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Notes of young mummy. Part I

Future mother before the birth of the child thinks of that how many and what accessories to care of the kid it is necessary to get. Having a brief experience (my daughter is 3 years old) and having read magazines and various books, I made approximate list of what can be useful, and was engaged in poll of recently given rise girlfriends regarding the fact that actually it was useful to them and what it is possible to do quite without. Whether it is worth trusting unconditionally advertizing of goods on the TV and in drugstores? I tried to find all pluses and minuses. So, we start.

I Will begin

with the most important.

the First-aid kit for mother and the child, still it are called by “Mother and the kid“. Usually in drugstores recommend to buy ready first-aid kits, but experience shows that what is necessary actually is not always included in the package. I assembled the first-aid kit itself (and cheaper it turned out).

  1. Cotton wool, Q-tips (simple), wadded disks (cosmetic), brilliant green, potassium permanganate, 3% peroxide of hydrogen, a pipette - 4 pieces, an exhaust tubule, an aspirator (or a simple rubber pear), the thermometer, the batcher for input of drugs, preparations from gripes, a grass a train, sterile vegetable oil.
    A is more detailed now. Q-tips are simple because them I only processed an umbilical wound, and cleaned a nose and ears wadded turunda which did itself of simple cotton wool. So, the advertized sticks with limiters are useless here. Used wadded disks instead of sterile napkins which recommended. As was afraid to injure skin of the kid - try to wipe to yourself a face with such napkin made of a gauze or bandage. Brilliant green and pipettes were used for processing by a pupochka.
    Potassium permanganate, previously having dissolved in water in separate ware, added in number of several drops to water for bathing (watch closely that incidentally the dissolved crystals got to a tray!) the first 2 - 3 days after an extract from maternity hospital.
    the Exhaust tubule was useful at gripes, only you should not be fond of its use. The aspirator - for the suction separated from a nose if the kid has a cold, at more advanced age can be used for rinsing of a throat. The batcher is useful if it is necessary to give to the kid medicine, but instead of it it is possible to use the simple syringe on 2 ml or 5 ml.
    of Thermometers exists great variety. Widely advertized nipples with the thermometer as well as just electronic thermometers, do not yield such exact result as mercury. It is possible to take them 2 forms, but I cost also one. By the experience I can tell that when the child has temperature, and it is not so simple to nipple to give it. At such moments the child needs a mother`s breast for now you feed the child a thermometer to him it is possible to put in an axillary hollow or in a cervical fold.
    of Preparations from gripes is a lot of, here everyone chooses that he will suit the kid. It is better to consult with the doctor. But, according to many pediatricians if the child is on breastfeeding, and mother keeps to a diet, then gripes at the child practically do not happen.
    Personal experience: so widely advertized preparation “Planteks“ can be replaced easily with simple dill water, on sale in a drugstore. From gripes (“Espumizan“, “Planteks“) can add diarrhea medicine to preparations (“Smekta“), cream from an intertrigo (“Drapolen“, “D - pantenol“), cream from cracks on nipples (“Purelan“).
    also used train Broth for bathing in the first week of the house, then in it need disappeared. And, at last, vegetable oil. On the popular preparation “Johnson`s Baby“ the allergy therefore much to me the vegetable oil sterilized on a water bath cost cheaper occurs at many children.
  2. Diapers. Now more and more pediatricians incline that disposable diapers it is better, than gauze or fabric reusable. But it is right on condition of strict observance of some rules. To change diapers at least 1 time at 4 o`clock or, in process of its filling, more often; before putting on of the kid following skin has to “breathe“ 10 - 15 minutes; after their use to wipe buttocks and genitals of the baby with a napkin or to wash away. Remember that on some diapers of different firms - producers allergic reaction occurs at children. We used “Haggis“, and were with them very satisfied.
    of Advantage: free time for mother is released, the child is not in wet diapers (on condition of good absorbency of a diaper), there is an opinion that in them children more strong and longer sleep, the possibility of travel together with the child appears, there is no need to take with themselves a set of diapers and simple gauze diapers.
    Shortcomings: children are accustomed to a pot later, often there is intertrigo if the diaper does not suit the kid on weight, then squeezing of skin a hard elastic band or an uncomfortable position of legs of the kid is possible that will cause it discomfort. One more shortcoming it is possible to call high cost of such products, but today the choice of diapers is very broad, and there is a wide price spacing. I think, in this question everyone will decide for himself that he is suitable for the kid better: reusable diapers and diapers, or disposable.
  3. Night lamp children`s. Usually they soft that allows, not including the main light to swaddle the kid.
  4. Cover and pillow. It agrees with opinion of pediatricians and numerous polls of young mothers that these things are not necessary to the newborn. Instead of them use simple diapers. Under the head of the kid - put in 4 layers and if in the room it is cool, then it is possible to cover the child with a simple flannel diaper. You REMEMBER: the overheat of the kid is not less dangerous, than overcooling!
  5. Lotion children`s clearing. Was not useful to me, I did not even buy it, being afraid to provoke allergic reaction at the kid. Instead of it used vegetable oil about which wrote above, it not only clears, but also moistens skin of the baby.
  6. the Oil clearing. Watch point 5.
  7. Chair children`s toilet. We managed a simple pot which cost 5 - 6 times cheaper. I do not see need for acquisition of such chair. The pot is much easier that allows the child at more advanced age most to clean up.
  8. Lock of shutters, door clamp. The thing is necessary if you can think up nothing. I for safety of the child used an adhesive tape and strings for fixing of the moving-forward shelves and shutters of cases and bedside tables, and for doors - simple children`s cubes which were located between a door and a jamb and were fixed by means of small tacks there.
  9. Small bottles and nipples. At the choice of a small bottle pay attention to from what material it is made (of heat-resistant plastic and/or unbreakable glass) whether modern technologies in its production are used, on it exact, well readable scale has to be put. Additional convenience is provided by removable handles, a cap (which has to be included in the package) protects a pacifier from pollution and liquid from a spill.
    is actual a possibility of heating and sterilization of a small bottle in the microwave oven Today, it is important that there was a steady bottom. Buying a pacifier, it is better to stop the choice on so-called “antikolikovy“. Pay attention and to material of which it is made - silicone or latex, some children give preference only to one of them. And is also very important what opening in a nipple, it regulates a stream of the arriving liquid. For newborn children the speed of a stream has to be slow, and for more senior children it increases.
    Personal opinion. If you decide to nurse the kid, then the small bottle can be not bought at all. If it is necessary to give to the child medicine and water, then it is better to do it by means of the batcher for drugs and a simple soft silicone spoon. There is an opinion that children who at least once tried mix from a small bottle with ease refuse a maternal breast and lose much-needed nutrients which can be found only in maternal milk. Whether it is worth risking so? I did not become. And to mothers who feed with the decanted breast milk, I hope, my information is useful.
  10. Nippers for a small bottle, a heater for small bottles, a sterilizer for small bottles, a thermos. All these things are necessary if your kid is on artificial feeding or you feed him with the decanted milk and use a large number of small bottles. In this case to you everything is valid listed above it is useful. Because, warming up mix in water, you will not always be able to check achievement of the necessary temperature, and it is necessary to cool a small bottle. And when at this time your kid cries with the fact that he wants to eat every minute on the account.
  11. Milk pump. It was not useful to me though on an extract from maternity hospital presented me even 2 pieces. I consider that it can be useful if you decant milk and/or you try to cope with laktostazy. Today I know 3 types of milk pumps: manual, electric and electronic. Everyone can choose on the taste and the size of a purse. Upon purchase pay attention to funnels, they have to be soft and not injure a breast. It is desirable that milk pumps were compatible to any standard small bottle.
  12. Containers and packages for collecting and storage of breast milk. Are irreplaceable if you need to leave the house for a long time. Then other members of your family can feed the kid in your absence. I did without them as always was near the kid. And in shop, and on a visit, and on walk my baby always had milk near at hand.
  13. Inserts for a bra. There are 2 look: disposable and reusable. The second can be erased. I used disposable. It seems to me that they are necessary for any feeding mother. I tried to use instead of them simple fabric laying and kerchiefs, but they very quickly got wet and on clothes wet circles appeared. Inserts make many firms in a miscellaneous price now the range so is what to choose from. I tried, probably, all....
    bought very expensive Once, in my opinion, but they did not meet my expectations. And the remained feeding time I used rather simple and inexpensive inserts with which I was very happy. If there is opportunity, try different and choose that it will be pleasant to you more. Pay attention whether there are in them special deepenings for a nipple, such are more comfortable.

  14. of the Overlay for collecting milk, an overlay for nipples, the protective ventilated slips, shapers of nipples, overlays for feeding. Probably, they will also be useful to somebody, but I did without them. Overlays for collecting milk protect nipples from contact with linen and collect the following milk, shapers of nipples are intended for correction of a shape of the flat and pulled-in nipples. Overlays for feeding will be useful to those who have flat or pulled-in nipples, or there are on them cracks. These slips will allow to continue feeding of your kid by a breast. More detailed information if it is necessary for you, you will be able to receive in maternity hospital at the children`s sister or at your pediatrician.
  15. of the Baby`s dummy, a clothespeg to them and cases. Pediatricians in maternity hospital consider that in use of baby`s dummies there is no need, I absolutely agree with them. Why to the child substitute of a maternal breast? But nevertheless I will tell about them. Baby`s dummies let out a classical and orthodontic form, they are made of latex and silicone. Do not forget to check more often their integrity and to change for new!
    In baby`s dummies from latex appear cracks over time, but it is not so terrible. Silicone baby`s dummies do not burst, and crumble therefore it is necessary to check them especially carefully. Before purchase pay attention to that the baby`s dummy had the ergonomic form, a mobile ringlet, openings for air circulation, soft edges and that it was convenient for a dream. There is an opinion that at continuous use of baby`s dummies children begin to talk later, they form the wrong bite (though stomatologists approve use of orthodontic forms), then it is very difficult to force children to refuse them.
  16. the Spoon with a silicone ladle. It is better to buy small more. To use the first if necessary for newborn babies, and the second during introduction of the first feeding up. Such spoons do not injure gentle gums of the kid that is very important!
  17. Tray children`s. Now it is possible to choose as a simple standard form, and anatomic. Generally it is used till 3 - 4 months, and then children bathe in big bathtubs. The main thing upon purchase to pay attention to material of which it is made and do not hesitate to ask the seller the certificate on a product. Generally it should be done upon purchase of any thing for the kid and for itself.
  18. Children`s soap. Choose that which is hypoallergenic, the main thing is suitable for sensitive and problem skin, and (!) without fragrances and dyes.
  19. Laundry detergent. Surely children`s! It is necessary that it was quickly dissolved in water, well washed things, did not remain on linen after rinsing, but it is better to rinse several times. If the volume of a box is more, then it is not necessary to go so often to shop and the price is more favorable than it. According to most of parents, children`s things can be washed also in machines - automatic machines, not only time, but also strengths of young mother which it can spend for communication with the kid is so saved.
  20. of the Bast and sponge. In my opinion, for the newborn they are not necessary. If you decide to get them, then choose the softest. Pay attention that some types in water can become more rigid and injure gentle skin of the baby.
  21. the Towel with a hood. Such towels are convenient that after bathing the little body and a head of the kid are wrapped up. I bought such 2 while one dried, the second always was near at hand. It was pleasant: soft, well absorbs moisture, quickly dries. A shortcoming - the small size, quickly grew from it.
  22. Shampoo - a skin, foam for bathing, bath salt. In the first 2 months I did not need it, I used simple children`s soap. I consider that for children all this is more senior it is possible to use if there is no allergy. But it is better to specify nevertheless at the pediatrician with what age to begin. Not always those recommendations which are specified by producers happen true, or they can not be suitable for your child.
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