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Notes of young mummy. Part II

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  1. Hairbrush and brush. Everything to us was presented on the birth. Used a brush at once. Smeared a head with sterile oil and did a brush a hair. A result - there were no crusts on the head, as at most of familiar kids. In a year we tonsured our baby bare. Now volosik already grew, and our girl with pleasure combs them already a hairbrush. At the choice of products pay attention that they were the small size and conveniently were located in the children`s handle. On a brush the shchetinka has to be soft, not injuring skin. At a hairbrush teeths not sharp, rounded off on the ends for the same purposes.
  2. Scissors. Nail file. Tweezers. Scissors have to be with the rounded-off tips, tweezers - with the limiter, a nail file - soft and convenient. It is recommended to cut nails to the kid at least 1 time a week: on hands - okruglo, standing - it is rectilinear. I bought scissors. The convenient, not sliding handles, the rounded edges, edges are still sharp as in the first day because they are made of special medical steel, here that drew my attention at the choice.
  3. At first I cut to the baby a marigold during her dream, it was so simpler to both her and me. Now we use tweezers, and a nail file we clean keen edges. Some mothers use tweezers and for newborns.
  4. Powder. I bought talc of Johnson`s baby firm, and the girlfriend used simple starch for the same purposes. The effect was identical. When using powder be extremely attentive and careful that it did not get to respiratory bodies of the kid. I filled talc in a saucer, then lowered a wadded disk there and already applied with a disk powder on skin of the baby.
  5. Cream for babies under a diaper. I think, it can be useful, but we did without it. I consider if in time to change a diaper and to follow rules of hygiene, then and an intertrigo can be avoided also without cream.
  6. wet towel wipes. Are on sale in a box and in packages. Are very convenient. I consider that napkins are simply irreplaceable in care of babies. In maternity hospital to me advised to use, when there is no near at hand water, a napkin for hygiene of the kid. And pediatricians say that water dries skin of kids.
    the Children`s nurse approved napkins of Haggis and Pampers firm. We used both that and others. Were satisfied. We bought a box with the napkins impregnated with children`s cream, and still tried clearing, moistening, with oil of germs of wheat, with a calendula, with a camomile. For newborns it is better to take without any additives. Choose napkins quite dense that were not torn in a usage time (it happened to napkins of some brands), and soft, nice on the touch that is important for the baby. Wiping of skin napkins very much was pleasant to my baby. We use them sometimes and now on walk.
  7. Oilcloth. Bought a little. In a bed, in a carriage, on a pelenalny table. We use still. When you buy, pay attention to the size - the it more, the better. Choose an oilcloth which does not cool (you will put a hand on it, and it becomes near at hand warm). It is so much more pleasant and more useful to the baby to health. In principle, it is possible to manage also 1 oilcloth if you already have a pelenalny little table with an oil-cloth covering, and you will come for walk, putting on a disposable waterproof diaper.
  8. the Bag for carrying children - “kangaroo“. I did without it. I write opinion according to girlfriends. Advantages: convenience, simplicity, you feel safe - the child always with you. The possibility of movement, than with a carriage is more, after walk hands do not “fall off“. It is possible to go to shops, the museums, exhibitions, policlinic, the pool, without being afraid that something happens to a carriage. The kid densely, but is not hardly pressed to mother, so to him is quieter.
    would Recommend all who have problems with establishing breastfeeding. With feeling that the kid near you, you are quieter, an opportunity to feed on demand stimulates production of milk. Shortcomings: I consider as the main thing that it is not recommended to use “kangaroo“ before achievement of 2 months by the kid of age, and then it is possible only after permission of the doctor.
    Exists a set of myths and legends concerning use of such way of carrying children. I do not consider it necessary to repeat them. If decide to carry the kid in “kangaroo“, then you will hear them all from benevolent neigbours and grandmothers at an entrance. At the choice pay attention to several details: straps have to be rather wide, not fall down from shoulders, it is easy to come unfastened. Such bag has to be made of natural fabrics, have a rigid back and strong fastenings of straps, buckles and carbines.
  9. Prorezyvateli`s
  10. . Are irreplaceable in the period of a prorezyvaniye of zubik at your kid. They will help to endure so hard period in his life. I bought several types. Now the daughter uses them as ordinary toys. There are several types of prorezyvatel: a prorezyvatel - a rattle; the cooling prorezyvatel; a prorezyvatel - a masseur.
    Upon purchase stop the choice on a product of the average size, do not forget, the prorezyvatel has to be located in a mouth of your kid partially that he could chew it. The vigorous kusaniye strengthens chewing muscles therefore it is not necessary to forbid the child this occupation. Offer the kid prorezyvatel in all their variety. For simplification of morbidity of gums it is possible to use special gel - I applied “Kalgel“. The small tube was enough for the entire period of a prorezyvaniye.
  11. Hot-water bottle. A hot-water bottle - the most available way to warm the kid in house conditions. Especially it is actual for the kids born late fall, in the winter and in the early spring. It is possible to put several hot-water bottles under a blanket of the kid at distance of one palm from it, but do not forget to put also the thermometer and to periodically check it not to overheat the child. And if the baby strongly hurt, then in the first days it is possible to put a hot-water bottle with very cold water to a bruise. It will have the same effect, as a bubble with ice: will narrow blood vessels and will weaken sensitivity of nervous receptors.
    of the Main models two: usual rubber and with a toy. Now also salt hot-water bottles appeared. The hot-water bottle was not necessary for me. In cool weather I just put on one more flannel jacket and panties the baby, always tried not to cover the daughter with a blanket, being afraid of an organism overheat.
  12. of the Toy. The main principles at the choice of toys: they have to correspond to age and to be safe! Them now the great variety, is what to choose from. Soft - develop tactile sensitivity of skin, musical (including rattles) - acquaint the kid with a variety of sounds, balls with thorns - develop small motility, toys for a bathroom developing the centers, musical panels.
    Try not to encumber the nursery with soft toys from fur, doctors call them dust collectors. Upon purchase of musical toys you watch that the sound was not too sharp and loud, it can frighten the kid. By the experience I can tell that you will be able to make many developing toys and the centers of improvised material (peas, haricot, pieces of fabrics, various according to the invoice, and many other things, on what your imagination can only be enough).
  13. Carriage. Buying a carriage, first of all choose that with which it will be convenient to you to walk, it is necessary to do it often. It is desirable that it freely passed in the elevator and/or went down on ladders. The place where the child will lie, has to be equal. Additional convenience is provided by multiple devices for transformation of a carriage from summer in winter, existence of a raincoat and a mosquito grid, can be useful to someone a bag - carrying.
    of Fastening of a carriage have to be not on elastic bands which can tear at the most inappropriate moment, and on springs or springs. It is better to choose the size of tires, proceeding from in what district you live. The surface has to act and be erased easily (better, in the washing machine). And, of course, do not forget to ask the certificate and the warranty card on purchase. The choice of carriages now very big, I think, you will be able to pick up that which will suit you.
  14. Bed, pelenalny table, mattress. Choosing a bed, very first on what pay attention - to material of which it is made (the environmentally friendly tree coated or it is delicious, and the varnish and paint have to be safe for the child). It is desirable if the side at a bed has a sheeting. The distance between crossbeams has to be no more than 6 cm. It is convenient when at a bed it is several levels of height and the falling or leaning back boards. It has to shake or not - to solve only to you.
    Is good if there are boxes for linen and removable castors on legs. Sometimes to a bed suggest to get at once and a pelenalny board. By experience of girlfriends I can tell that similar boards are inconvenient. On some models there are leaning-back pelenalny tables, they are more functional. A mattress - surely orthopedic, a filler - besides, at your choice. Remember! On some types of fillers kids have an allergy.
    U we were a simple bed 15 - tiletny prescription, but in very good shape. But we bought a mattress new as mattresses surely “adapt“ over time to the owners, remembering all having problems with a backbone. And for the newborn the surface has to be ideally equal. I stopped on a mattress with a filler from coconut fiber. It very much was pleasant to us.
  15. Dresser. If you have an opportunity, then get this thing. In a dresser not only there are boxes for storage of children`s things and accessories to leaving, its surface can be used as a pelenalny table.
  16. Clothes. For the baby I bought few things as much we were given by relatives and friends. To prepare (to erase, iron) things I began a month before estimated date of childbirth. I chose a set in a bed, a set on an extract, a set in a carriage and couple more of things in shop of a kidswear in advance and asked to postpone until a certain term.
    of the Grandmother and the grandfather very much wanted to give gifts to the baby, but such which would be useful to us in life. Therefore we agreed that I will choose that I want, and to an extract from maternity hospital all of them will get it and will present.
    Now to practice. Baby`s undershirts are inconvenient as they constantly swing open. It is desirable to sew on them buttons or buttons in advance. Most of all we liked baud, jackets and shirts, overalls with pads, on buttons, a romper suit on straps on buttons.
    Seasonally when the kid is born, quantity of clothes can change. My baby was born in the summer therefore I will list that it was useful to us. I used reusable diapers, but more nevertheless used “Haggisami“. 10 easy diapers and 15 diapers, 5 warm diapers; 4 - 5 lungs of a baby`s undershirt, 1 suit for a visit of policlinic, 4 easy caps and 2 warm; 3 - 4 panties, 3 t-shirts with a big section on a breast, 8 romper suit, 4 - 5 pairs of socks, 2 couples of bootees (but they are not so convenient), 2 - 3 sleeping sacks. Here, perhaps, and all. Color of clothes the most various.
    Opinion of psychologists: There is an opinion that color influences mood.
    Red gives activity and confidence, it is recommended at the lowered tone.
    Orange - color of wellbeing and fun, bears a charge of kindness and warmth.
    Yellow increases mood.
    Gold - cheerful.
    the Combination yellow and gold - for sight stimulation.
    Beige and cream - tranquility, a spirit on a dream.
    Green is especially salutary, adjusts an organism on recovery, develops creativity and memory, it is recommended at sleeplessness.
    Violet color are loved by the children having congenital heart diseases.
    Blue - cold, quite often oppressing.

I Hope, my information will be useful to you. And you will not regret about the spent time for reading this material. Good luck and progress all.