamiya.

of Arbanasi. At first I will tell that at first we stopped by in the Maiden monastery, for many years former closed for visit. Very pacifying place and, of course, a magnificent view. Occasionally passing conventuals set thinking on this place. Absolutely nearby the town Arbanasi was located. Here we visited the traditional Bulgarian house with typical building: stone first floor and wooden the second. The spirit of the age just soars in air.

It is big Tyrnovo. I was simply subdued by this city! It is the former Bulgarian capital. History of this city bloody. Nevertheless, fortress Tsarevets remained and until now. Stone remains of houses, ditch, towers. And again - I will tell it again and again - a magnificent panorama of the city!!!

Dryanovsky monastery. Music of mountains, the woods, the rivers and falls - everything merged together in this tremendous place. It is a wonderful corner! I understand monks that lived and live in this place. It is just paradise! Here you will see both falls, and the mountain ice small river, and steep rocks, and also can descend in a cave “Bacho Kirov“. Of course, it is not Marble as in the Crimea, and even not Emin - Bair - Hosar, but it is quite worthy. About the monastery we well sat in the mekhena and, pacified, went “to submit“ Shipka


. What can be told about mountains? Mountains - it is always tremendous! If it is good to get accustomed, (and at Teo we “got hold“ of the field-glass), then it is possible to see the sea. The destiny of this place is unique. Here strong stories of Bulgarians, Russians and Turks intertwined.

Still slightly - slightly, it would also be possible to reach to Plovdiv, but we will arrive to Bulgaria once again:-), and even not one! At 11 in the evening we already were in hotel.

Also we went to an aquapark on Gold dust. Very pretty, not really big, but also to the people it is not a lot of. Or we were so lucky?

in Varna we did not get To a dolphinarium. Or rather, reached it, but time was 13:00 already, and representations in 10, 12 there, and 15:30. Therefore for 1 lion descended in a cafe and looked at a floating dolphin. Descended in a zoo, it though small, but with the child it is possible to take a walk.


the First week of our stay in Bulgaria everything was excellent

- the sea the purest, small fishes float at legs, water transparent, even at a depth. And here it was farther worse. While heated rains the Solar Coast, on Gold Dust became cold, and the sea zashtormit. Here I was glad that did not go to Ravda, otherwise it is unknown where we would “swim“ now. 3 - 4 days later weather was adjusted, but here the sea continued to wash ashore seaweed and it was unpleasant to come into it. Therefore we were helped out by the pool.


Here I can tell


about tasty Bulgarian cuisine only positively. Tried with the husband and a tarator and a musaka, and also a kavarma, sarm, salads of shopskiya and ovcharskiya, a snezhanka. It from national, the others it is possible not to list - everything rather traditionally, but it is inexpressibly appetizing! Descended in the Indian restaurant on 50 lev, in Chinese on 20 lev. But dishes were pleasant everywhere. Though, as they say, everyone to his own taste.

the Epilogue

Now about sad. Flew “Siberia“. Feed disgustingly: dry mustard sandwiches, but also it is fine. Took off at 16:15 from Varna according to the schedule. Time already 19:30 across Moscow, and a board “to fasten belts“ went out, we do not decrease, have to arrive at 19:40. And the day before the plane in Irkutsk crashed. The captain declares:“ In Moscow a thunder-storm, we follow on spare airfield to Nizhny Novgorod“. We fly 45 more minutes. Mudflows. There were 2 hours, from the plane do not let out since it is necessary to cross the border. Closeness, children cry. From Moscow arrived that. structure to check a condition of the plane. We fly 45 more minutes.

Arrived at 23:30. Already both the express left, and all our trains to Tambov. It was lucky that Natashka both fell asleep on take-off from Varna, and slept to a departure from Nizhny Novgorod 5 hours. Therefore at night we sat at the airport, and our child rushed on escalators and did not sleep (with us, not one). Moreover and home went through Michurinsk. But same everything nonsense! The main thing that we are live, healthy and have perfectly a rest:-)!

Other photos of Bulgaria can look at

in my photo album / private. aspx? RubrID=137891.