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Blue elephant of

- Buy, buy, buy! - shouts were distributed on all shop. People around reacted differently: someone angrily frowned, someone maliciously smiled, but indifferent was not. And from where it to be, Tanyushka`s shouts were very persistent and loud if not to tell heart-breaking.

- Well mummy, well please, well buy, - Tanyushka repeated, and her tone from exacting was once again replaced on tearfully - begging.

Mother nervously straightened out

the daughter by a hand.

- Why you this elephant, - half-whisper were objected by her, looking around in hope not to draw attention, - at you is at home almost same, only pink.

- But I want it, blue. Well, kupiiiya... - Tanyushka did not lag behind.

- Stop to shout! - did not stand mother. She already regretted that she took with herself the daughter in shop, the way lay through department of toys, and they yet never left this place without hysterics if nothing was bought.

- Well, well, - softer tone mother told, - I can buy you this little hare, and?

Tanyushka angrily zatopat

legs, the face was twisted in a grimace.

- Is not present

, no, no! I want an elephant calf, I do not need the hare! You do not love me! Aaaaa... - it was carried on shop.

Mother already it seemed to

that all buyers and sellers surrounded them and with interest watch this scene. No, not with interest, and with condemnation, with condemnation. Most of all she wanted to pick up Tanyushka on hands and to escape away. Still houses she could cope somehow with the daughter, arrangements, simply without paying attention to whims, and allowing it to have a good cry. But here all differently, Tanyushka as specially addressed the audience, and her whim every minute gained steam.

“And why around kids with parents very quietly go on shop, holding hands, and nobody shouts and arranges hysterics, - mother reflected, - probably somewhere I made a mistake in education, and such stubborn and rebellious character can at it? And it is fine if at the daughter few toys were valid. Absolutely on the contrary. In shop still it was necessary to look for a toy which Tanyushka did not have“.

of her thought was interrupted by a man`s voice:“ Want I will buy you this elephant“.

She turned back

. Behind her back there was an unfamiliar man of years of fifty who addressed Tanyushka, and the accent in its phrase was obvious on a pronoun “I“.

- it is not necessary to

, - mother frostily told. It was a last straw.

Mother a fast pace approached

cash desk and began to look for a purse in a bag. The shop assistant of department of toys did not even begin to ask anything, and straight went to remove from a show-window of a big blue elephant.

Going from shop, Tanyushka joyfully jumped through pools, pressing to herself a new toy. On cheeks there did not take place reddenings from recent tears yet, but they were eclipsed with interest by a pleased smile. And mother even forgot that she wanted to buy in shop to Tanyushka a dress. It presented that she should endure the same scene in department of a kidswear as Tanyushka did not like anything to measure, and it was captured by a shiver.

- Mummy and where we go? - Tanyushka took an interest, seeing that their way lies not to the house.

- I want to show you which - that, and then we will go home at once.

In a few minutes they passed

by the red brick building enclosed with a grill.

- you See this house, - mother told, - in it there live kids which have no parents. It is orphanage.

- Unless it happens that the child had no parents? - Tanyushka was surprised.

- Yes, sometimes happens. If, for example, mother and the father died, and the baby has nobody any more, then it is given here.

- to Them it is bad here?

- Well, of course, here not as houses. Children live in big groups, they have few toys, with them tutors are engaged, and nobody indulges them as you, - mother explained.

Tanyushka long peered into gloomy windows of orphanage. Home went silently. Tanyushka already detached held an elephant, her thoughts were obviously occupied with something another.

When mother made for

a lunch in kitchen, Tanyushka called her to the room. Before a look the following picture appeared: all toys from a basket and from shelves were piled in the center of the room. Mother heaved a deep sigh, expecting a new hysterics of the daughter, concerning unwillingness to clean toys into place.

- Sit down, please, - Tanyushka told, - I want to you which - what to tell.

She climbed to mother on knees and embraced her for a neck.

- Mummy, forgive me, I very strongly love you! Give, put these toys in bags and we will carry them to that house. I want to distribute to each kid on a toy.

Mother was surprised with behavior of the daughter, and even found not at once what to answer.

- Well, well, the daughter, you will distribute, and then will demand a toy in shop again... Is not present expensive:

- Is not present

, mummy, I more so will not be, I promise!

I here mother saw that on an empty shelve just bought elephant alone lies.

- And suddenly, having distributed all toys, there will not be enough one? You represent how it will be offensive for one kid! - mother told.

Tanyushka reflected, sadly sighed and exclaimed: “I know! I will present to it a blue elephant!“