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Sleepless kingdom of

Natural reliefs of extraordinary beauty flashed at me before eyes. I ran quicker and quicker, hearing behind terrible cries. Vampires in a human appearance pursued me. I did not see them, was afraid to look back, but precisely knew that it they. I felt that catch up with me as cries became louder, but continued to run. But suddenly... I failed in a deep hole. I was gone! Around there was a full gloom, I lay and could not move. Vampires stuck into me the teeth, the silence set in...

Ya woke up in cold sweat. It will dream! It is good still that I did not begin to beat off vampires hands and legs, near one party, having nestled on me, my daughter lay and, smacking the lips, sucked my breast, and the husband slept with another. Actually, in a similar dream there is nothing surprising: after recent viewing at movie theater of the movie about vampires and persistent actions from the daughter my brain itself generated a nightmare plot.

I Try to wake up and focus a look on green figures of hours. To make it not simply, eyes refuse to obey, but definition of time in the middle of the night became already a habit. A half of the first, and we already as sober as a judge and, pokhryukivy, eat the mother. Probably, it was preceded by shouts with requirements in my address voluntarily to provide a breast in its order which I confused with cries of vampires and had the nerve not to obey. The child did not become puzzled, took everything. But all trouble is that in the course of the furious requirement, the dream remains at it disappeared, and it promised “cheerful“ night.

Is not present

, you do not think that I complain, I got used for this almost one and a half years by such nights. But every evening, going to bed, in my soul the faint hope glimmers that this night will be quiet, and every night I disappointedly wake up.

Probably, milk in the left breast did not remain any more, and the second was put to use. But this process quickly bored the daughter as she still was not hungry at all, and the sosatelny reflex was satisfied. She sat down, estimated a situation and “included a backing“, intending to get down from a sofa. I understood that now there comes time of merrymakings, despite the middle of night and strong opacity of the room. No, it cannot be allowed!

- Go to me, my sun, I will shake you on legs, - I told half-whisper not to wake the husband.“ On legs“ is my favourite type of a motion sickness which could be carried out, without getting out from - under blankets. The child in this case sat down on my stomach facing me, then laid down on my halfbent legs in knees, and I began to shake it here and there or up - down.

- Ney, - I heard in reply.

Who would doubt. Recently it was her answer almost to all questions and offers.

- Well, go to me, - I decided to repeat attempt, but still big entreaty in a voice.

- Not... neeeey, - it is now louder and is persistent.

the Husband zavorochatsya by

in a bed and discontentedly sighed. Probably, our substantial dialogue nevertheless woke him.

- KA, - the daughter told.“ “ - was concept universal, and in different circumstances meant a crow, a doll Katya, a pencil. But in this case it meant “kach“ - a request to shake it on a ball - a prygunka. It was the most effective way of a motion sickness, but to rise, sit down on a cold ball with the child on hands, and then the long period of time to twitch on it there was no wish at all. And not the fact that it will lull her, she can just derive thus pleasure, despite mother fighting against a dream with the last bit of strength.

- Is not present

, the kid, on a ball we will not shake, - I told.

- KA, - she cried.

of the Distracting maneuvers in this case simply did not exist, and it was possible either to obey, or to reconcile to the fact that inhabitants of ours and nearby apartments will listen to “a concert according to applications“ with cries and stamping by legs. Though they already got used to it and probably reconciled as there was it quite often. Seeing that I do not hurry to execute her will, despite above-mentioned actions from its party, and, having covered with the head a blanket, I represent from sleeping, tone of the daughter became less exacting, and is rather tearful - uprashivayushche - compassionate. I did not react. When I once again decided to peep, than she is engaged in parallel with a roar, I saw that she stretches me my dressing gown and slippers. My irritation was replaced with her behavior by affection. All right, well, I will shake.

there Passed ten minutes, twenty, thirty, and the daughter obviously did not want to fall asleep in spite of the fact that I constantly changed amplitude and frequency of swing and sang its favourite songs. Usually it worked, but not now.

- Am, am, - my cub told and pointed to the closed room door. We went to kitchen, drank waters and returned on a ball.

- Xi - SI, - she told after a while and showed a finger on a sofa. I was poured by a simplification wave.“ Though did not fall asleep, but wanted in a bed, here under a breast and will fall asleep“ - I thought and with pleasure dived under a blanket.

But minutes through ten - fifteen I, having estimated a situation, understood that the dream was not in its next plans. And soon I heard next “KA“. We moved to a ball again, and then after a while under a blanket. When the bowl of my patience was overflowed, I, without asking her opinion, seated it to itself on a stomach and began to swing. The wave of furious resistance managed to be suppressed the sure actions, without allowing it to rise, and without paying attention to shouts. It worked, and soon I with relief understood that she falls asleep. Actually also I fell asleep, swinging by inertia. Mimoletom looked for hours. There were about three o`clock in the morning.

at the beginning of the fifth I woke up, feeling broken, suppressed, filled up and crushed, and with the aching back pain from an uncomfortable position of a body. My child lay on me, but the head failed between knees, and there was lower than the level of a body. I shifted it, but, having understood that she wakes up, hurried to give her a breast. In spite of the fact that it was dozing, soon she demanded other breast, then that again, and then another...

As I wanted to sleep, but the daughter did not hurry to consider my interests. Having exhausted all milk, whether half awake, whether hoping for a miracle, she began to be rubbed the nose in a back and an axillary hollow and to look for probably the third breast, but, without having found, burst into tears. I was ready to start howling together with it. We made one more attempt to be rocked to sleep “standing“, the child looked humble, and I already ceased to resist a dream, but, without having managed even to doze off, heard cotton a hand. The child started.

- the Mosquito, - the husband stated.“ Nightmare“ - I thought, considering intolerance of my husband to these insects. The daughter, having heard the father`s voice, got over to it.

- Perhaps you will be engaged in a mosquito, and at the same time and will shake the child? - I took an interest.

- Me to get up early, - it parried, - but a mosquito, of course, it is necessary to kill.

On me was rolled by an irritation wave: well, nobody wants to take pity over me! I was covered with a blanket with the head, trying to snatch though minute of a dream, and listened to their fuss with half an ear.

Then I understood that the husband everything is decided not to awake me, and itself began to swing the daughter on a ball, than very much pleased me. But it became soon obvious that I rejoiced early and I will manage to fall asleep hardly: the husband decided to sing to the daughter a lullaby. Strangely enough, the daughter sometimes fell asleep under its songs, but I managed never to make such feat. There was no wish to find my wakefulness, all - to fall asleep one chance from hundred at me was, and I decided to use it especially as it seemed to me that I will be able already to make it and in a standing position on the head if only nobody touched me.

Me dreamed

... that I sleep. To me it was so good, quietly. And suddenly around myself I hear shouts, children`s crying, fuss. I do not want to wake up, but it is necessary. Also woke up. Looked round. To the right of me the husband, in an embrace slept with quietly snuffling daughter. Time six mornings. Means, crying and shouts dreamed me. What happiness that it is not necessary to swing anybody, to lull that it is possible just to turn sideways, to lay down as to me conveniently and to sleep in the pleasure!

Ya turned at first on one side, then on another, but the dream did not go! Some more attempts to fall asleep did not bring any result. Offensively, annoyingly... Well, it is necessary to rise, the benefit morning.

Ya rose, threw with a dressing gown, but here again looked at the husband with the daughter, and something in my consciousness moved. Here they, two most my dear persons! And it is silent not to wake them said: “That you near me, for the fact that you filled my life with sense and that thanks to you I became the happiest person on light! I very much love you!“

Ya kissed the husband and the daughter, laid down nearby and with pleasure fell asleep.